math tattoo

first tattoo!

it’s an infinite series i made up myself. basically it says thattttt life is a series of moments composed of change as a constant combined with the energy that you put into whatever you choose, and if you put positive energy into it, it diverges to infinity which suggests that life is infinite. 

i got it in honor of my dad since he has a rags to riches type story and he gave me his math abilities, so i got the text at the bottom in his handwriting. 

dweeb 4 lyfe


This tattoo, the f(Σ), the function of the sum of all parts, was the second one I got. It was less than a month after my most terrible experiences with sexual violence, and I felt that even if I wanted to I couldn’t erase that experience. I got this as a battle scar that I elected for, to say that everything in your life contributes to how you think and behave. Tattoos hurt – but I chose when, where, and how they hurt – & they allow me to see my body as art, remind me that it’s mine. The work was super cheap and the ink bled out into my skin for a few weeks after, my bras would irritate it and pull out the coloration, but it still is one of my favorites.

Thanks for checking out my arm! The two beauts are Dirac’s equation for a free particle (one of the first times that relativity was accounted for in quantum theory) and Schrödinger’s time dependent equation (which gives the description of a quantum system evolving with time). I searched high and low for more obscure ways of writing them (rather than what’s seen most often in the literature). This is my very first tattoo, and it marks the celebration of my recent decision to pursue a PhD in computational physics; I can’t back out now! 

A tattoo of a seventeen-point star.

Be this meaningful to you, it is evidence that you are too much of a math nerd.  

Was inspired by Carl Friedrich Gauss’s age-nineteen construction of the heptadecagon, the first progress in regular polygon construction in over 2000 years.  Muffed the heptadecagon (damn tattoo artist … shoulda been watching Tara closer), got a heptadecagram, a seventeen-point star.

Half artist, half math nerd!  First tattoo.