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Using math to investigate possibility of time travel

Ben Tippett, a mathematics and physics instructor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, recently published a study about the feasibility of time travel. Tippett, whose field of expertise is Einstein’s theory of general relativity, studies black holes and science fiction when he’s not teaching. Using math and physics, he has created a formula that describes a method for time travel.

“People think of time travel as something as fiction,” says Tippett. “And we tend to think it’s not possible because we don’t actually do it. But, mathematically, it is possible.”

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Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader   

Warnings: Smut

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It was the damned vest. There were some guys that got your attention because of their cologne. There were others that turned you on because they were so good with kids. You had grown resistant to your gorgeous coworkers over time. But when Spencer wore that goddamned vest, you had to excuse yourself to splash cold water on your face. It was that hot and distracting. You imagined the texture of the material, the professorial implications.

He could just wear the vest and your daydreams would be set for an entire case. The way his hair had grown and fell on to the dark material. The edges clinging to the seams, made you think about reaching up and brushing the gentle curls over, to expose his neck. Which of course the vest accented perfectly.

She was wearing the pencil skirt again. She left the matching jacket off, leaving her sleek arms bare for the humid Georgia afternoon. Spencer couldn’t concentrate when she hiked up the sides of the garment, to climb into the SUV. She had such timeless style, always professional but just a little more academic than the other women he worked with.

Spencer was scratching his neck, imagining it was her pointed nails dragging over his skin. He was not used to noticing physical attributes of people besides in a case perspective: victimology, suspect descriptions or mathematical relevant features. But when she wore that skirt with the coarse threaded fabric, he paid attention.

You had stopped for lunch after interviewing a victim’s family. It was a small diner on the outskirts of the town where you were partnering with the local sheriff’s department. You and Reid were finishing up your meal when he leaned over to reach for the check. He had turned just so that the material of the vest brushed against your arm. It scratched in such an unexpected way that you gasped. 

His dark eyes caught yours and he nodded at you. Your breath hitched, you couldn’t help but lick your lips at his hold on you. You slowly got up from the booth, walking to the bathroom in the back of the paneling covered restaurant. Spencer left everything he had in his wallet on the table and slowly followed your swaying hips.

Once you both were in the unisex cubby, you spun, attacking his mouth. Your hands clenched at the stiff fabric framing his chest, pulling him to you. His large hands found the slit of your skirt, dragging the rough fabric over your smooth thighs. He moaned once you backed onto the rail on the wall, taking his belt with your progress. He pressed his whole body against yours. He continued bending your knees as you found you could reach the opposite wall with your heels.

His fingers slid into the deep wetness of your panties, guiding the thin material over. You whined at the hunger that was growing within you. “Spencer, please.”

He opened his eyes and looked down at you, “Yes, ma’am.” He winked and suddenly his cock was pressed against your entrance.  You leaned into him, your shoulders arching against the thin walls of the stall. Your skirt’s fabric burned against your thighs and Spencer’s stomach. He braced himself against one wall, just above your head. Your fist clung to his vest along his collar bone.

The moans came without you realizing, the slapping of skin an increasing rhythm. “Fuck, you just had to, had to wear that damn vest today didn’t you?” You whispered, your voice falsetto with the rush of your climax. You glimpsed Spencer’s concentrated face crumble through your lidded eyes. He called out, thrusting as he clawed at the edges of your skirt, the thread finally giving out to the stress on the slit.

He guided your shaking legs down, as you used his arms as an anchor. He held you as if you were slow dancing. You slowly eased your skirt down, checking for damages. He fixed his trousers, bending to grab his discarded belt. “Y/N, please tell me you have another skirt like that.” His breathing slowly evening out.

“Don’t worry, Spencer, there are plenty more where this came from.”

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astrology is an Aquarian practice; therefore, I see it as not only Uranian but also Saturnian. Astrologers solely give credit of astrology to Uranus, or Ouranos who is god of the skies and connected to the vast and celestial universe. I agree, you know, astrology can be seen as something that gives us liberation, inner transformation, and cosmic consciousness yet there are still structural factors, Saturnian ideas, to ground its study such as astrological laws and fact. There are individual and set archetypes, mathematical features, and an overall organized way of the set-up of the natal chart. Saturn teaches us some of our greatest lessons and thus also causes self-transformations…wouldn’t you say discovering the natal chart and learning about oneself through it is one of those lessons? Saturn, or Kronos, is the god of time. Just as Saturn in the natal chart endows us with wisdom through planned lessons over time, at the time of our birth the universe has already set this plan for us, as seen through the natal chart that works as a tool full of lessons to guide us through life. In both instances, they’re only helpful if utilized correctly. And yet I would arguably consider astrology an expression of Neptune as well; there is a spiritual and intangible transcendence base to astrology as seen through themes of the natal chart such as the 12th house, the north node, esoteric astrology and more. there is cosmic consciousness here too, which comes through feelings and mystical ability rather than logic and reason as shown by Uranus and Saturn. I don’t know… planets in astrology are not limited to rulerships of specific themes, like Venus isn’t the only planet that dictates your affection, or Mars isn’t the only planet that shows the focus of your energy, and so why should the rulership of astrology only be limited to one planet?  

As somebody with a degree in computer science and over a decade of experience in enterprise project management, video game Kickstarter descriptions can be a real trip.

I’m just going through these hugely ambitious startup projects like: “Okay, that claimed feature is mathematically impossible… so’s that one… that one’s technically feasible, but not on their target platform… aaand this one’s actually entirely within the realm of possibility, but they’ve clearly underestimated the amount of work involved by several orders of magnitude.”

The hell of it is that there’s absolutely no point in calling any of this out, because everybody will assume you’re just some know-it-all hater, and by the time the problem becomes obvious (i.e., at about the three-years-overdue mark), it’ll be too late for anybody to get their money back.

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Author: Meredith Gran
Artist: Meredith Gran
Cover Artist: Meredith Gran
Thanks to a newfound interest in rock ‘n’ roll, Princess Bubblegum volunteers to manage Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a pivotal tour across the land of Ooo! But when the band is threatened by everything from snobby scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they hold it together and make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time, and manage to stay friends throughout the process?! Written and illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Meredith Gran (OCTOPUS PIE) and featuring short stories from several indie comics superstars, including Jen Wang (KOKO BE GOOD) and FRIENDS WITH BOYS cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks! This totally mathematical hardcover edition features never-before-seen extras, including an inside look at the making of MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS!

Hey guys. I recommend you go pre-order this one. :D


The annual Bridges Conference showcases the connections between art and mathematics. The conference features, among other things, a juried art exhibition full of a staggering range of mathematically-inspired artworks, where you can see sunsets, lampshades, and more examples of the golden ratio than you can shake a shell at. Here are some of the 2013 entrants.

Howdy, everyone! Tonight we’re rolling out Mathemedia, a compendium of math-related media – and we’re looking for your submissions!

Send us your favorite books, movies, songs, art, essays, and articles (etc.) that prominently feature mathematics or mathematicians – and we’ll add them to Mathemedia. But first! a few ground rules:

  1. We prefer that material be accessible to anyone with a love of mathematics and access to Wikipedia – assuming, at most, a typical high school education in math.
  2. In general, we’re looking for stories about mathematics – told either from the inside or outside. Fiction is great; non-fiction is great too, as long as it’s accessible. There are several great lists out on the interwebs of seminal papers and great textbooks and phenomenal websites – this is not one of them.
  3. If you have the time, please include a short description of the book, movie, etc. in question. This will help anyone browsing the list figure out what’s most interesting and appealing to them. If the material is legally available on the Internet (e.g., an article or music video), feel free to include a link!

Thanks for helping spread our love of math! We’ll start putting up what you submit later tonight.

This list was inspired by math-is-beautiful’s fabulous list of math-related blogs :)

Hey. Thanks.

Yesterday I received two emails from strangers, both admitted Idea Channel subscribers. The first email included a link to a 16:00 minute video about existence. The sender, who also made the video, defends the position that mathematics is an underlying feature of the universe, a view I don’t … exactly hold. It’s complicated; his response is in the works and it’s already 2 pages long.

The second email had links to a piece of music by Graham Lambkin, a musician who makes work that challenges what “counts” as composition. The email also included a link to a photo of a readymade, a type of sculpture most famously associated with Marcel Duchamp. Readymades are assemblages of (usually mass produced) items conceivably readily at hand. The sender asked about the nature of Lambkin’s musicality and if I could see any connection between his work and readymades. Their response is also in the works.

That these two emails arrived within two hours of one another on a day which I spent the majority of researching the nature of choice as it relates to technological adoption, a week after I made a video in which I got to briefly discuss one of my favorite directors in the context of HIMYM and artistic practice, one week before Idea Channel makes its 100th episode, two weeks after we hit 500k subscribers and were nominated for two webby awards, two months before I go and give a talk at a technology conference about how “disruption” is a thing we need to stop talking about… it’s just barely not too much.

In moments like these I try to remember this one line from a Rilke poem (that I have memorized and repeat so much it might be the closest thing I have to a mantra):

My life is not this steeply sloping hour,
in which you see me hurrying.
Much stands behind me; I stand before it like a tree;
I am only one of my many mouths,
and at that, the one that will be still the soonest.

It’s easy to get caught up in all these doings and just … do them. The motions are easy and it’s easy to be stressed and it’s easy to hurry and think “oh just another email”, “just another episode”, “just another… ”. But my life isn’t the actions, it’s their effects. And the two emails from those two people reminded me that I get to do all this crazy stuff because you (yeah, you, the one who read this far into a tumblr text-post) let me. And it’s hard and it’s work and it’s sometimes confusing and inconvenient and stressful but it is never any more those things than it is exactly what I want to be doing.

I am not the only thing in anyone’s life that demands attention. I am, with one or two notable exceptions, hopefully not the most important. But that I am one of those things at all, for anyone, for any amount of time, is a crazy honor.