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Nautilus is one of the best examples of the logarithmic spirals found in nature. Famous mathematician Jacob Bernoulli said that logarithmic spirals are a symbol of “fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which after all its changes, even after death, will be restored to its exact and perfect self”. 

Drawing from A manual of the Mollusca : a treatise on recent and fossil shells by Dr. S. P. Woodward 


Micro Machines Man here to tell you about the genuine original marvelous majestic Meekstone from the Magic Masterpieces collection…

OK… Steve’s Meekstone illustration.  You’ve seen it by now… but let’s look under the microscope like I’ve been trying to do.  Here’s the math.

The illustration is full frame not including the card border which is 2 1/4“ wide when printed on the card.

At this size the device itself is within a boxed area little less than an inch and a half tall and a little more than three quarters of an inch wide.

Inside that detail box I’ve chosen to look closer at, which is only 1/10″ wide and 1/8″ tall, lies a tiny gear that is about 1/40“ across… which is only about 5/8 of a millimeter.

The individual teeth on the gear are about 79 micrometers in width.

The individual teeth on the gear are about 79 micrometers in width!

Dimensions of a Broken Universe

This series, started in 2014, tries to find connections between physics, math, cosmology and introspection. The title was chosen carefully for it should demonstrate the content of this collection.

It theorizes dimensions, often seen in tesseracts or tesseract nets, and even the mind plays a huge role, more specifically the broken and paradox mind.

In my studies I often found broad connections between how my mind works and how the cosmos behaves. It’s a paradox-seeming behaviour like the contradictory two pillars of modern physics; The war between probabilistic and deterministic views, or more clearly; Quantum Mechanics versus General Relativity!

This fight is excerted in my mind too, it’s like phase transitions between order and chaos, order that arises out of chaos in a most wonderful manner.

This phenomenon can not only be seen in in how my thoughts behave, but in many other examples of nature, in physics, chemistry, biology and many other sciences too.

In the end it underlies the principle of synergetics, the study of interaction which shapes a beautiful braid between holistic connections and reductionistic details, between generality and individuality.

This series will try to connect mathematical thinking with artistic creativity in a way that’s illustrated in utterly surreal pieces.

Paradoxity may appear and disappear in the dimensions of a broken universe.

Welcome to ordered chaos,
and let the darkness show the light!

© Dywiann Xyara
2014 - 2017