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Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hello hello everyone,
my name is as you already know Rose but i actually prefer my second name, Elisabeth (like the queen of England).
I plan to study ‘live science and technology’ in a few years, i say a few years because i want to take a gap year with my family in Italy (i’m not italian tho, they migrated).
if i have to describe myself i would say that i am a very bubbly person with way to much interests.
i like… movies, drawing, holahooping, reading, drinking tea, cats (espicialy my own, they are called Finnian and Cake (yes, like the dessert)), walks, nature, mathematics, physics and many more. I also love music, my taste goes from metal to musical songs (mostly, les miserables) my favorite band is MUSE. I play the cello, base guitare and the double cello.

Preferences: i am looking for someone who loves to talk about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.
i want to talk about conspiracy theories, how weird clouds are, series and shows, our lives and maybey my feelings also (that one is optional).
i prefer someone older than 16, who is open minded.
any type of communication is fine (snail mail, e-mail, portals, blood magic, teleportation, etc.)

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Name: Victoria
Age: 14 (15 in 2 months)
Country: Bulgaria

Soo I have been trying to make friends on tumblr for quite some time now but no one has ever sticked for longer than 2 months… and I’m not giving up yet.

So imagine that quiet girl, always sitting at her desk doodling… Well that’s basically me.

I’m pretty shy and reserved, awkward as hell and a massive introvert, though I really open up when I get to know someone and feel comfortable. Just to warn you, I might be a litlle bit too weird sometimes.

Soo I am quite average I guess. I can’t live without listening to music. I like artists from random ganres (mostly rock, pop and punk) like classic rock groups (AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses, Aerosmith, Queen, etc) and modern-ish stuff like 5sos, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Coldplay, 1 direction a lil bit, Bruno Mars… I love drawing, painting and sketching. I like reading books a lot. I got into reading 2 years ago. My favourites are Fangirl, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Unexpected Everything and the Maze Runner book 1. I’m currently reading Carry On and from the 70 pages I’ve read I can tell I’m getting overly obsessed. I’m severly obsessed with Wattpad, too. I love pizza and food in general. I enjoy sleeping and stalking people on social media. I worship YouTube. I like watching British youtubers and appreshiate good live performances. I’m in high school of Mathematics specializing in Maths and English. I study Chinese (weird I know).I find joy in comfortable, oversized tops. I am going to annoy you with my fandoms and Disney songs so be prepared. I. LOVE. Rain. I am into teen TV dramas like Teen Wolf (STYDIA FOR LIFE) and Riverdale + the Walking Dead (isn’t teen but still). I’m willing to explore new fandoms soo yeah… Oh and I tend to swear but if you ask me I would stop.

And I just ranted so much…

Preferences: So I’d prefer someone around my age 14-17. It doesn’t matter what your nationality, sexuality or religion is. I don’t know why but I’ve always wondered what it’s like to have a gay friend… I think it’d be really cool. I’d like to talk on Snapchat or Tumblr or something like that. I might study Russian or German next year. I just haven’t decided yet and I’d like to practise with someone. Soo yeah I mean did anyone read everything I jusy wrote? I wouldn’t have…

After years of tutoring and studying many hours every day for over 7 years, I know that studying can be a horrible experience if you don’t like studying out of a book. People spend hours reading and reading, but at the end of the day they ask themselves “what did I just learn.. I forgot it all again”, resulting in bad grades, a low self-esteem, stress, and so on. Education system GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, but until then, here are some tips that I always gave to my students and to myself!

Watch YouTube videos
While you watch YouTube videos, take notes and really LISTEN. Don’t just stare at your screen, maybe even pause it every 30 seconds and think about what the teacher in the video talked about. Do you understand it? If not, scroll back and listen to it again! The goal is to understand it, not to know it.

Make a PowerPoint or other slide show presentation
Pretend like you are the teacher! Try to teach your “class” about the subject. You’ll find out that you understand some parts, but others not so much. Try to figure out what you don’t really understand yet, and watch a YouTube video about it, then try to explain it again. The goal is to be able to teach your “class” about the subject with full confidence! Maybe even ask friends or parents if they can ask questions about it!

By visualizing what you’ve just learned, you see it in a whole different way. Instead of linking words together, draw connections and systems of how it works. Of course this depends on the subject, this is easier to do with biology than with mathematics, but when you’re drawing you’re really focusing on the small details. These small details are super important! And a drawing is easier to remember than a text. The goal is to see connections, and spend more time focusing on understanding the smaller parts.

Read the text out loud, and record it
By reading it out loud, you make it real! Often when we read quickly in our heads we skip parts or we just start thinking about something else. By actually reading, you are a lot more focused and understanding what you’re reading is much easier. And record it, then listen back to it when you’re in bed, or whenever you want to listen to it! Talk slowly and emphasize the important words! The goal is to get familiar with the terms, and the more you listen to it, the better you will remember it, obviously :)

Hang in there!! 💕 Let’s make 2017 a fantastic year academically! Good luck with all your tests, I really hope I will help you with these tips!

I think a lot of people can agree that taking a chemistry exam for any level - general, organic, analytical, etc. - can be pretty stressful. 

“What do I study? How do I study? Will these practice problems help??”

Questions like these arise from many of my students over the past year and sometimes I still face them myself. Though after three years of taking multiple chemistry exams, I want to put everything I’ve trialed and make a beneficial master post for you guys. So enjoy!

Part 1 - Preparing for chemistry exams

Okay, so spending 10+ hours studying doesn’t always pay off and students shouldn’t even spend that much time studying for a chemistry exam! 
Disclaimer: Works for some students but being efficient with less time can save you in the long run.

  • Flashcards: Write down equations, concepts, diagrams, chemical reactions, and compounds on flashcards. Go through them and determine what you do know and what you need extra help with. Doing this will save yourself some time, so you don’t waste it by studying material you already mastered. That’s something many students do. “You know the reagents needed for an SN1 reaction?” Cool, now skip that and focus on something else. However, it’s perfectly okay to go back and refresh your memory but MOVE ON!!

  • Concept Maps: Organizing the chapter material can make studying easier for you. By having all the material on one page (if possible) allows you to view the overall concepts. Also, if you’re the kind of student that can pick out patterns this will greatly benefit you. Almost all reactions have a basic pattern when comparing them to others in the same chapter. This works best with organic chemistry material because literally, all the reactions are the same besides reagents. “It attacks x and y is now in that place.” 

  • Practice Problems: I don’t know how many times I can stress this on students. “Don’t understand something? DO PRACTICE PROBLEMS UNTIL YOU FEEL LIKE YOU OWN THAT BISH!” Though, I’m being very serious… If you really want to pass a chemistry class then learn how to enjoy practice problems. *A good source of practice problems is the required textbook or pick up a secondary aid book!

  • Study Guides: Sometimes professors post study guides on their academic website. If not, then simply google some topics that will be on your exam! In my first semester of organic chemistry, the professor used to hand out amazing study guide/tips on each chapter. Super helpful and another way to organize the lecture material.
    [General Chemistry Master Post of Resources]

  • Professor’s Knowledge: Not something many students think about, but your professor is one of the best resources to go to. (Shocker?) They’re obviously well educated in the material and have office hours for help! Plus, if they post study guides or practice tests then they will have the ability to go into full detail of how to work out the problems you don’t understand!! 

  • Get Some Sleep: Do. Not. Stay up all night the day before the exam. Being tired during an exam is not fun at all and you might end up rushing through it so you can hit that pillow. So just get a good night’s rest and relax before the exam. If you don’t know it an hour before the exam… Don’t try cramming it in your brain. 

Part 2 - During chemistry exams

  • Take a Deep Breathe: Remember that it’s only an exam. Grades don’t define how good of a student you are or your intelligence. Plus one bad grade does not mean you’re going to fail the class. 

  • Look Through The Test: Take a moment and skim through the test. Is there multiple choice? Maybe some free response? What about labeling? Make sure to read the questions carefully and dissect what the problem is actually asking you. Also, if you don’t understand a question put a star next to it so you know it’s a more difficult one. 

  • Complete Problems You Know: Okay, so you read the first question and you have no idea what-so-ever how to answer it. Instead of panicking and spiking up your anxiety levels - skip the problem. Just skip it and complete all the problems you are 120% positive about. (Honestly, this helped me not lose my confidence ten minutes into the exam and being an emotional wreck the whole time, lol…)

  • Multiple Choice: It’s definitely easier to make an educational guess on multiple choice problems. There is always one answer that makes no sense. Then there are two that are almost identical besides one little detail. So if you’re good at elimination, you can pretty much get down to two answers! 

  • Free Response: Don’t ever leave a problem blank on a chemistry exam!!! If your teacher is fair on grading then they’ll hand out partial credit. It’s important to show any work that makes logical sense. This can range from just jotting down the mathematical equations to drawing a possible product from the chemical reaction. Though I will admit that it’s hard to do this for organic chemistry exams. Usually, those problems are “all or nothing” but still don’t leave them blank! 

Part 3 - After chemistry exams

Give yourself a break. You deserve it.

- The Chemistry Nerd

The mathemagician’s room - by, now it comes, meeeee :P

It’s a place full of wonder, strangeness and bizarre beauty: the room - or should I say space - of a “mathemagician”…

It’s a common optical illusion, a kind of tricky paradox. “If our brains are simple enough for us to understand them, then we’d be so simple that we couldn’t.” ~ Quote by Ian Steward (a mathematician)

In my mind, mathematics equals (somehow) magic, mathematics is magic, therefor “mathemagic” :P

The floor self is an impossible figure - a typical symbol for paradoxes… 
The spirals on the chessboard-floor are Fibonacci spirals. (If you want to know more, then check out my Phi/Fibonacci tag.

This drawing is mostly about the beauty of Phi Φ, Psi ψ and the Fibonacci-sequence.

The fibonacci sequence
The fibonacci sequence works this way:
1+1 = 2
1+2 = 3
2+3 = 5
3+5 = 8
5+8 = 13
8+13 = 21
13+21 = 34
21+34 = 55
34+55 = 89
… and so on…
The sequence then is: 1;1;2;3;5;8;13;21;34;55;89;…….

Let’s play with these numbers!
21/13=1.615384 …

…If we continue this more and more, it will come closer and closer to a mathematial constant: 

Phi Φ
It can be calculated as followed:
Φ= 1+√5’ /2
Phi, the golden ratio as ratio:
If you have two lines:
The proportions are 1to1.618:
Or here demonstrated: 10 to 16.18
Like:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (16 (aka~16.18)lines) This is the proportion/ratio stupidly demonstrated in a text. xD

Psi ψ
Psi is the golden angle. Its value is about 137.5°.
So.. Let’s connect Φ with π (Pi)

ψ = 2π -2π/Φ = ~2.40 And now we show this as an angle:
2.40/2π = x/360°
(2π is the circumference of a circle (consider without r or r=1 :P ); 2π is equal to a 360° circle: So 2.40 of 2π (It’s about 6.2831) is equal to x of 137.5°)
And here the x equals ~137.5° :P

2.40/2π = x/360° : And now we solve the equation for x → *360
x = 2.40/2π *360 = 137.5

Yepp, that’s math :P

The golden angle can be found in nature almost everywhere!
Did you ever wondered about the awesome arrangement of the blossoms’ leaves? 
Check out this picture:


External image

I would also recommend you to read the golden angle article of wikipedia

Math can be really beautiful - Psi, Phi and Fibonacci show you the most awesome aspects of math! :)

After all I would really recommend you to visit my phi/fibonacci tag again^^
There you can find REALLY awesome things, such as finding Phi, the golden ratio ind the proportions of your body, your hand, bee population, plants etc…
it’s just WOW! :)

External image


This picture is dedicated to the beauty of mathematics, as well as the majesty of the Fibonacci-sequence, the golden ratio and the golden angle, which appear to be a sort of important algorithm in life… :)


Because I am a real math advocate, here are some quotes too:
• “Mathematical beauty is a highly abstract, inner beauty, a beauty of abstract form and logical structure, a beauty that can be observed, and appreciated, only by those sufficiently well trained in the discipline.” ~ Keith Devlin
• “The difference between the poet and the mathematician is that the poet tries to get his head into the heavens while the mathematician tries to get the heavens into his head.” ~ G.K. Chesterson
• “Nevertheless, the fact is that there is nothing as dreamy and poetic, nothing as radical, subversive, and psychedelic, as mathematics. It is every bit as mind blowing as cosmology or physics… and allows more freedom of expression than poetry, art, or music…
Mathematics is the purest of the arts, as well as the most misunderstood.” ~ Paul Lockhart

Have a good day :)

slutt  asked:


1. the meaning behind my url

Judith Butler is a gender theorist who wrote some famous books in the 90′s about gender performance. She carried a lot of the discussions about gender as a social construct, this was during the “you’re all born naked and the rest is drag” stage in queer theory. I thought it would be punny to make a drag name type url. Also her writing inspired me to continue reading and studying and questioning social constructs so I’m actually a fan in a way though I think her ideas are a little dated now.

9. tattoos i want

What I said on the last post I guess. There is more though. Like i love the Gaussian normal distribution curve as a symbol:

To me it’s visual poetry about the anomaly and normality. It’s a mathematical drawing of how the normal is only considered normal in the absence of the anomaly but not without its existence. (interpret that how you will)

13. life goal(s)

Peace of knowing I’ve fulfilled my duties to myself and to the people who love me, and made the world a slightly better place with the impact of my existence, however large or small that impact is doesn’t matter to me.

“Success is not by coincidence. Success is by design.”

As many of you have started school, I have decided to make a guide on how to keep those doors open for new opportunities and filling up that CV with plenty of things to get you to where you want! Note that this is from a highschool perspective (I admit I am an amateur at adult-ing), though college kids keep your eyes peeled if you find anything useful!

Defining opportunities
This is an important first step. Opportunities usually are not a gift from heaven brought down ceremonially by a flock of angels. Instead, they’re usually hidden. So what exactly are they? An opportunity is:

  • A chance to expand upon existing skills
  • A chance to make change
  • A possibility of finding an undiscovered passion
  • A chance at learning something new
  • Adding experience to your CV

The list goes on. In short, an opportunity is anything that can make you a better person (academically/personally/professionally) than you are now. Think of it as an investment of sorts. In life, opportunities often come like this - high risk/high potential, or low risk/low potential. But school is one of the few places where opportunities are often low risk/high potential - the perfect chance to gain profits (in this case, it could come in the form of finding new passions/developing new skills/making an impact). Make use of this! Life does not often give you low risk/high potential things. 

So you know that sports team you never joined even though you wanted to but you assumed off the top of your head it would be a poor investment because you are a poor sportsman? That’s an opportunity (and low-risk too believe it or not). Or that opening on the debate team that you thought briefly about applying for? Or a writing competition in the local newspaper? 

All of these are ways in which you could possibly gain something (profits!). If they’ve crossed your mind, even briefly, and you kind of envisioned yourself being debating captain or a famous local writer - well don’t let it slip away. Write it down and have a good think about it. If it’s one of those things you list down as a possibility - well it would be worth it to pursue!

Reasons to actively pursue opportunities

  • Finding your passion - everyone has one (or even a few), but you’ll never find it until you look for it
  • Leaning new skills and seeing a new perspective
  • Increase your chances of success in the future - trust me pursue one opportunity and sometimes you’ll end up with a dozen more
  • Increase your mobility - the more opportunities you pursue (especially in a low-risk environment like school), the more directions you find you’re able to go
  • Motivate yourself - the more you realise you are capable of, the better you’ll feel about yourself, and the more motivated you are to accomplish more
  • Build up non-academic skills - a lot of workplaces require it trust me

Accepting that opportunities only come if you look for them
Okay this sounds easy enough but trust me, changing a mindset is harder than it looks. Don’t just write it down as a quote in your bujo/planner - make it a goal of yours! 

  • Throw away the fear of social judgement - or at least try your best to ignore that voice in the back of your head. Seriously, it does you no good. Too often we are scared of ‘not being good enough for this’, or ‘I am not the type of person to do x activity’, or ‘I will get judged for what I do’ - the list goes on. Well, when that voice pops up in your head, repeat these three things after me. 
    • “Nothing is worth more than my success. Especially not an offhand comment by a negative person.”
    • “If you never try, your chances of success are quite literally zero.”
    • “The only way to be who you want to be is to just be who you want to be.”

  • Redefine your capabilities - when a new opportunity comes up at school, don’t think ‘it’s not for me’. Stop and think about it for a bit. Maybe you don’t have the skill set, maybe its something you have never tried before. But maybe its also something you’re interested in. If so, go for it. Just do it - literally. Think of it like this - if you already have a negative bias (”I can’t do it”), then if you fail you’ll get the satisfaction of being right all along, but if you succeed, it’s a pleasant surprise. Low risk-high potential.

  • It’s a way of finding your passion - if you’re like me and have zero clue about what you are going to do in the future, keeping your eyes peeled for everything is a great way of finding things you love. Honestly, twelve year old me would never have thought I would love everything to do with public speaking and politics (not kidding, I was the quietest kid in the class), but joining debating on a whim really opened my eyes. Do things you’ve never done before - trust me you won’t regret it. Could you fail at it? Possibly. Might you encounter ups and downs along the way? Definitely. But if you have time, try it out for a semester or two and you may get an epiphany. So often passions are not love-at-first-sight but a gradual realization of your love for something.

  • Put it in action - yes, the top two points may have sounded like non-substantial talk, but now’s the time to put it in action. Every time a notice comes up at school about a new activity, or an activity you’ve never heard of, write it down. Just do it. Create a list in your bullet journal for it. Now, when you go home sit down and have a good thought about each one - you may have some new realizations about what you are capable of. The likelihood is you’ve listed some of these opportunities as ‘maybes’. Well, if you have, pick the maybes to try. That’s where undiscovered passions are hidden.

Now that we’re covered with the self-reflection/improvement, let’s get down to the nitty gritty - putting it in action!

Write down your skill set
Just do it. Everything you are good at, write all of it down. You don’t have to be better at it than everyone else - just as long as you feel good enough about it. Skill sets are important, whether it is drawing, writing, mathematics, etc. When opportunities come around, you can bet on your own special skill set to set you apart from everyone. This is what you can bring to the table - never belittle it. 

Now, once you’ve done that, keep track of it. If you’re good at design, practice design regularly - heck even put it in your habit-tracker. If you love arts do the same, never stop practicing. This applies to everything.

Actively search for opportunities
Sounds simple enough but opportunities are not a gift from god. Sometimes, they’re something you have to run after and pursue relentlessly, or fight tooth and nail for them. Actively search for them! Ever thought to yourself ‘oh it would be cool if I learned x thing or developed x hobby’. Do not let that thought go. When it crosses your mind, do a 10 minute google search on it and if it interests you, definitely look for it. 

Well, what if sometimes opportunities don’t present themselves in your environment - you ask? What if nothing ever happens at my school? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to create something. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Sometimes opportunities are things that you physically create so if you have a dying passion for something (or even a slight interest) and find people who think the same - consider starting something!

  • Create a list of things that potentially interest you at school - treat this as your bucket list at school, give everything a try!
  • Talk to people - seniors, teachers, faculty advisors - when you actively look for something, you’re bound to run into things
  • Try your hand at problem solving - ever heard that problems are also opportunities? Yeah that, well there’s always room for patching up problems, and if you can come up with a way to do that, the rewards are immense!

If you’re a student and you want a way to broaden the activities you participate in at school, I hope this masterpost helped!

The Family from my story Devil’s Little Face, as it is currently in the story. 

Erik Spöke (left, sitting): Erik, the former Phantom of the Opera. 62 years old, retired architect, devoted husband and father of 3 children. 

Mahtab - Geneviéve Spöke (center, sitting): Erik and Christine’s firstborn, a daughter, inherited her father’s deformity. Preferably wearing male clothing, 9 years old. Talented in drawing, mathematics and structural design. 

Christine Spöke (right, sitting): née Christine Daaé, opera singer at the Paris Opera House, 33 years old, wife of Erik for 12 years. 

Shadow, the dog: Followed Erik home from work on a day, and stuck with the family. 

Noel Olivier Spöke (with the dog, left standing): Youngest child of Erik and Christine, born unexpectedly on Christmas Day. Interested in magic tricks, fire and cars. 4 years old soon. 

Erik Florian “Flo” Spöke (with violin, right, standing): Second child of the couple, 6 years old, interested and incredibly talented in music. 

Monsieur Jean- Pierre LeChat, (the cat on the top of the couch): Found by Erik during a vacation in Perros- Guirec and taken home with them. Family cat. Erik addresses him as “M LeChat” calling him “vous”. 

To Make A Kitty Jealous

Dabble in Drabbles 16

Isn’t really very hard, actually. And yes it has been done before, but we’re all sadist and we like to see Adrien get jealous so…third time’s the charm!

was meant to be adrienette, but then turned to marichat at the end.

Summary: In which a new student comes into class, flirts with Marinette, and Adrien isn’t jealous, what are you talking about?

The whole class was abuzz. They were going to have an exchange student and he was hot. He could even rival the looks of a certain Parisian model.

Chloe, of course, was already telling everyone that he was hers.

The other girls were curious, aside from those who already had a beau.

Alya nudged Marinette and gave her a wink. “What if he’ll fall in love with you? What are you going to do, Marinette?”

“Me? Pfft, Alya, please.” Marinette laughed. “That’s not going to happen. Why would anyone fall in love with me?”

I would disagree, Adrien thought as he secretly eavesdropped on their conversation.

And then, he walked in the class, followed by monsieur Damocles.

“Class, meet your new classmate, Pete Fitzgerald.”

EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. swooned at the sight of him. 

(Except for Marinette.)

He was drop-dead gorgeous with corn-silk wavy hair that was almost silver, sea-green eyes, and a smile on the edge of cheeky. He wore a green and blue checkered vest over a rolled up white shirt, black pants with black shoes.

Pete had his hands clasped behind his back as he grinned at the class, a dimple showing on his cheek. He said, with a bit of a Scottish lilt, “Hello, I am Pete and I’m here as an exchange student for two weeks.”

“Tell us something about yourself, Pete.” Madame Bustier said.

Pete cleared his throat and said, “I love books. I like to read whatever I can get my hands on. My favorite is Puns 101. Especially ones that involve cats because cat puns are claw-some!”

EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. Were suddenly turned off.

(Including Marinette)

Adrien, on the other hand, lit up. Now here was somebody he could share puns with!

“Yes, uhh, very nice.” Madame Bustier said. “Thank you for that, Pete. You can sit at the back with Nathanaël over there.”

“No no, he should sit beside me!” Chloe said and shooed Sabrina out of her seat. Chloe fluttered her lashes at him. “Sit beside me.”

Everyone held their breaths. What would he do? Chloe was the daughter of the mayor of Paris. If he refused, she would most definitely throw a tantrum.

Pete looked at her with a blank look, like he was contemplating something. But that was then wiped away when he walked to her, tapped her under her chin and said in Scottish, “I’d love to, but I don’t think so.”

And with that, he straightened up and walked towards the last desk as if nothing ever happened. When he passed Marinette, their eyes met and he sent her a wink.

Marinette blinked. Did he just-

“He totally did.” Alya drawled. “Looks like someone’s got a crush on you~”

“A-Alya!” Marinette protested.

Before the conversation could go on, Madame Bustier said, “Class, settle down. We’ll be continuing the project that was assigned in pairs from yesterday. Since Pete doesn’t have a partner, one of you will have to include him in your group.”

Alya grabbed Marinette’s hand and raised it up. Marinette looked at her in shock. Before she could say anything, Madame Bustier said, “Very nice. Okay, Pete, you will be working with Adrien and Marinette.”

Oh this would be interesting.

“So, what are we working on?” Pete asked them.

The three had decided to work in the library for research.

Adrien answered, “We’re researching about the theories of time-travel and other universes.”

“Guess it’s gonna be quite time-consuming.” Pete said offhandedly as he sailed through the bookshelves, pulling out books randomly.

Marinette frowned as Adrien grinned. He said, “If this theory is true, then it’d be out of this world.”

Pete and Marinette gawked at him. While Marinette had on a look of horror, Pete’s was with delight.

“Hey, what a koinkydink, you like puns?” Pete said, bringing in the piles of books and set them gently on the table.

Adrien turned red, avoiding Marinette’s eyes. If he said anymore, she might connect the dots between him and Chat Noir. He shrugged, “A little.”

“That’s great!” Pete said. “Do you have anymore? How about French ones like-”

“I think we should focus on the project now.” Marinette interrupted him.

“Of course, Princess.” Pete said.

Okay, what?

Adrien frowned as he touched his mouth. He didn’t say anything so who would-

“Pete!” Marinette squeaked. “W-What did you just call me?”

Pete looked up from a big dusty book and his eyes grew wide. “Oh sorry! It slipped out!”

“N-no, it’s okay.” She fiddled nervously with her thumbs. “I thought you were someone else for a second there.”

Adrien’s eyes widened as warning bells rang inside him. This was not good.

His princess thought Chat Noir was Pete?!

For some reason, he didn’t like that. And he especially didn’t like anyone calling Marinette ‘Princess’. Only he could call her that.

He had to do something. Quick.

“Done!” Pete put his pencil down and leaned back on the chair. Adrien and Marinette looked over his notes and their jaws dropped.

He had filled in 3 papers all about the time-travel theorem which included mathematical formulas, drawings, and everything about how time-travel could affect the world’s time line, going as far as listing out all the references from the books.

He did all that under 30 minutes.

“H-How did you come up with all of this?” Marinette asked him, awe in her voice.

Pete scratched the back of his head. “Mostly research skills? I mean, everything’s in the books. You just gotta know how to look.”

“This is it.” Adrien said as he pored over the paper. Everything was detailed. “All we need to do is put on a presentation in front of the class.”

Marinette checked the references between the paper and the books. “You’re right. Everything’s in there.”

“See? What’d I tell ya?” Pete winked. “So have you fallen for me, Princess?”

A prick of irritation. However, Marinette beat him to it. “Thanks for the notes, Pete. And no, it’ll take more than research to make me fall for you.”

Adrien was internally beaming. That’s his princess.

“Well then, since we won’t have a lot of time to spend together,” Pete rested his chin at the back of his hand as he leaned on the table. “How about I take you to dinner?”

No! Don’t accept!

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” Marinette said. “I’m busy tonight.”

“Well then, I’ll take you out for lunch, Princess.” Pete said as he took back the notes and stood up. “Think of it as a thank you for the notes. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll bring these to the teacher.”

And with that, he left the library before Adrien and Marinette could say anything else.

They exchanged looks.

“Adrien.” Marinette looked at him, panic in her eyes. “Help me!”

He blushed. If she looked at him like that, how could he refuse?

Marinette walked slowly towards the entrance of the school, her heart beating fast. She didn’t like this.

Was Pete really Chat Noir?

And if he is…then what should she do?! She like Adrien!

But then when she wasn’t out for patrols, Chat would visit her in the night. They would talk and sometimes flirt with each other, much like how Ladybug flirted with him. And sometimes, it would edge to something more. But Chat always made sure to keep a polite distance.

But now that Chat was in the same class as Adrien, and pining for her attention…

Marinette groaned. This was all so confusing.

She saw Pete waiting at the entrance surrounded by a multitude of girls. She could slow down, but she couldn’t avoid him forever.

Where was the help Adrien promised her?!

Pete caught sight of her and he grinned. He turned to the girls and said, “I’m sorry ladies, but my princess has arrived, so I’ll have to bid you all apluse.”

Marinette frowned. So Chat would flirt with anyone other than her and Ladybug. And he said he only ever flirted with Ladybug and her. Ha!

He bowed to her with a flourish and held out his arm. “Shall we?”

“Um…” Marinette’s eyes darted here and there. Where was Adrien?!

Pete, who decided that Marinette was too shy to accept, took her wrist and walked down the steps. He said, “You know, I saw this interesting restaurant just off the street yesterday when I explored the city. People said it had the best burgers and fries so I wanted to try it out.”

“Oh, um, that’s nice.” Marinette said.

Pete grinned at her. “Isn’t it? Paris is amazing!”

They walked out for a while, when Pete said, “So Marinette, why did you think I was somebody else when I called you Princess?”

Marinette jumped. So he had noticed! “Because…um…someone calls me Princess as well. A friend.”

Pete looked at her, a soft smile on his face. “Oh? And so I can’t call you Princess? Why not?”

Marinette flushed. “B-Because-”

“Because she’s my princess.” A voice spoke up from above them.

Marinette and Pete looked up at the fence in shock.

“Chat Noir!”

Chat slid down his baton and raised an eyebrow at Marinette’s expression. “Why are you shocked, Princess? Did you think he was Chat?”

“I-I didn’t think that!” Marinette mumbled as she looked away in embarrassment.

“Meow-ch! You wound me, princess.” Chat glanced at Pete and smirked, “Because if I did reveal my true self to you, I think you would swoon at the sight of me.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, but inside she was relieved. She didn’t think she was ready to know Chat Noir in real life at the moment.

Pete looked at him in shock. He looked back and forth between Chat Noir and Marinette. “W-wait, both of you are together?”

This time, it was both Marinette and Chat Noir who were shocked. She shrieked, “What gave you that idea?!”

“You have good eyes.” Chat said as he nuzzled Marinette’s neck. Marinette squeaked as she pushed his face away.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Marinette protested.

“I disagree, Princess.” Chat grinned. He whispered, “Adrien sent me.”

“Why you?!” She hissed back.

Chat didn’t reply as he glared at the boy in front of them. “I don’t know who you are, but only I get to call her Princess.”

Pete blinked. And then with a sly smirk, he said, “Prove it.”


Both of them watched as Pete clasped his hands behind his back. “I mean, for her to be your princess, that would mean that you’re her prince, am I right?”

“No!” Marinette said. “He’s-”

“Her knight in black leather.” Chat said smoothly. “So sadly, I won’t be able to know the touch of the fair maiden’s lips.”

Marinette turned into a dark shade of red. Oh if he only knew that she was Ladybug.

Pete, who actually had no intention of dating Marinette, caught her expression and smiled. “Oh really? Because looks to me like the fair maiden knows yours.”

Chat and Marinette’s eyes widened. Chat looked down at Marinette, his cheeks blushing, “Wait, what?! When?!”

“It didn’t happen!” Marinette said in embarrassment. “He’s lying!”

“I never lie!” Pete said, offended. “Besides, if you really didn’t kiss Chat Noir, then why would you be embarrassed? Maybe you actually dreamed of kissing him?”


“Princess?” Chat asked her hesitantly.

Marinette covered her face. “I-I don’t-”

Both of them stood there, their faces steaming. Pete, on the other hand, had a smug look on his face.


The three of them jumped at the voice. Pete gulped and slowly peeked over his shoulder. A girl with reddish-brown hair and purple clothes stood behind him, her brown eyes smoldering as she tapped her toe on the cement. He turned his face forward swiftly.

“I know you see me Pete.” She marched forward towards him. Pete ran behind the backs of Chat and Marinette.

“Louise!” He smiled. “What are you doing here?”

“That’s the exact same question I should ask you.” The girl, who was Louise, glared at him. “I take my eyes off you for a second, and you get yourself enrolled in a random high school in Paris!”

“Oh come on, it was fun.” Pete protested.

Marinette and Chat exchanged looks of confusion. Louise spotted them and said, “Let me guess, he said something weird to you two?”

Both of them blushed. Louise saw their expressions and she narrowed her eyes. “Pete!”

“It was just harmless fun – ouch!” Louise had grabbed him by the ear. She looked at Marinette. “I’m sorry, but this guy is an idiot. He has a way with twisting words and making people believe whatever he says. If he made things awkward between you two, I’m sorry.”

“And you,” Louise turned to Pete who was rubbing his sore ear. “You are going to come with me to that school you enrolled yourself into and apologize.”

“But I was going to go out with Marinette for lunch!” Pete protested.

Louise frowned and looked at Marinette. Her eyes flickered to Chat Noir. “She already has a prince charming to send her to lunch.”

“Wait, what?!” Marinette and Chat Noir looked at each other.

Louise tilted her head in puzzlement. “Aren’t you two a couple?”

“See? What did I tell you?”

“No we’re not!”

To say whatever happened next was a whirlwind is an understatement.

It turned out that Pete Fitzgerald was not an exchange student and that in some twisted reason he was able to enroll himself in their school which puzzled the minds of everyone because his name was on the register even though it wasn’t there the day before.

Only when Adrien pored over the notes of time-travel did he realize that the information in the paper was far beyond the technology of today’s time.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Marinette looked up and groaned. She did not want to see his face right now. “Go away, Chat.”

“I want to talk to you, Princess.”

He gave her the look.

With a sigh, Marinette opened the window and let him in. Chat Noir shook his head, spraying melted droplets of snow around the room. Marinette laughed, “Okay, stop! You’re acting like a dog.”

Chat grinned and accepted the towel she gave to him. She stood in front of him as he rubbed his damp hair. “So what did you come to talk about, Chat?”

Chat Noir flicked the towel around her waist and pulled her close. She squeaked in surprise as she fell on his chest. Looking up, her breath caught in her throat as Chat looked down at her, damp hair dripping down her face.

“Hey, Princess,” Chat said huskily, “is it true? Did you really kiss me? Or even dream of kissing me?”

Marinette’s eyes widened and her cheeks grew hot. “I-I don’t-”

“T-Then, do you want to find out?” Chat blurted out.

Marinette stared at him in shock, but Chat was serious, albeit his face was as red as hers.

Pursing her lips, she closed her eyes.

His lips were cool and soft and very familiar. Marinette melted as he rubbed his tongue on the bottom of her lip. She let him inside and a fire burning in her stomach blazed. Their exchange was fiery and passionate as Chat tightened his hands around her and Marinette ran her fingers through his damp hair.

“You seem angry today, Chat.” Marinette said breathlessly as Chat’s teeth grazed the skin under her jaw.

He tugged her hair, exposing her slender neck. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning out loud as he peppered her with butterfly kisses.

He said softly, “You’re my Princess.”

“Were you jealous?” Marinette asked. She looked at him and chuckled at his upset face. She kissed him on the nose. “Don’t worry, only you can call me that.”


OMIGOSH this was not meant to be sin! I am so not sorry!

Anyway, Louise and Pete are my oc’s and they can time-travel.  \(^o^)/ Because I like twisting time!

so, mini adrienette and marichat at the end. You can all see what my favorite pairings are in the love square huh.