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I mean, he's the same guy whose (probably) most famous post was the one complaining that Finland's proportional ticket system, a system that is literally mathematically plotted to be fair, is "punishing people for being successful." Logic ain't exactly a strong suit here, is what I'm saying.

His most recent reply to that post was even worse, he immediately contradicted himself on what a punishment is

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Prove that the earth is spherical without showing a CG space photo.

Since the source of gravitational force is mass and the strength of such a force gets weaker with distance from the center of this mass it can be reasoned that as you travel from the center of the Earth’s mass, you would get lighter.

And yet you don’t.

The Earth is therefore round (I.e. your distance from the center of Earth’s mass doesn’t change much from any single location on Earth’s surface).

…but by all means don’t take my word for it. Mathematically prove it to yourself:

Force = Mass • Acceleration

Force of Gravity = (Gravitational constant • Mass1 • Mass2)/ distance between the two masses^2

Lets shorten that to:



Now combine the two equations (since both are equations to derive a force, this is mathematically allowed):


Since we’re only approximating, and G (the gravitational constant) is an extremely small number, we can discard it as this will simplify the example for you without changing the approximation by much.



Obviously we can divide ma by m on both sides of the equation leaving:


You getting nervous?

Multiply r^2 on both sides to get:


Divide by a:


Take the square root of both sides:


Again, M is the mass of the Earth and a is the rate of acceleration towards it due to gravity (9.8 m/s^2 fyi). Both numbers are always the same. If they weren’t then at certain places and certain times you’d be able to moonwalk across the surface of the Earth.

As you can see I have just literally mathematically proven that the radius of the Earth is constant in all directions.

I.e. it’s a sphere.

Hopefully this has put your mind at ease


so we had to turn in a final essay about how to evaluate a complex contour integral for my complex analysis class. I turned in this. I’d like to thank @linmanuel for the subsequent A I got in the class

Me, a California Voter: unless god literally rolls triple snake-eyes my district is going to Hillary for sure, so I might as well vote for Jill Stein to at least feel like i’m doing something instead of just throwing my vote onto Trump’s funeral pyre

A liberal, materializing in the voting booth right next to me: You know, you’re gonna be singlehandedly responsible if Trump wins you know. Your additional vote for hillary which literally and mathematically will have 0.00000 impact could be the deciding vote. People like you make me sick, how dare you essentially vote for that racist tangerine if you care for minorities. Did you look at the 2000 election? people voting for ralphie terminator were the sole reason why bush exists. disgusting.  

Me: frantically tries to get the attention of a volunteer to no avail

There are people who say, ‘I’ll never use this math, these trig identities’ from 10th or 11th grade, or maybe you never learned them.
Here’s the catch: whether or not you ever again use the math that you learned in school, the act of having learned the math established a wiring in your brain that didn’t exist before.
And it’s the wiring in your brain that makes you the problem solver… even if you don’t want to become a scientist, the minimum you should ask of yourself –demand of yourself– is that you become scientifically literate… and mathematically literate.
Because therein are the engines of problem solving in the world.
—  Neil deGrasse Tyson (aka, the quote I recite to myself every time I question why I’m integrating, over and over again, the area under the rotating washer around the x-axis)
A plea to Canadian voters, from a disenfranchised neighbor.

I don’t know how much y’all understand about the American Electoral College and how it works. The short version is this: each state has a number of electoral votes, and whatever candidate is first past the post in a state wins ALL of that state’s votes. So, for instance, if 51% of a state’s voters vote for the Republican candidate, and 49% for the Democrat, ALL of that state’s electoral votes go to the Republican, despite nearly half the state not voting for them. And electoral votes go by population, so a candidate is better off getting 51% of a big state than 90% of several smaller states.

Through this system, it is 100% possible for someone’s vote to literally not matter. I live in Mississippi, one of the most stubbornly conservative states in the country. There is literally zero chance that Mississippi’s electoral votes will not go to the Republican candidate, no matter who it is. My vote doesn’t matter. Not in a theoretical “oh one vote won’t change anything” way, but in a very literal mathematical way. I’ll still vote, make no mistake, but it won’t do jack. The election is completely decided by voters in those few “swing states” that are genuinely undecided. Everyone else in the country is literally wasting their time.

Our system is broken. Yours is not. (At least, not in this particular way.)

With your representation broken down to the riding level, and your PM determined by the ruling party rather than elected separately from parliament – even a small surge in voter turnout can massively change how an election turns out. A push of fifty or a hundred voters can change the outcome of a single riding, and the shift of a handful of ridings can change the entire future of your country.

I would desperately love to know I had that kind of power. Like, right here? I can volunteer with the Mississippi Democratic party and Bernie Sanders’ campaign and knock on doors and raise money and rabblerouse all I want. Mississippi’s electoral votes are going Republican. No matter what. Period.

Young people in the US are fighting a long, hard, uphill battle to regain control of our own country and our own future. You have a level of power in your hands that most of us never, ever will. Take advantage of it. Go. Fucking. Vote.

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how DARE fat people feel confident in themselves! shouldn't they know the risks it takes to be fat? like becoming diabetic? getting a heart disease? hey bud, did you know literally ANYONE can become diabetic and get a heart disease? it doesn't have to do with being fat. that sort of stuff has to do with genetics, sugars, things like that. do your research before you open your mouth

Warning- the following post contains science

I promise you, you will survive through to the other side if you take it slowly, get a glass of water, and put on some nice music for the next four minutes. I’ve tried to be as straightforward as possible, but maths tends to make some people run screaming. Google can help. 

THIS- this statement- is precisely why I refuse to give up on any of you. You are all woefully misinformed, and I refuse to let you wallow in scientific ignorance and labour under the false impression that obesity can be healthy or that such conditions are inevitable. I am here, and I continue to answer questions, because public science education is absolutely fundamental to a better society.

I have received questions asking me to give up on trying to change minds- but when I see questions like this, I cannot, I will not, give up on you. 

Source:  Prospective Studies Collaboration, . (2009). Body-mass index and cause-specific mortality in 900 000 adults: collaborative analyses of 57 prospective studies The Lancet, 373 (9669), 1083-1096 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(09)60318-4

These graphs are why I refuse to not help you. Look at them closely- they show a clear relationship between the proportion of fat on ones’ body and their remaining lifespan. Literally. Look at the axis label on the left- you will notice that it says “Alive (%)”. My explanations? My comments, my questions, and my constant refusal to give up on you? I am trying to be the difference between you being on the blue line or the purple line. I am trying to drag you up across the line- and the sooner I can get through to you, the more years of life you recover

Source:  Prospective Studies Collaboration, . (2009). Body-mass index and cause-specific mortality in 900 000 adults: collaborative analyses of 57 prospective studies The Lancet, 373 (9669), 1083-1096 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(09)60318-4 

This graph, from the same study, demonstrates an undeniable dose-dependent relationship between body mass in kilograms and Blood pressure in mm Hg (that’s milliliters of Mercury, since you have no experience in this field).

Your claim- that “it doesn’t have to do with being fat”- is here proved demonstrably incorrect. You are wrong, in the plainest of terms.

Source: Sepehri A, Palazón-Bru A, Gil-Guillén VF, Ramírez-Prado D, Navarro-Cremades F, Cortés E, Rizo-Baeza MM. (2015) Diabetes screening: a pending issue in hypertense/obese patients. PeerJ :e914 

This graph demonstrates that obesity has a definitive impact upon cardiovascular risk. If you haven’t read a scientific paper before, and you clearly have not, you might wonder what the little ‘p<0.001′ means on those graphs. P here stands for probability- where 1 is 100% and 0 is 0%. This probability demonstrates the mathematical certainty of the results of the study in question. You will notice here that their study has achieved less than a 0.1% chance of any of these claims being incorrect. That means that you, the person who has made the claim of obesity not being a factor in determining the prevalence of  cardiovascular disease, have less than a 0.1% chance of being correct.

The science, mathematics and research techniques being employed here are top notch. If you do not believe me, you are wrong. If you disagree, you are wrong. Well, at least I’m 99.9% sure- literally and mathematically- that you are wrong.

Now, onto your claim about diabetes and genes.

The following image is taken from the medical research blog of the UC San Diego Health System. It was made in response to research that deals specifically with your statement about it being ‘in your genes’. 

These scientists, with literally molecular precision, have definitively proven in a cause-and-effect scenario that you are wrong. They have clearly and positively identified proteins and cellular subsystems that always activate inflammation, and the resulting type II diabetes, because of the influence of fat cells.

Image source: Bushman, H, PhD. (2015). Molecular Link between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Reveals Potential Therapy. UC San Diego Health System Blog.
Research source: Li, P., Oh, D., Bandyopadhyay, G., Lagakos, W., Talukdar, S., Osborn, O., Johnson, A., Chung, H., Mayoral, R., Maris, M., Ofrecio, J., Taguchi, S., Lu, M. and Olefsky, J. (2015). LTB4 promotes insulin resistance in obese mice by acting on macrophages, hepatocytes and myocytes. Nat Med. 

Scientists smarter than you or I could ever hope to be spend their entire lives sitting in dark rooms looking under microscopes and firing lasers into magnetised protein crystals (yes, that’s a real thing) JUST TO SHUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU UP. This research was published in Nature- the single most famous scientific journal on the planet alongside Science.

When someone’s entire career is literally dedicated to doing stuff that sounds like something out of Star Wars just to prove you wrong, you don’t get to argue. You’re not on their level. You’re not even close. 

This long winded, graph and maths-heavy rambling is my desperate attempt to show you how misinformed you are. To beg with you to please, please God, reconsider your ideas. Reconsider the idea that being obese can be healthy- because it literally cannot be healthy. Reconsider the idea that being obese is not a choice- because it literally is. If you reconsider now and listen to me, you will gain back years of your life that you are otherwise cutting out of existence. 

I have done my research. Have you?

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your version of Badass Brittany wooing the super uptight Santana. like flowers everyday with a letter.

I have more prompts in my inbox that I’ll be working on the next few days. Don’t think I forgot about yours ;)

Santana huffed as she threw another rose onto her desk. Thiswas the 4th time in a week Brittany had sent her a ‘cute’ message with a rose asking her to go out.

Quinn just laughed from across the room when she watched her roommate stomp around. “Did Big Bad Britt strike again, Santana?”

Santana just rolled her eyes, as she kicked her shoes off. “Yes, but today she went above and beyond.”

5 hours earlier

Santana was sitting in the library buried in her Psychology for Lawyers: Understanding the Human Factors in Negotiation, Litigation and Decision Making textbook. Notes, Starbucks cups, pencils, and taco bell wrappers scattered everywhere. The desk she was at looked like a homeless person had been living there. But that’s what finals week would do to a law student.

She looked up annoyed when she heard someone clear their throat,  companied with a small tap on her shoulder. “What!?” She barked out as she whipped her head around. The action was so quick it almost made her lose her glasses.

Brittany threw her free hand up in defense and shrugged a little. “Besides the fact it looks like you live here, I thought you might need a break.” She leaned down and put a coffee on the table. The caffeine drink was followed with a rose being set beside it.

Santana just rolled her eyes almost snatching the coffee of the table. “So are you going to tell me what you want, Brittany?” Santana made sure not to make eye contact with the blonde. She knew if she did she would lose the momentum she had getting through the practice case notes that she had to base a defense on. Brittany could shake her up with just a small smile.

The blonde turned a chair around backwards taking a second to set herself in it. She used the back as an arm rest and crossed her arms across the top. She leaned her chin down on her arms, “So, is that still a no about come out with me on Friday?”

Santana huffed out as she looked up from her notes, “Brittany, I have a peer defense review on Saturday morning. I’ll have to prep all night Friday.”

Brittany just shrugged cocking her pierced eyebrow up, “You have a what?”

Santana just hung her head. She knew the blonde math major knew what she was talking about. She had told her about it at least 2 other times. Brittany was just trying to distract her and wear her down so she would say yes.  “It’s like a practice case. We have to defend our point of view, cross examinations and closings to a group of peers.”

The taller girl just yawned as she leaned forward in her chair. “That sounds boring,” she let out a small laugh when she saw the look of annoyance cross Santana’s face. “Going out to dinner with me sounds like a better plan. You can’t be busy ALL night. I mean, you should take a dinner break at least. So why not take it with me?”

Santana took her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I don’t know what your sudden fascination with me is but, I would think me rejecting you three times in one week would be a clear sign I don’t want to go out with you.”

The blonde got out of her chair and kneeled down in front of Santana, who still had her eyes closed massaging her temples. “I think you just are telling me no because you want to go, but you think I’m too much trouble.”

The closeness of Brittany’s voice rattled Santana enough to open her eyes and look forward. The blonde was already way too much into her personal space. All she did was stammer out a small, “That’s not true.”

Brittany leaned up a little more brushing her lips against Santana’s. She pulled back just enough so she could speak. “So, I’ll get Chinese Friday night. Bring it by your dorm long enough for you take ta a break and eat, then I’ll leave. “ She brushed her nose against Santana’s lip, “Then we’ll talk about me taking you out on a real date Saturday after your boring thing.”

Santana was frozen in place like a deer in headlights, all she did was nod.

Brittany had a huge smile on her face and kissed the shorter girl on the temple before she left. “Okay, gorgeous, sounds like a date.”

Quinn spit out her coffee when Santana finished her about her encounter with the mathematics major.  “So she literally told you that you were going out on a date with her.”

Santana just huffed out and slammed a coffee cup down on the counter, “How am I supposed to be a good lawyer if she can get under my skin like that?”

Quinn just shrugged, “Maybe if you sleep with her it will get her out of your system.”

“Fuck you, Quinn!” The small Latina threw the rose across the room in a poor effort to get her roommate to shut up.

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"gender inequality in planets"

If you read again, you’d see I wrote “gender inequality in the names of planets” which is an undeniable fact. I don’t mean it in the societal sense, I mean it in the literal, mathematical sense.

There’s 1 planet named after a woman and 6 named after men (and 1 named after dirt). That’s mathematical inequality, literally.