The Dragneel family
  • The mathernal grandparents: dead
  • The paternal grandparents: also dead
  • The older brother: an immortal dark mage capable of creating demons and resurrecting the dead; also an emperor with a huge army and contradictory intentions; accidentally annihilated a town; at war with his woman for her body - yeah, that’s how it is basically
  • The older brother’s woman: a woman in her 20’s in the body of a 13yo, also immortal, trapped in a crystal, previously immortal, now dead but in spiritual form with a body (?). Mother of a child she supposedly gave birth to after her death - was she even dead to begin with? At war with the older brother.
  • The little brother: resurrected from the dead in form of a demon, previously killed by a dragon; currently somewhere between dragon and human and demon; could possibly destroy the world but thanks Kami-sama he doesn’t know
  • The nephew: born from the dead woman/girl and the immortal guy, in some mysterious way; kinda psychotic; fanservice-y power - very scary indeed; probably somewhere between artificially manufactured human and demon; daddy-complex; about to be scolded severely by mom - the dead woman -…
  • The little brother’s woman: come again?