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astrology is an Aquarian practice; therefore, I see it as not only Uranian but also Saturnian. Astrologers solely give credit of astrology to Uranus, or Ouranos who is god of the skies and connected to the vast and celestial universe. I agree, you know, astrology can be seen as something that gives us liberation, inner transformation, and cosmic consciousness yet there are still structural factors, Saturnian ideas, to ground its study such as astrological laws and fact. There are individual and set archetypes, mathematical features, and an overall organized way of the set-up of the natal chart. Saturn teaches us some of our greatest lessons and thus also causes self-transformations…wouldn’t you say discovering the natal chart and learning about oneself through it is one of those lessons? Saturn, or Kronos, is the god of time. Just as Saturn in the natal chart endows us with wisdom through planned lessons over time, at the time of our birth the universe has already set this plan for us, as seen through the natal chart that works as a tool full of lessons to guide us through life. In both instances, they’re only helpful if utilized correctly. And yet I would arguably consider astrology an expression of Neptune as well; there is a spiritual and intangible transcendence base to astrology as seen through themes of the natal chart such as the 12th house, the north node, esoteric astrology and more. there is cosmic consciousness here too, which comes through feelings and mystical ability rather than logic and reason as shown by Uranus and Saturn. I don’t know… planets in astrology are not limited to rulerships of specific themes, like Venus isn’t the only planet that dictates your affection, or Mars isn’t the only planet that shows the focus of your energy, and so why should the rulership of astrology only be limited to one planet?  

Imogen Heap

(born 1977) Composer and electronic musician

Imogen Jennifer Heap is a Grammy-award-nominated musician best known as a member of the electronic duo Frou Frou, as well as for her solo albums and collaborations. She regularly works with experimental technology which enables her to interact with computers in new and unexpected ways, including her invention, the Mi.Mu Gloves.

Number 241 in an ongoing series celebrating remarkable women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This first video features Imogen Heap discussing the Mi.Mu Gloves and how they work in theory and practice.

This second video is a piece of music composed by Imogen Heap and performed entirely using her voice and the Mi.Mu Gloves.

Imogen Heap  |  Me the Machine  |  Sparks (2014)

As somebody with a degree in computer science and over a decade of experience in enterprise project management, video game Kickstarter descriptions can be a real trip.

I’m just going through these hugely ambitious startup projects like: “Okay, that claimed feature is mathematically impossible… so’s that one… that one’s technically feasible, but not on their target platform… aaand this one’s actually entirely within the realm of possibility, but they’ve clearly underestimated the amount of work involved by several orders of magnitude.”

The hell of it is that there’s absolutely no point in calling any of this out, because everybody will assume you’re just some know-it-all hater, and by the time the problem becomes obvious (i.e., at about the three-years-overdue mark), it’ll be too late for anybody to get their money back.