Things I learnt after my first year at University as a psychology major .

1. Know the difference between pseudo psychology and psychology especially if your thinking of enrolling in psychology, or psychology subjects.

2. Yes it involves maths, but it sounds scarier than it is.

3. Do. not . buy. the . text. books. full. price.

4. Different assignments have different weightings, be mindful of where you put your effort.

5. Yes. electives are just as important as the compulsory units, focus on them for your GPA


7. Lecturers will not bite! send that email, book the appointment! you will thank yourself later

8. Please seek out the wellbeing people on campus its better to see them early, before you really need them.

9. Do not try to take everything else at once, tread easily and get used to  university before you over plan.

10. A stressed student is not a good student

11. Group assignments will annoy you a lot, it will be okay 

12. Uni campuses are huge and busy,  Find a few spots on campus that make you comfortable, those are your areas to go too especially if you feel overwhelmed.

13. Seek out a good cafe.

14. Pack your own lunch! 

15. Its okay if you don’t make close friends in the first year, as you progress through university you will have lots of chances to make friends.

16.  Experiment with study techniques till you find the one that suits you.

17. First year is the hardest year, be patient it will pass.

18. Do not be afraid of trying new subjects and exploring your options.

19. Look after your health, get enough sleep, drink water and eat healthy.

20. Make sure you give yourself time to do something you enjoy.

yes i understand how certain types of math are necessary to get by in life i get that i also can see that math is involved in like everything in some way but that doesn’t mean i’m going to sit there and apply it in every situation possible. like the “say nick accidentally tosses his keys off of a cliff 64 m high at 8 m/s how far from the base of the cliff should nick look for the keys” like. ok. i get how math would help in that situation. but you know what would be more helpful? nick not fucking tossing his keys off a 64 m cliff in the first place. or finding a way to get down to the bottom to look for them. fucking nick. you could have tossed your keys the opposite direction. towards your car. not off of a fucking cliff. how is that an accident


I’m sure most of you guys have wondered what the hell the numbers/letters on the cover of the overdose album meant. So this is just a little post about their meanings and how it is related to their jersey numbers! 

I translated/based on @饿了鹿饿了鹿吃包子’s Post, Please do credit her and her genius mind! (She posted this before the merchandise confirmed it!) 

Beware: post ok long, but take time to read ! 

The ‘random’ letters + numbers on each albums are
M: 363N | 338O | 345N | 2AAY | 2B9N | 2AøS
K: 35AN | 2A4N | 28øO | 354I | 331L | 2A70

The symbol ø is used to distinguish the letter o from the number zero

From now on it involves some math term ! (I will try my best to explain) 
Whether you guys are familiar with the term of duodecimal or not, it’s a counting system also known as base12. Stuff such as time, circle degrees and inches are based on this numeric system. 

So let’s say that the first 3 random letters of each combination are still in base12 form, and that the last letter of it is the last letter of each member’s name (we do a lot of assuming!)

Therefore we should covert it back to decimal(Arabic numbers), which is a more common counting system we use everyday. 

Hence you would get 

- (M) 2Aø -> 408
- (K) 331 -> 469
- (K) 2A4 -> 412 

(I choose three to save time, you can test it in this convert duodecimal link) 

You must think wth those numbers meant! Well, let’s subtract the number around because…well why not?  

469-408 = 61 
412-408 = 4

DOESN’T THE NUMBER SEEM FAMILIAR? That is because it’s the numbers behind the jersey for Chanyeol and Baekhyun! It also corresponded to the theory that the last letter is the last letter for each member’s name! 

Now you think why the number 408 or the combination 2AøS? 

We’ve assumed that the last letter of each combination is the last letter of each member’s name. Therefore in EXO-M’s combination 2AøS must be Kris, because he is the only member with the end letter S. 

We start with Kris because he is the only member with the number 00, and that he was leader or the papa of EXO.

So why 408? 

Well (*drum-rolls*) because, EXO officially debuted on the date 8th of April 2012. (mind=blown) 

So based on this theory. 

The numbers and the corresponded members are

  • 363N | Xiumin 
  • 338O | Tao
  • 345N | Luhan
  • 2AAY | Lay
  • 2B9N | Chen
  • 2AøS | Kris 
  • 35AN | Sehun
  • 2A4N | Baekhyun
  • 28øO | D.O
  • 354I | Kai
  • 331L | Chanyeol
  • 2A7O | Suho 

Chanyeolicious sum up of SM: They’re just math nerds, please love them a lot. 

Look at this! Look at this wonderful brilliance!

This breakthrough is a little old, but still amazing. A group have created a femtosecond camera. So it takes a trillion pictures every second, and stitches them into a video. It takes enough frames that it can record the procession of light. Which is unbelievable.

Oh by the way, those reflections on the table don’t come out right unless you take into account General Freaking Relativity. Which as a college course isn’t nearly as difficult as you might expect.

Go watch the TED talk here:

Lnr: General Relativity was my favourite course in 4th year. Super interesting. There are only about 3 physical concepts that it covers so the whole rest of the time was just learning how to do the awesome math involved.

List of people who don't like Hawkeye
  • 1. People who have never read a comic.
  • 2. People who have never read a comic with Hawkeye in it.
  • 3. People who don't know who Matt Fraction is.
  • 4. People who don't find "Aww, bro" hilarious.
  • 5. Dumb people
  • 6. People who don't understand the amount of math involved with figuring out the trajectory and windage involved with being an archer that Clint does in literally a fraction of a second.
  • 7. Like for real have you never read a Hawkeye comic???
If Kira and Bazz-B were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Bazz-B: Hey! I remember you!

Kira: I would hope so.

Bazz-B: You’re one of those nobodies I burned up!

Kira: If by calling me a “nobody,” you’re hoping to elicit a reaction, it won’t work.

Kira: My self image was plenty warped before you came along, my friend.

Bazz-B: You’re actually a lieutenant, right?

Bazz-B: What’s your power? I want to know how much I should regret not getting to kill you after an actual fight!

Kira: I don’t like to reveal my power except in a fight.

Kira: But seeing as I’m dead and this isn’t canon…

Kira: I make things heavier.

Bazz-B: What?

Kira: My zanpakuto doubles the weight of whatever it touches.

Kira: If I touch something a second time, the weight doubles again.

Kira: And so on.

Kira: Math is involved.

Bazz-B: My power involves math too!

Bazz-B: Well…it involves counting. Does counting count as math?

Kira: Uh, sure.

Kira: Elementary math.

Bazz-B: Well okay then!

Bazz-B: I shoot fire from my fingers!

Bazz-B: A different type of fire from every finger!

Kira: So basically a fight between us would be me making your fingers really heavy.

Kira: Until you found yourself crawling on the ground.

Bazz-B: That sounds…a little silly, to be honest.

Kira: I can usually make these things chilling and dramatic.

Kira: Beheading usually does the trick.

Bazz-B: So you’re a creepy guy, basically!

Bazz-B: I do kinda wish we’d gotten a fight!

Kira: How I sympathize with your loss.

Bazz-B: …sarcastic too, I see.

Kira: I suppose our stories might have been interesting to parallel.

Kira: Both betrayed by someone we trusted.

Kira: Who will undoubtedly end up being secret good.

Bazz-B: What, you mean Haschwalth? Ha!

Bazz-B: I don’t care about him, and anyway, he’s not “secret” anything! He’s just a guy who betrayed me!

Kira: Yes, I can feel how much you don’t care.

Kira: Haschwalth seems like he might be a decent guy, to be honest.

Kira: Captain Ichimaru was…not decent.

Kira: Still secret good with a heavy, heavy technicality.

Bazz-B: “Secret good” meaning he was on your side, huh?

Bazz-B: What makes you think your side is good, anyway?

Kira: Aren’t you fighting against the Quincy yourself, these days?

Bazz-B: Oh yeah.

Bazz-B: Well you and I had better NOT have the same story line!

Bazz-B: I want my own!

Kira: And I, personally, will be offended if Tite Kubo had me killed off by my story replacement.

Kira: Like, I heard you’ve decided to be friends with Renji?

Kira: That’s my thing.

Kira: If you decided you also have a mostly noncanon crush on Hinamori, I will end you from beyond the grave.

Bazz-B: She does have fire powers…


Roses are red,
Math involves equations,
It’s literally 2015,
Stop making jokes about Calum being Asian
Youtube for the Science Soul.

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy Those of us who grew up in the ‘90s had the blessing of singing the theme song to the TV show, but have no fear, he’s upgraded and made a Youtube channel for the new millenia. Enjoy!
  2. Khan Academy If you don’t know what’s going on in class, this is the first place you should look on the internet.
  3. Crash Course Eye-catching, concise, and made by the Green Brothers, these videos teaches not just biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, astronomy, but also literature, history, politics, and some psychology.  
  4. SciShow Brings together science, news, history into a skepticism and enthusiam-filled channel to make curiosity contagious.        
  5. MinutePhysics Physics is hard, and there’s so much to think about, so these kind people made videos that explains things in just a few minutes
  6. Vsauce Answers hard questions you may or may not have had, like “Is Cereal Soup?” or “How Many Things are There?”. Involves science, math, psychology, and a bit of peculiar.
  7. Numberphile Math made interesting, almost to the extent of romance.
  8. ASAP Science The geniuses who made the video at the top of this post. They do science videos weekly with interactive activities to make things fun.
  9. Smarter Every Day A lesson a day will keep the boredom at bay. Slo-mo, curling, and physics… oh, my! What might seem like a random topic to you, might make you think twice about the world.
  10. Sick Science! Party tricks? Maybe. Magic Tricks? Possibly. Science Tricks? Definitely. Science experiments made for the kitchen.

saisai-chan replied to your post:timelybees replied to your post “U LIKED…

i must confess, i have never seen nor heard of Cyberchase before

alright, i have to do a plug b/c even if these episodes maybe don’t hold up for older audiences as well as i think they might this cartoon was my childhood

i think less people did know about it, it wasn’t on one of the traditional cartoon show networks. i, however, was a child deprived of any of those and whose parents only ever let me watch pbs. so i latched on to this cartoon that was on that channel and never let go

it’s about these three kids (jackie, inez, and matt) who sometimes get sucked into this science-fiction sort of world called “cyberspace” to thwart the very world-dominating plans of a villain called the hacker. they also have a robot-bird friend named digit who lives in cyberspace and helps them on their adventures

usually they would save the day in method that involved some math concept, but they were pretty creatively and practically worked in to the point that you just kind of learned along with the story (you know. “oh no! we have to get past this three-headed dog by feeding him equal fractions of these two apples!” or “to escape this indiana jones-style death temple we have to solve a puzzle using these tubes of assorted lengths!”)

it? actually did have a few running plots, one about a virus corrupting the leader of cyberspace and a search for something called an encryptor chip that could fix her, another about the hacker and digit’s history with each other (turns out the former was actually a traitor to the leader of cyberspace and used to work for her, that kind of thing). we’re not talking super-complicated gravity falls or steven universe-style plots here but there were occasionally multi-part episodes and some sense of interconnectedness and worldbuilding. and it did have really good characters, at least i always thought. (plus, i remember it being pretty funny. a lot of pop culture jokes and references, but ones that i think hold up decently? and puns. so, so many puns)

if i were to compare it to a popular modern cartoon i might say it’s a actually little bit like wander over yonder? most of the eps are standalones but you find out more details and a few loose plot arcs if you watch them in order. also, lots of cool alien planets showing up (and sometimes getting revisited!)

anyways!! i haven’t watched an ep in forever and it really is an educational cartoon so this isn’t necessarily a “you guys this is the best show ever please watch it” claim, but it was one of the defining features of my childhood and has some really neat features. probably solidified my love for space travel, aliens, robots, and interdimensional portals because they all feature heavily

Today I subbed a math class in junior high and before I could even open my mouth to explain what we were doing today, some boy goes; “Why should we do anything in class today? We’re never going to use this in real life.”

And I was like; “Do you wanna learn to drive? Well then you’ll need math so you know when to apply the brakes to stop in time. Do you want to pay your bills when you get older? Math. Do you like drawing? You need geometry to do it properly. If you want to learn to cut hair, it’s all math too. Everything you want to do involves math, you just don’t realize it.” Of course, in a perfect world, the whole class would’ve been cooperative, but in real life they all just groaned and were upset that substitute teacher doesn’t equal free day.

Like, I appreciate that a lot of people don’t like math. I don’t like cooking, but I’m not gonna shit on people who can do it, and do it well, because bitch, I need to eat. This is the equivalent of not wanting to, or not being able to, cook for yourself, going to a restaurant and eating their food, then going into the kitchen and telling the cook that, you know, being able to cook is so pointless, why bother? Well, you ate that cook’s food didn’t you? It mattered to your stomach.

Not only does all this “math sucks, why bother with math, just because you’re good at math doesn’t mean you are smart, why do schools shove math down our throats so much we’ll never need it” hurt the students by pounding it into their brains that they don’t need to learn to think logically, use math, or figure out complex problems through working out solutions and that, because its hard, why bother trying, it hurts the teachers and the subs because they are thrust into class after class of students who refuse to even bother trying because, you know, math is hard, yo, and nobody needs it.

Well the building you are currently sitting in without fear of the ceiling collapsing and killing you, the bridges and overpasses you drove over to get to that building without fear of it falling apart, and your parents looking at the gas meter to decide whether they have enough to get anywhere and trying to figure out how much gas they can afford to put in the car if it just went up three cents since last week, is all math. Deciding how many times you can get away with pressing snooze is math. Figuring out how many assignments you can just refuse to turn in and still get a C, how many classes you can half-ass or not try in and still get a GPA that won’t force you to stay behind, how many classes you can skip before it affects your grade, etc, is math.

But you know, we don’t need that shit, so let’s be an ass to the teachers.
Only Two Percent of Scientists & Engineers are Black Women?

Women are underrepresented in STEM areas like engineering according to a new study. Black women even more so.

The researchers discovered that women outnumber men in only three fields of science: Psychology (about 78 percent female), Bioscience (57 percent), and Social Science (54 percent). From 1991 to 2010, women in these fields increased by about five, 10, and six percentage points, respectively. Women have also made some progress in Physical Science by nearly 10 percentage points, but men still dominate this career path. Ladies make up only 41 percent of the field.

But women seem the most dispassionate about math, computer science, and engineering careers these days. In fact, nearly a decade ago, women were more involved in math and computer science than they are today. About 48 percent of women received a degree in the mathematics field in 1991 — in 2010, that number dropped to 42 percent. Thirty percent of women held computer science degrees in 1991. Now data shows that number plummeted to 18.2 percent.

Women entering the engineering field has only increased by a puny three percentage points over 10 years!  Despite a decline in four-year engineering degrees, the study notes that women have made progress in earning post-graduate engineering degrees — but only slightly.

Focusing on just minority women, the NSF discovered that Black, Hispanic and Native American ladies who have a bachelor’s degree in STEM increased from about 3.5 percent to 11 percent while Master’s jumped from about six percent to eight percent. Again, the gains are slight and translates into the face of STEM’s workforce, which is mostly white and male. More than half of all scientists and engineers are white men; 18 percent are white women, three percent are black men and two percent are black women.

- See more at:

i called myself dumb so patrick sat me down on the couch to remind me how smart i am & how proud he is of me & that I’m not dumb at all. he said how him & his dad were talking about me & how much I study & how dedicated I am & that I can memorize a shit ton of things & be able to understand it & it made me feel so warm & good. i grew up always thinking i was dumb because when i was younger, someone v close to me said “boys are better at math & science than girls” & here i am in the medical field that involves math, science, & more & I’m succeeding at it. it took me a long time to get out of that mindset - i always thought I was never good enough. it’s still a bit odd, because sometimes i still believe i can’t do it, but I do & I do it well. & it felt so amazing that my husband reminded me & told me that I am smart 🙈💕 so to all of you beautiful people out there, a reminder: YOU ARE SMART SEXY BITCHES 🌱💙