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heyo mimi !! 😄 this is pretty random but do u happen to know what the boys' favourite school subjects were?? lol i was just doing my notes & it suddenly came to mind oh gosh

In  140702 防弾少年団☆STYLE VOL.7 Interview, they answered the question

Q. What were your best and worst subjects in your student days?

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  • JIN: My best subject……(laughs). My worst subject was chemistry. I really hated hearing the words “scientifically prove this.” Not being allowed to forget how to perform a certain experiment was also something I hated.
  • RAP MONSTER: My best subjects were humanities, Korean, English, and social studies. My worst were science and math.
  • JIMIN: RAP MONSTER is also good at Japanese.
  • RAP MONSTER: I think I might be a little good at catching the accent of languages. I listen to those who live in the country speak their language such as Japanese and Chinese. It would be best if you learned in this sort of way as it makes it easier to get used to the accent.
  • J-HOPE: As expected music was my best subject. My worst was math. I hated having to closely solve/answer things.
  • V: I loved music and PE. My worst subject was also math.
  • JIMIN: I liked all subjects but I especially liked art, PE, math, and chemistry.
  • RAP MONSTER: So we’re opposites. Jimin is really bright.
  • JIMIN: But that was only up until junior high (laughs). I was only an honor student up to junior high. Still, I was also bad at studying history.
  • JUNG KOOK: My best subjects were PE, art, and music. Everything else I hated it (laughs).
  • SUGA: I like the feel of machinery so I was best at computers. The subject I hated was math.
  • ――We’ve established that everyone in BTS is exceedingly bad at math (laughs).
  • RAP MONSTER: Apart from school grades, I think we all share our love for music.
  • SUGA: Our passion towards music won’t lose to anyone!

Basically, they disliked math aside from Jimin but all loved music

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Please don’t delete my comment :)

I am so happy to say that I finally finished my most recent drawing, “Destruction of Troy.” It took me around 1350 hours to complete over the course of around three years. This is by far the greatest achievement of my life so far.

The drawing itself is drawn freehand with a mechanical pencil. It is 10 feet long by 3 feet tall.

It is a depiction of my interpretation of the walls and gates of Troy as they are being destroyed by the Trojan War. The monster to the right of “Destruction of Troy” represents the “Horse” and it is destroying the city. The locks on the gates each represent a different Greek god on the Greek side of the Trojan war, symbolizing that the gates betrayed the city by letting the horse in. I have architectural entities floating in the sky as well, each one representing a Greek god on the Trojan side of the war as though they are lamenting the city. I have the whole thing crumble down into the ruins found today at the hypothetical site of the Trojan War. I also hid various messages in the drawing coded in a language that I created that combines my favorite mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence) with sheet music.

There’s a little bit of worldbuilding in Knight of the Crown, Lord of the Swamp that I absolutely love– this is the kind of stuff that makes Hyperion City so much fun as a setting, and it’s one of the first things that really popped out to me about the Second Citadel world. It’s just a little conglomeration of facts that comes together that paints a much bigger, much cooler, much more complex picture.

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Namjoon rapping: Rap monster

Namjoon sitting: Sat monster

Namjoon eating: Wrap monster

Namjoon dabbing: Dab monster

Namjoon sleeping: Nap monster

Namjoon doing a lap dance: Lap monster

Namjoon doing math: Math monster

Namjoon at Halloween: Bat monster

Namjoon with his child: Dad monster

Namjoon with a hat on: Cap monster

Namjoon angry: Mad monster

Namjoon hitting someone: Jab monster

Namjoon writing music: Jam monster

Namjoon with cat ears: Cat monster

Namjoon at Apple: Mac monster

Namjoon running: Ran monster

Namjoon gaining weight: Fat monster

Namjoon laughing: Laugh monster

Namjoon changing the light bulb: Watt monster

Namjoon being fabulous: Fab monster

Namjoon after a day out in the sun: Tan monster

Namjoon taking something: Grab monster

Namjoon over there: That monster

Namjoon being eccentric: Wack monster

Namjoon in the Titanic: Jack monster

Namjoon choking (on food, come on): Gag monster

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Honestly? I feel like theres too much hate for people that hate 4th ed. Like, sure, it's a bit silly, but there are PLENTY of reasons to REASONABLY be upset about how 4th ed turned out. Dont get me wrong, sure, some people take it too far, but honestly some people pretty much just take it too far the other way. Its perfectly fine to dislike or even outright hate ANYTHING, let alone something as controversial as 4th ed. Just, like, let people like things, but let people DISlike things, y'know?

I mean my personal opinion is that people can like or dislike whatever dumb thing they like, I like a lot of things that some people don’t like and dislike things that most people think are cool as heck. So you do you, if you dislike 4e that’s cool.

What I don’t get and this is mostly a problem with nerd culture in general in my opinion is the weird digging your trenches and going like “YOU LIKE A THING I DON’T LIKE LET ME TELL HOW YOU ARE WRONG” which is just dumb in my opinion especially since we’re basically talking about games of elf pretend. Roleplaying games are dumb as heck but I love them so I don’t really get the mentality that leads to SWORDS AT DAWN OVER ELFGAME HONOR. Of course as you said some 4e fans were insufferable as well and I personally think that all sides of the Great Argument over Which Elves Are Better could’ve done well to just chill the fuck out.

Also, I’m not an unabashed 4e fanboy, I think there are lots of valid criticisms to be levied at 4e: the skill challenge system was busted from day one, the monster math took a while to get into its groove, some classes never really fit their niche, and at higher levels the math broke down somewhat because the game wasn’t properly playtested at high levels. But those aren’t usually the criticisms you hear from critics of 4e: it’s usually a series of regurgitated memes like it didn’t feel like D&D (it felt plenty D&D to me, and also I’ll elaborate on this in my second answer), it was a tabletop MMO wargame for babbies and so on. The thing is, I know people who regurgitate those soundbites never having played a single game of 4e, so basically any of those “criticisms” are a pretty good way to get me to tune out of a conversation.

But yeah, point is, people are allowed to like or dislike whatever dumb elfgame they want, I just don’t have the energy nor the understanding for the sheer vitriol that some people have simply because they don’t like X version of Y game.