Homework/Textbook Answers:
- // answers to any question
- // math question answers
- // answers to any textbook
- MathPapa // shows the work

- // create or search for practice quizzes and flash cards
- // make your own cheat sheet
- Khan Academy // study basically any subject
- Magoosh ACT Flashcards
- StudySync
- That Quiz
- Brilliant

Free Textbooks:

Note Taking:
- OneNote
- Notability
- SuperNotes
- StudyBlue
- Bento
- QuickOffice
- Simplenote
- Squid

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Money Saving:
- // info on financial aid and scholarships
- // great deals on textbooks, uniforms, etc.
- // coupons for your shopping list
- Amazon PrimeStudent // free for the first 6 months

-MyHomework Student Planner
- Timeful
- Listastic
- Remember THE Milk
- Finish
- ClassManager

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- Duolingo
- Memrise
- Busuu
- Babbel
- MindSnacks

College Search:
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- // upload files to share, store, or move them to a different device
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- // narrows the search to more reliable information
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- Desmos // a free graphing calculator
- // find a roommate
- WiFi Finder

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I need some tips on getting through high school and also how to get good grades when you're depressed and just don't care about anything anymore.

Hi Anon,

Here are some awesome ways to beat school blues:

College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

Studying/school help:


Foreign Languages:



Study Needs:


  1. Remember that today’s day in age is different from how it was back then. So don’t stress about school too much.High school students today have the anxiety of what a mental patient in the insane asylum had in the 50s. Here’s also a thing to show how times have changed.
  2. Prioritize. List what needs to get done first and when. Sometimes getting the bigger/harder tasks is easier than conquering the smaller/easier tasks.
  3. Set times when certain projects need to be done and stick to that deadline.
  4. Turn your phone off or give it to your parents while doing work/studying. I know that we live in the age of technology and literally everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Honestly though you can wait on what your favorite celebrity has to say or if your crush liked your instagram photo. You’ll be more involved in that than you are into your work.
  5. If you have trouble in a certain subject and there is no assigned seating, take advantage of the front. I guarantee you’ll learn more.
  6. Ask your teacher what exactly you’ll need to know. If you’re taking notes during the year, write in the margins whether or not it will be tested. It will be easier to know what you will be tested on.
  7. Save your exams. Half the time your teachers use the same questions (or questions similar) from your exams on your midterms or finals.
  8. Don’t try to do homework straight afterschool if you can’t, despite what everyone says. Give yourself an hour, and try to get some exercise in. I find it stops me getting bored of sitting down. Not to mention helps me concentrate better.
  9. Don’t just read the material, write it, draw it, recite it, quiz yourself on it! Until you have the material down.
  10. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! You’re guaranteed to find friends in there. You’ll already have common interests. Start with that and go with the flow.
  11. College kids: If you don’t have assigned seating, and you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 weeks. That is you assigned seat now. Don’t move or you’ll screw everyone up and they will hate you.
  12. Color code things, such as your notes. If you want to see how I color code my notes message me and I’ll be happy to show you
  13. Be kind to one another.

I hope that helps!



Hello, my name is Yumna and I’m a junior in high school! Here are some of my favorite apps to use during school season!

Google Drive- You’ll be able access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files, documents, presentations just from a click of your phone!

myHomework Student Planner-Pretty Self Explaintory…and yes, its a LONG name but its great!

Office Lens - it can trim, enhance, and make pictures of whiteboards and docs readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and you can even save images to OneNote or OneDrive.

Flat Tomato- Its an app that is a beautifully designed timer for people who want to avoid distractions and get more done!

Dragon Dictation- This app allows a truly hand-free text input. Use your voice to dictate a text message or email, create Facebook status updates etc..

MathWay-  its a very useful app that can help you solve all those math problems that require a more complex tool than your device’s built-in calculator.

Socratic- All you have to do is  take a photo of your homework question and get answers, math solvers, explanations, and videos. Works for Math, Science, History, English, and many more.

GoodBudget- Great for students who want to keep track of their money to spend, save, and give toward what’s important in life.

Evernote-  Helps organize your work and declutter your life. With Evernote on your desktop and mobile devices, your notes are always with you and always in sync.

Grammarly- Its a free grammar checker that instantly eliminates grammatical errors and can help enhance your writing.

I hope these apps prove helpful! If you ever need to ask me anything my inbox is open! ILY GUYS :)

nowhere else i’d rather be

a belated birthday fic for the love of my life james potter <3

a lil throwback to his 18th birthday when he got so smashed he had to crash at lily’s and then they just had to share a bed.

The mirror keeps buzzing in her bag and she’s sure it’s Sirius, calling to see if they made it back alright. Lily can’t answer it though, because she has her arms full with James. A very mashed and wobbly James.

“Where are we?” He says into her neck, too loudly for Lily’s liking. If a light goes on in the house, they’re screwed.

“Almost there.” She tells him as they reach the gate and she has to hold him up with one hand to push it open. For a second he leans too far forward, but then somehow uprights himself and stumbles forward.

“Where are we?” He repeats, stepping closer so his breath fans all over her throat again. It would be nice if it didn’t smell of a mixture of jaeger and sick.

“My house.” Lily watches as realisation dawns on James’ face, mouth dropping open, shoulders going limp.

“Wow. You have a house?”

“Where did you think all your owls were coming to last summer?” She shakes him until his shoulders regain some structure and tries to walk forwards again. James is stuck though, feet planted firmly on the ground as he takes in her house.

There’s not much to take in and Lily blushes, not having really thought about this part of him crashing at hers. Of course, she’d thought about him staying one day, just not under these circumstances. In her imagination they hadn’t been sneaking in at 4 am because James got kicked out of the hotel the Marauders were staying at. 

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Are you okay if people try to eyeball it from the video if it's for like their personal project / not to sell or make a lot of or if they're trying to learn how to make their own patterns?

Generally, no. That might seem harsh, but again, this is my job. If every person who is making a personal project decides not to buy my patterns and just rip them off by looking at the tutorial video, it represents a huge loss of business for me. So I’d really, REALLY prefer if people just spend the $5-$9 and buy the pattern. They’ll get a 100% correct version of the pattern along with high quality photos and written instructions as well as knowing they are supporting an independent artist.

(( To go on a tangent, though you didn’t mention this, I have had someone tell me “Well you make money when I watch your video so I don’t have to pay you again”. In the entire YEAR of 2016 I made an estimated $16.60 from video ads. Google adsense doesn’t even send you a check until you reach $100. At this rate I might get a payout in a few years. ))

As for watching my videos to learn pattern making, I do think there is some benefit to watching them if you are watching them and thinking critically about not only HOW the pattern contributes to the final shape, but also WHY I am choosing those shapes. In general, though, copying my how to videos isn’t going to teach you how to make a plush pattern because my videos aren’t meant to explain my patterning choices. It’s only teaching you how to copy my plush pattern. 

For example here’s a generic 4 piece sphere pattern that I prefer to use:

Great! If you see me holding these shapes up in a video, you can pause, eyeball it, and you know how to make a sphere! Now you have a pattern to use every single time you need a spherical shape. This is where the person who is just copying my pattern from a video stops. This is the extent of what they’ve learned.

I like to say that pattern making is coming up with 2D solutions to a 3D problem. This person has copied my solution, but they haven’t learned how to solve the problem. Jumping to an analogy, the person who copied my pattern is exactly like someone who copies your answer in math class. They learned that 2+2=4. If the next problem is 1+3=? they wont be able to solve it.They might have the correct answer to this one problem, but they didn’t learn anything.

Now a person thinking critically and not just copying might stop and think about what these shapes are doing and why I am using them. They might realize that any combination of these football shapes will give you a sphere. Which is true! By varying the width, you can use anywhere from 3 to (theoretically) 100 little football shapes to get a sphere. Though I’d probably stop at 9 pieces.

Here’s an example of a 6 piece sphere pattern:

And if you are really thinking about it and you draw them out like this, you might start to see that the little football shapes don’t even have to be separate. You can combine them with darts on the bottom and top and make a sphere pattern with just 1 piece:

So by thinking critically about how and why I’ve selected my shapes, the person watching my videos to learn and not to copy has more options to work with. Using the math analogy, they now know that not only does 2+2=4, but also 1+3=4, and maybe even 1+1+1+1=4. Now give this person the problem 2^2=? and they wont know the answer because all they’ve learned is addition.

In other words, all they’ve learned is this one specific method of finding a solution to this one specific set of problems. They can make spheres from pointy football shapes.

But we don’t need to keep that football shape, here’s a sphere pattern that I like to call the telophase pattern (hello science nerds). You can use this to get seams like a baseball:

Even a pattern like this with just darts can make a sphere if you have enough darts and your fabric is stretchy enough. You can use this when you need a large area without seams. A good time to use this pattern is when you want an embroidered face:

Every single one of these will make a sphere and there’s even more combinations out there. You can use hexagons, you can use squares, you can use a big circle and gather it around the edges, you could use a spiral, and so on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. And that’s just for spheres.

When people ask how to get started patterning, I always tell them to start by making things from other people’s patterns. Then I recommend making minor alterations to those patterns and seeing how that effects the final product. Then I recommend drafting your own patterns, starting from simple 2D shapes and moving on to more complex 3D shapes.

Back to how I said patterning was finding 2D solutions to 3D problems. By working with an existing pattern, you are memorizing a single solution to a single problem. By altering patterns, you are learning how to come up with your own unique solutions to a problem. When you learn how to make your own pattern, you’re learning how to find your own solutions while creating your own problems!

To wrap up my own super long explanation, copying is a really, really poor way to learn how to do anything. If you want to learn how to make patterns, by all means, you can start looking at my solutions to help you come up with your own. But do us both a favor and just buy the pattern. Like I said before, they’re $5-$9. That’s less than most people make in an hour for something that took me a week or more to create and years to learn HOW to create. If you can’t afford it, there are many free patterns available online, but please don’t rip off an independent artist just because it’s for personal or educational reasons.

Straight White Boy Problem #530

One time my friend got called up to the board in math and had to answer a problem but he didn’t know the answer so he wrote ‘5318008’ on the board. Half of the class laughed and the other half of the class was like ‘what is going on I thought he had to draw a parabola’

me in school when the teacher points at me

Things The Signs Say

“Both my ego and dick have something in common”

“I once spent 15 minutes re-taking a quiz called ‘Where Should You Live?’ just so I could get Canada to prove my mom wrong”

*in response to Aries*
“Yeah they’re both pretty small”

“Everybody automatically assumes I’m sensitive when I tell them I’m a cancer”
*someone comments that they are pretty sensitive*
*The cancer threatened to stab the person with a plastic fork*
“Shut up, you’re a Pisces, so you’re just as bad”

“I go through boyfriends as fast as she goes through bronzer”

*student asks why the board says ‘Jacob is weak’ *
“Oh in my sophomore class, Jacob decided to bet me that he could do more push ups than me this week. So we’ve decided to handle this in an orderly fashion”

“Let’s just take a moment of silence for those of us who have failed the math test”

*starts speaking in Spanish to get out of gym*

“When in doubt 'Command Option Z’ out”

“I don’t have enough hand sanitizer to wash the sins out of this table”

“Do I look high? Be honest, I can’t go to English class like this”

“I tried using slader to get the math homework answers but somehow managed to find anime porn instead”

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I am a little confused, are we gonna draw our candies with animal features for your au?

If you want yes! You can both draw it or edit your Candy to have any animal features you want. Or even do both! ^^ I kept it simple and used what the boutique offered (also beacuse I’m not very good at editing), so I used the fox ears and the eyes but you can do anything you want. :)
Now that I think of it there are the cat ears form halloween 2014 too

Happy: Who of the seven of you has slept with each other? 

Natasha: Its like a dirty math problem. 

Steve: The answer would be none of us. 

Happy: None of you have gotten drunk and stupid over the years? 

[The group looks at each other]

Bucky: Well, that’s a different question. 

Happy: I find it hard to believe a group of people who spend as much time together as you do has never bumped uglies. I’ve got another question: Who of the seven of you has almost? 

Tony: [they all quickly get up] I’m getting coffee. Can I get anyone more coffee? 

Bucky: Hey, there’s a dog out there! 


other cheat sheets

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I live for trash punk teen Richie headcanons so if you have any more of those I would love you forever

Teen punk Richie is my favourite, so get ready

- Okay so Richie turns into this super cool punk bitch when he’s around 17

- He’s the typical ‘bad boy’ of their school

- He hates everyone and everything although he’s still a massive softie with the losers

- especially Eddie, he’s mush when it comes to his spaghetti man

- He’s a chain smoker but tries to stay away from alcohol

- Eddie doesn’t like that he smokes but he never tastes of it so it’s not too bad

- He’s always seen in tight black ripped skinny jeans

- Usually a black demon jacket with sheep fur around the collar too

- His style is pretty dark, swapping out the bright shirts for flannel instead

- He has a car too, it’s a red beat up truck but he loves it more than anything

- except Eddie, he loves his boy so much

- We all know that he sneaks into Eddie bedroom almost every night, Eddie keeps it unlocked so Richie can push it up and crawl in

- however before this, he first sneaks past his drunken mother to meet up with Bev at around 10pm

- they chat and smoke for about an hour before he walks her home and goes to Eddies house

- he’ll cuddle up next to Eddie and fall asleep, waking up early the next morning to sneak out again

- one time he was kinda late, arriving at Eddies at about 12:30 instead of his usual 11:15

- Eddie cuddled Richie’s head against his chest

- ‘Why the fuck are you late’

- I went to see your mom before I came to you…. also Bev wanted to talk some things over’

- He’s always talking back to teachers and anyone who dares tell him what to do

- although he does all the work and gets all the right answers

- one math class he fell asleep on the table only to be rudely awoken by the teacher demanding he tell her the answer to a question written on the board

- he told it her perfectly, explaining how he achieved it before putting his head back down

- people still talk about it to this day

- However his talking back usually ends up with him in the hands of one Henry Bowers

- He doesn’t take any insult thrown at him, instantly turning around and sizing up the shorter boy

- (Richie grew super tall, like over 6ft)

- He’ll start the fights with just Henry but the rest of his goons obviously join in with results in a very beat up and bruised Tozier

- He goes to Eddie for comfort after most of these encounters, knowing he’ll get a telling off but also cuddles and kisses

- Eddie takes care of him, swearing he gets hurt on purpose every time

- however he still lays Richie down and plays with his hair afterwards, knowing its a weak spot to sooth his beaten boyfriend

- He doesn’t eat much, as his mother never buys food for the house

- so he gets most his meals from Mrs Denbrough and Mr Uris

- both the Uris and Denbrough house hold invite him for dinner throughout the week and who is he to refuse free food

- Bev steals food for him a lot too to give him at their nightly meet ups

- Eddie tries to make him breakfast when he can too

- however when your mother hates your boyfriend it’s kinda hard to keep him in the house long enough to feed him

- Richie may look the bad boy role but he’s a softie deep down

- A lot of people know this too, as he’s often seen hugging his friends and smooching his boyfriend around the school

- However Eddie sees the real soft side to Richie, people don’t believe him when he tells them

- When they’re alone, Richie constantly begs for Eddies attention and clings to him tightly even if Eddies trying to do work

- Eddie likes sending secret videos to the losers group chat if Richie being clingy just to prove that he is

This went too far, I’ll probably do part 2 - xo