anonymous asked:

why are they your favourite?

*sigh* Just woke up. Can’t think well…..hrm… egh… well for one, the [blog]gers will definitely have a lot to do with it.  

Matheiu- has a nice art blog which is practically made up of all of his art work. I love his work. I think there isn’t a post of his I have not ‘hearted’. It’s all so dark and surreal. I like that

Paul- a fine and dandy nature blog. Besides the nature related posts though, his personal posts tend to be very humorous (until he gets drunk and post nasty ass things like floppy vaginas)

Nat- As sir-mix-a-lot has famously stated plenty of times, I like big butts and I cannot lie. Best butt around. On a more serious note, a blog that focuses on the artistic perspective of things. Usually featuring plenty of info on artists, linguistics, sociology. She’s also quite talented at art herself, even tho she seems to disagree. The blog, of course, can become very random, so it’s a pretty haphazard blog, and suddenly unbeknownst to you, somehow, someway, realize you’re following a Kit Harrington themed blog which you don’t remember following D:< But I like the quirkiness~ One of the loveliest bloggers. Also, the best Polish butt ever- hmm sounds like cold cut meat. I WANT NOW (kidding around)

Alec- one of my faves because his blog is one of the rare cases where a blogger is worthy of admiration, imho. He’s clever, and you can tell that he puts a lot of thought on his replies; that is unless you send him a wise-ass question which is funny finding out how Alec responds. The humble thing about it all, though, is that it is all something natural in which he spontaneously exerts - which are his thoughts, I could say. It doesn’t come off as pretentious whatsoever. His posts follow the same persona (he frequently posts nice quotes and poems). To sum it up, his blog is enlightening. 

Vikto, Viktor, Vik aka Lady Temptress- I go right ahead and piss her off now ~~~ Vik is the prettiest, most gorgeous, most graciously pleasant, big adorable fluff of enchantment, delicate elegance of delight, and most evocative person of alluring beauty that I know ~~ only reason I follow her, mwahaha. JK. (I’d put much more but my head would explode) - Rambling but I think that was good enough. OH, and Good stalker I know who can make me laugh (even with her posts), yes, talking about you “Steve” [writer’s edit: *Mr. Bob, not Steve]. Mainly, she’s my fave B&W blog 

Mine- best music and badass blog.

Anyhow, I have a headache. Sorry if I wrote a lot or I wasn’t clear enough, dear anon.