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yall wanna hear something cool and completely unrelated to this blog, okay theres all these different sets of numbers right, and all these sets of numbers are infinite 

So the number sets kinda look like this,

you have 

a [all the real numbers]

a + bi [the complex numbers which include i the imaginary number which is really just another way of looking at how algebra can function (we can now take the square root of negative numbers), which is a different take on algebra where we simply had the set of real numbers]

and then you get 

a + bi + cj + dk [quaternions, which is the next step up from the complex numbers in algebra, and are a new set of numbers that have a new way of looking at algebra, and are also infinite]

So about the complex numbers, thats numbers that include i, the ~imaginary number~ which is a terrible name for it, it’s not imaginary, just a completely different bit of algebra that doesnt work with what was previously thought to be algebraic laws and rules. Because before we had i you couldn’t take the square root of a negative number, because thats just not how the real numbers worked. It changed how algebra functioned with this new set of numbers. 

You can just change the set of rules for math for it to work, by creating something new, as long as it all logically follows.

Anyway, once you get past the complex numbers you hit this cool thing called quaternions, which is another set of numbers, except in this set of numbers, which are also infinite, they don’t follow all of the rules of algebra we were previously taught to believe, in this set of numbers we don’t have the commutativity property,

[commutativity property is where a*b = c, and b*a = c]

without this it means if you multiply numbers together together in different orders, you get different answers. Which isn’t how any of the other previous sets of numbers work in algebra.

in regular algebra which works with all those numbers up to the complex numbers: 2*3 = 6, and 3*2 = 6

In quaternions: j*k = i, but k*j = -i

So with quaternions 

i^2 = -1

j^2 = -1

k^2 = -1

But you know whats wild about this, in this set of numbers:

i*j*k = -1

And the order does matter in this set of numbers.

because in this set of algebra

i*j = k  BUT heres the wild part j*i = -k

we can see it again:

j*k = i, BUT k*j = -i

When you multiply j*k you get i, when you multiply k*j you get -i, which isn’t how any of the other number sets behind this one in algebra work, isn’t that wild? 

There’s a part of math where basic definitions of algebra don’t exist for these types of numbers to exist, and the further you keep going into new numbers, the more fundamental rules of algebra you start losing for the number sets to exist.

and this guy just came up with it walking across a bridge


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I was so right 8) okay so infinity isnt a number. straight up not a number. BUT there are numbers that are infinitely large, just as there are numbers that are infinitely small.. THEYRE NUMBERS….. THAT ARE INFINITELY LARGE… SDIUVHUSDHVOSIDHVSDOHIVOHISDVOISD IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST??? ??V??XC?V?XC?VC?XV/X?


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i really dont know much about comics and fighting styles and who’s capable of what in the dceu but i do know that no matter what im always gonna find it laughable when people imply diana, ms. lift strength of 29 tons, could take kara zor-el, ms. lift strength of 1,000,000 tons

Bookworms are badass

So this has been going around, a couple people have been sharing their bookish stories so I thought I would pitch in:

When I was in elementary/middle school I was in an accelerated learning program because I read about four grades above my reading level. Now because Illinois has a pretty crappy education system and my family was a working middle class family, I couldn’t be fully taken out of the normal curriculum or sent to an advanced school academy. Instead I took part in this brain busters program in my school where I would take my normal classes, but during electives/gym/lunch I would spend that time in the media center doing extra projects and things that actually challenged me. This left me insanely bored in my normal classes because I wasn’t being challenged so I would either work on my brain busters work or read. Needless to say I got teased pretty heavily for being in a ‘Nerd Club’ and being a ‘book girl’. 

Freshman year rolls around and my algebra teacher does trivia Fridays where every friday we would have a mini quiz on our lessons that week and then the rest of the block we played trivia games from these little flash cards she had and whichever team won would get a prize (sometimes the prize would be skipping out on homework sometimes it would be donuts, just a bunch of different things). Well over my seven years of Brain Busters and exsesive reading I had hoarded fun facts like Smaug hoards his fucking gold ok? One month in and people were fighting for me to be put on their team, and three months in my teacher decided she wanted to put my obscene trivia brain to the test. 

She comes in the week before midterms and says trivia Friday is gonna be different this week. She is going to pick three cards (each card had six questions) and if I and I alone could get 12 or the 18 questions right, the class would be excused from our midterm. Half an hour later I only got three wrong and I got the whole class a donuts and apple cider party in lieu of taking a 50 problem math midterm. All because I was a good reader in elementary school.

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I'm making some changes to my paracosm, and I decided to make magic a larger "thing" in it. How much magic do you think is *too* much? I'm thinking about magic influencing the land that people inhabit, and magic influencing people's lives. Now, everything would have a plausible explanation (magic in my paracosm has a set of rules), but I'm afraid to fall into the "deus ex machina" territory. When should we stop using the "It's magic!" explanation for improbable stuff?


There is no such thing as too much or too little magic. 

When creating a world, incorporate as much or as little magic as you want. It’s yours, and you can do anything with it! And in fact, magic is a fantastic explanation if you want improbable things to be a part of life in your world. 

The only thing you need to do when working with heavy-magic worlds is make sure to have internal consistency, and make sure to make it all make sense (if your world is one where things make sense. Sometimes it’s best to just handwave things, and preposterous stories can be a lot of fun! It’s mostly stylistic choice at that point). You mentioned that everything follows a set of rules, so it sounds like you’re well down this path already. 

A few things to avoid so that your magic-heavy world will not annoy your readers: 

Follow Your Rules. If something always happens a certain way, do not deviate from that rule unless you have a legitimate explanation for why it can do so. Stories that focus on a breaking of an established rule can be really neat, and breaking your own rules can be fun, but you have to explain why. If, in your world, someone can use fire or water magic but never both, and then a character shows up who does, you need to have an explanation behind that (this can vary; supernatural forces, rare and not-well-known circumstances, misunderstanding of the rule by the general public, etc, as long as the explanation is there).

Don’t Make it Convenient. If the magic in your world solves everyone’s problems and never causes more problems, it will be boring. If magic is powerful, think about what kind of social implications it might have, especially if not everyone has access to it equally. If you implement magic in a way that solves one problem, try to at least give it the potential to cause other ones. 

Also, if you need something to happen for plot reasons (someone needs to die, a battle needs to be lost, an event must play out without intervention) and it is possible for that event to be stopped or changed with magic, make sure you have a reason that it didn’t get changed. It drives me up the wall when powerful characters don’t use their powers at crucial moments for no apparent reason, and everything gets screwed up as a result. If your character can see through walls, there’s no reason for her to peek around a door and get spotted by the bad guy. However, this is not to say that events like this cannot happen! Maybe the character who can see through walls is being pursued by someone who can sense her magic if she uses it, so it’s actually less risky to try to peek around the door. Alternate explanations can be fun, and they won’t irritate your readers like it will if someone conveniently forgets to use their magic. 

Make it Part of Life. If you’re going to have the land and the lives of people influenced by magic, make this influence show up in a lot of little ways, and try to make it a dynamic aspect of the world, instead of leaving it static. What if there is a magically very fertile land, but in order for it to remain fertile, certain trees have to be left untouched? What if everyone knows that, but then lightning strikes one of them and it dies? 

If a mountain is held up by magic, is it safe to dig a tunnel through it, or will that disrupt the magic? 

If someone who would otherwise die is kept alive by magic, how does that change their life? Did the magic simply fix whatever was wrong with their body that would have killed them? Do they have to be sustained by an object, and if that object is damaged they die? Are they magically tied to the person who may have saved their life? 


I think the most important way to stop magic from killing all your tension is to make sure the magic has a cost. Perhaps it’s unpredictable and the characters can’t really rely on it. A character who must cast spells using their own blood can only do so much before needing to rest; one who burns their own lifeforce and shortens their lifespan with every spell they cast will likely come to prefer not casting spells at all unless they have no other options. Spell components can be expensive, rare, obnoxious, etc. It could be that everyone learns a few basic spells and cantrips the same way they learn reading and math, but any significant power requires extensive study and training, an inborn talent, something like that.

Games are actually a great place to look at this. Video games, tabletop RPGs, even some board games–if there’s magic in play, they have to find ways to balance it and keep a character from being too broken and being able to run roughshod over any obstacle in the way. Cooldowns, mana costs, skill trees that cut off certain options depending on which path you take, physical components that get degraded or destroyed with use: all of these are ways to keep the magic users from being able to do whatever they want whenever they want. In fiction these things might not be quite as clearly quantified, but you can still use the concepts (like a sorcerer might not have a defined number of spell slots, but their spells become less effective or even stop working entirely if they push themselves too hard).


Personally, my line for “too much” magic in writing happens when: a) it takes such a long time to explain the function/purpose/execution of the magic that it distracts from the scene/plot/narrative (UNLESS some magical execution happens to be part of the scene/plot/narrative) b) it involves memorizing too many vocab words/rules/quirks of operation to stay on track with the world c) so much gets hand-waved away (author assumes the reader will excuse and accept things as ‘magic,’ and/or that explaining the rules somehow makes it less 'magical’) that you’re left wondering “huh? wait, why did that happen/how was that possible? Magic, I guess…” d) there’s a mostly-magical solution for almost every conceivable problem except the cliche basics, like “can’t force people to fall in love,” or “can’t bring back the dead” (which, imo, are pretty weak constraints by themselves. Like the genie from Aladdin, he’s so powerful except for those things. Materialize an army? Make you improbably rich? Done! BUT they include the bonus restraint of “you only have three wishes” as a much better balance to the magic system).

I guess I can summarize that as “don’t let magic itself steal the spotlight away from more important things, but don’t let it be a mystery either.”


21234 = 295 811 224 608 098 629 060 044 695 716 103 590 786 339 687 135 372 992 239 556 207 050 657 350 796 238 924 261 053 837 248 378 050 186 443 647 759 070 955 993 120 820 899 330 381 760 937 027 212 482 840 944 941 362 110 665 443 775 183 495 726 811 929 203 861 182 015 218 323 892 077 355 983 393 191 208 928 867 652 655 993 602 487 903 113 708 549 402 668 624 521 100 611 794 270 340 232 766 099 317 098 048 887 493 809 023 127 398 253 860 618 772 619 035 009 883 272 941 129 544 640 111 837 184 — two hundred ninety-five cenduovigintillion, eight hundred eleven cenunvigintillion, two hundred twenty-four cenvigintillion, six hundred eight cennovemdecillion, ninety-eight cenoctodecillion, six hundred twenty-nine censeptendecillion, sixty censexdecillion, forty-four cenquindecillion, six hundred ninety-five cenquattuordecillion, seven hundred sixteen centredecillion, one hundred three cenduodecillion, five hundred ninety cenundecillion, seven hundred eighty-six cendecillion, three 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Xostrine: Setting Guide

Some general setting notes for the fantasy realm of Xostrine, aka a name I chose out of a generator so I could stop calling it the dragondicks pornoverse, aka a universe designed entirely around writing monster porn that is not intended to withstand any amount of serious scrutiny whatsoever. Suitable for original fiction, AU fanfic, roleplays, or whatever else your heart desires. Probably not a tabletop game. Please don’t inflict this porn setting on your players. That’s awk.

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It was proven using the power of math that ssg and ss4 are the same strength. Since blue is weaker than god (i think) ss4 would be more powerful.

I’m pretty sure it is still up for debate which of SSJ4 or SSJG is more powerful. A nice article with good points can be found here and it basically concludes that there isn’t enough information to know for sure. 

It’s not like SSJ4 Goku and SSJG Goku had a common enemy/battle to compare accurately. 

Super Saiyan Blue is just the short name for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, as in a God ascended to Super Saiyan. But since that was such a mouthful it was shortened. This form is certainly more powerful than SSJG. By how much, I’m not sure. 

That being said, I’m not the kind of fan who gets super fussed about power levels and which form is stronger, etc etc. So I really don’t know anything or really mind. 

I like that the characters progress in power as their enemies become more and more challenging.

And I wish some of the other characters had a chance of catching up to Goku, but I’m happy that Vegeta is close to him in strength.

One thing I know for sure. 

SSJ4 is more powerful than SSJG and SSJB in terms of raw sexiness. 

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