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smudgeofashenfluff  asked:

(RE requests to your blog.) A while ago after I'd taken a few years of Calculus (nothing too advanced), I was frustrated at the vague and ambiguous definitions of "differentials" (dx, dy). I learned from the literature that it IS somewhat of an illusive concept. Another mystery that I was on a quest to understand was the "physical manifestation" of composite functions and the Chain Rule. HOW they work on a deep level. I halted my research in the middle but may return some day. Do these appeal?

I hope I’ve answered your question here:

Or, at least, the “differential” part of it.  I hope you’ll forgive me for editing your question: Composite functions is a subject I have to research a little more, and I need to refresh myself on the chain rule (don’t even get me started on L'Hôpital’s Rule <shudder>).