matheus natt och dag


LaCroix family does a lot of genealogy work to trace all their families, but Clover’s grandfather and siblings scattered early on so it was a little difficult to trace - also to have the time to trace. He finally visits Sweden to find Isidore – but to discover more than one relative haha

working out some oc relationships :> I like drawing them interacting - shows a bit more of who they are.


Hakubakemono are a set of swords forged in the 1500s given as gifts to a group of proselyting Jesuits in a village in Japan. These priests were corrupt and were overthrown by underground cells. The three weapons were repossessed by the locals but then scattered through time. 

Clover - an oodachi around 168cm (handle 60cm, blade 108cm). The handle is a navy lacquer with three gold buds and a gold cross aligned vertically. It is wrapped in white shark skin. Sheath is a simple black lacquer with three gold buds. His decor is reminiscent of Christianity. There are major scratches along the body, proof of battle. 

Clover [黒風] oodachi was repossessed by a fighting monk. They traveled throughout northern Japan and have seen many battles, protecting the Buddhist culture chasing out the Jesuit proselytes. He is a loyal blade and will fight with his life on the line to protect his ideals, the scaring on his sheathe is a result of such. Towards the end of his partner’s life, he sees more peaceful days, retiring as a memento of the past.

He eventually recrosses paths with the other two–

sword clan 白化け物 [hakubake] : lucas || matheus || clover