math is sin

  • [Adrien and Marinette are in a maths lesson]
  • Marinette: Maths is so boring, I die a little inside every time I'm forced to do it.
  • Adrien: Well, I guess you could say maths is a Sin.
  • Marinette: ...
  • Marinette: You're Chat aren't you

“I am officially done with the world for today.”

Enjolras looks up from his screen. Grantaire is lying face down on the bed, his laptop and books pushed away from him until they’re dangerously close to the edge of the mattress.

“It’s three in the afternoon,” he points out wearily. To be honest, he’s not having the best day himself.

“I don’t care,” Grantaire grunts into the duvet. “I’m done. Day’s done. Come again tomorrow.”

With a sigh Enjolras saves his document (3000 words worth of frustrated arguments about constitutional rights under secularism and laïcité respectively) and gets to his feet. He walks over to the bed and puts Grantaire’s laptop out of harm’s way on the bedside table. The screen is full of LaTex coding and mathematical formulas Enjolras knows he will never understand. “How do you save this?” he asks, frowning at the screen.

Grantaire lifts his head and reaches out, but instead of pointing at the screen, he grabs Enjolras’ sleeve and pulls him towards him.

“I still have a paper to finish,” Enjolras protests, sitting down on the side of his bed.

“Your ratio of paper writing and angrily scrolling twitter has passed the productivity crash point about an hour ago,” Grantaire says, rolling on his back and looking up at Enjolras. “Can’t we just agree the rest of today is cancelled?”

Enjolras glances at his laptop and the stupid blinking cursor on the page. “Just a minute then,” he sighs and he lets himself fall onto the bed next to Grantaire.

Grantaire makes  mildly triumphant noise and pulls lazily on Enjolras’ waist until he’s lying fully against him, his head nestled against Grantaire’s shoulder. Grantaire immediately weaves his fingers into Enjolras’ hair. Enjolras’ closes his eyes. “I said just a minute though…” he reminds him.

“Shhh,” Grantaire mutters. “Or I’ll cancel time too.”

Enjolras shifts his weight, wraps an arm around Grantaire and hugs him until he’s lying at least half on top of him. They’re clearly not going to be moving for a while.

The aftg characters as things said in the gc pt 2

[part one]

Neil: Kevin watches me fuck up and be extra

Andrew: happiness is a cliché

Aaron: I’m just sitting here pissed off

Kevin: Neil shhhh stop making valid points


Dan: can you shut up we’re all cute and this is pointless

Allison: I literally have no idea what this man does with his free time … watch tv?? like an animal??

Renee: I maybe trust one (1) man

Matt: I always wanted to be obama

+ Bonus:

Abby: to eat or not to eat? there is no damn fucking question, the only answer is to eat

Wymack: nobody has come to murder me yet

Bee: we’re all gonna beat up your anxiety together

Jean: I don’t have the will to live but here I am

Jeremy: I fell asleep on my phone

Laila: my leg muscles look nice today is a Good Day

Alvarez: maths is sin

Katelyn: hufflepuff is the best the rest of y'all just the side characters

Erik: I would … but also that’d mean going to texas again and no

2k of Enjoltaire Cuddling

(Because @badassindistress needed it a while ago and @adorablecrab could use some right now and because there is just not enough cuddling in general)

It’s around eleven at night and Courfeyrac and Bahorel are singing. Houcheloup has given up on telling them not to by now. The Musain is empty apart from them anyway. That tends to happen when they come in as a group.

Grantaire is sprawled out on one of the leather couches with Enjolras in his arms. He is almost used to this by now. Almost.

Enjolras is watching his friends perform with a happy smile diffused over his face.

Grantaire smiles too and closes his eyes for a moment. He is completely comfortable, apart from Enjolras’ hair tickling his face and he leaves that because the idea that that could be his only problem at any given moment is as hilarious as it is ridiculous. Enjolras mumbles something he can’t quite hear and he opens his eyes again. “Hm?” he hums.

“Do you know if Feuilly is still coming?” Enjolras repeats.

“Jehan said he is on his way,” Grantaire replies.

Jehan, at this time, is sleepily dancing and swaying to Bahorel’s guitar play. That is quite a feat, because it is not a song that encourages gentle swaying.

“We’ll be complete then,” Enjolras says approvingly.

Grantaire glances to a similar couch where Joly and Bossuet are sitting with a very tired, but triumphant Marius, who just got through an infamous law exam. Bossuet is still complimenting him.

“Pretty much,” Grantaire hums.

Enjolras shifts his weight and cuddles into Grantaire a little more. He grins, taking the hint and beginning to gently stroke Enjolras’ hair. Enjolras makes what he would describe as ‘an appreciative sound’, but that everyone else calls ‘that purring thing Enj does’. Grantaire doesn’t call it anything, he just considers it his favourite sound in the world right now. He makes eye contact with Combeferre over the top of Enjolras’ head and grins. Combeferre rolls his eyes and looks away with a smile.

“Want me to wake you when Feuilly arrives?” Grantaire teases.

“I’m not falling asleep,” Enjolras protests and he tries to turn around in Grantaire’s arms to give him an indignant look.

Grantaire tightens the arm he has around Enjolras’ waist. “No, stay,” he whines.

Enjolras stops struggling and snorts softly.

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You feel your Sin waves crawling down your graph.
the outline of the wave starts and ends in the middle meaning its a sin wave, and when I checked the pixels I found that roughly the amplitude of the wave is 132 pixels while the period is 2162 pixels. you can do the math and check the coding in the game if you really want to find the formula with the speed and number of oscillations. Of course me being the massive nerd I am, completely lost it when I saw a sin wave as an attack. You’re gonna have a bad amplitude vs time graph. If anyone is a math wiz and wants to figure out the frequency, distance, etcetera and graph it or convert it to sound be my guest. 
credit goes to NoHitRuns on Youtube for the video capture of the attack. 

Studyblr Re-Intro

Hey there buddy. Seeing as at the time that I am beginning to write this, it is still my birthday, I thought it would be a great idea to reintroduce myself seeing as it didn’t go as well last time. I’ve been on Tumblr for a bit and I’ve done the sitting back quietly. It has led to my wanting to be active and then falling out of that motivation two months later.

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Now that we’ve started off with a cheeky gif, I can begin :)

A bit about me

  • I’m Chelsea
  • I just turned 14. 
  • Class of 2021
  • I’ll be going into Year 10 so I’ll technically be a freshman.
  • I’m currently learning the drums, bass and guitar
  • I’m taking Drama, History and Sociology for my GCSEs
  •  As it says in my bio, it’s my dream to become a Lawyer

Music taste for anybody who wanted to know ;) 

Hippo Campus, Why Don’t We, Vulfpeck, Rex Orange County, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Mac Demarco, The Japanese House, Darwin Deez, Bad Suns, Arcade Fire, Bombay Bicycle Club, Mr Jukes, Frank Ocean, Local Natives, EDEN, The 1975, Will Joseph Cook, Declan McKenna, Two Door Cinema Club, Dodie and Stephen to name a few 

 Some studyblr’s that I’m in love with

@math-puns-are-sin @studyblr @studypetals @studyrose @elkstudies @emmastudies @studywithinspo @studyign @theorganisedstudent @intellectys @neskastudies, @theunderagelawyer, @csec-studyblr, @bookssweatandtears 

:) Glad to re- meet you guys💕


i got tagged a while ago by @litstudy to do the handwriting tag so here you are! i’m sorry for the crappy quality but it’s the best i can get out of the ‘lovely’ winter light!

but oh well the persons i’m tagging to do this are: @estudier @designyoself @yunistudies @math-puns-are-sin @librarystudies @sophocused @gee-studysugar & @nocturnalstudyblr

love you & have a lovely day!