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A term I’d always found intriguing, mostly because it’s such an unusual word. It’s a concept from mathematics and computer science but can be applied more generally—not that it often is. Basically, it’s an operation that, no matter how many times you do it, you’ll still get the same result, at least without doing other operations in between. A classic example would be view_your_bank_balance being idempotent, and withdraw_1000 not being idempotent.

HTs: @aidmcg and Ewan Silver who kept saying it


Functions that generate the first n terms of the ‘look and say’ sequence.

Further reading on the sequence itself:

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I want to do so many things- I want to fly an airplane, control the fish of skies and hold responsibility for hundred lives; I want to diagnose disorders and diseases, write the cures on a piece of paper and tell them that there is no such thing as a retarded mind; I want to interpret computer generated codes, work on mathematical algorithms and program softwares religiously; I want to hold test tubes in white-gloved hands, make chemical observations and work long hours in my laboratory; I want to sit in the living room of a faculty apartments, publish research papers and walk on the grounds of a university campus eager to teach something new; I want to write, live in a country- cottage and look out of the window while typing lines of fiction and fantasy on an out-dated laptop while sipping a cup of coffee every now and then. I want to be so much. I want to live the lives of all the characters in my book collection.
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