math i don't understand

I really don’t understand the whole “if you headcanon LGBTQ+ characters as also aro/ace spec along with their LGBTQ+ identities it’s homophobic/transphobic” like ,,,,,, what a hot mess of a statement,,,,,, I can’t believe bc I’m bisexual and aro/ace I’m a biphobe,,,,,, being an aro/ace spec LGBTQ+ person doesn’t water down the “”“actually”“” LGBTQ+ part,,,,,,, it’s just,,,,, a different way to be whatever sexuality or gender (although ace/aro-ness is less relevant to gender so idek),,,,,,, like,,,,, can someone explain this to me,,,,,,, bc it makes no sense to say x identity + aro/ace = homophobe/transphobe ????

Your freckles form constellations against the nights sewn on the insides of my palms and all of a sudden, you make darkness a beautiful thing, and you give my universe a new meaning.
—  Space and other things we romanticize in poems
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You have $61 to spend at the store on a pair of shoes. The price of the shoes is $45 and you get 20% off that price. You must pay 8.725% tax on the sale price. What do you have left of the amount of money you had to spend?

The answer key insists it’s $15.86. I’m getting $21.86. We’ve done the math like 15 times. HOW???


I want to describe something beautiful to you.

First, imagine a rectangle with such proportions that when you cut the rectangle exactly in half, the two halves have the exact same proportions as the original rectangle.

Now the original rectangle has the area of one square meter (the metric system itself is also really beautiful, but we won’t go into that now, we’ll just take it as a given that one square meter is lovely). Let’s call this rectangle that has the area of one square meter 0. It is the starting point.

Now we cut it in half. Lets call these two halves 1, because they are the original halved once.

Now lets cut a 1 into half again. These we call 2, because they are the original halved twice.

Lets cut a 2 in half again. Yep, you guessed it, this one is called 3. If we half a 3 we get a 4. If we half a 4 we get a 5. If we half a 5 we get a 6. If we half a 6 we get a 7.

All of them always have the exact same proportions. A 7 has the same proportions as a 0.

And that is the Standard European Paper Size System, usually called the A-series. So the name of each sheet follow formula “A number”, so a standard printing sheet is an A4, a postcard is size A6, etc