I know, I know people have spent hours trying to convince me Nascar is hard… Math n’ spelling can bee Reeel hard two .

I hate math tests because all throughout the unit it’s like really easy shit and then you think you’ve got it and then the test is like

if I throw a triangle out of a car and the car is going 20 mph and wind resistance is a thing that exists, what is the number of pancakes that can cover the sun multiplied by the number of cupcakes pedro can buy with one human soul changed into millimeters 


It’s progress.

fallautumns asked:

I was studying for my maths exam tomorrow, and by the end of the whole thing.... my brain was so fried that I had to Google the definition of exponent.

Ugh.  Math can be rough.  I have to deal with statistics, but it’s not really then same thing.  With math, you feel like you should be all

But, then you actually just end up like

Good luck on your exam tomorrow!  Get some rest and let all that information consolidate to your long term memory.  I’m sure you’ll rock that test!