Said the person who never took just one minute out of their lives to look up how math is used in fields like accounting, the medical field, aviation, the military, weather study, astronomy, archeology, graphic design, engineering, architecture, forensic science, animation and building technology like computers, Ipads, and smart phones that you’re using right now to explain how unnecessary math is.  

i was in math class this morning trying to come up with an equation for the probability of destiel happening but im currently failing math so i got summer to help me. basically:

1 hug / (4 years * 2 eye fucks per episode * 100 episodes misha’s been in) = .00125 = .125%

so there’s a .13% chance of destiel happening. but i like my original math better where it equaled 50% so lets just go somewhere in the middle and say there’s a 1000000% chance of destiel ok