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So, the plastic administration building in Shachihata has 99999 floors, right?

Well, floor 99999 is the roof, which just has the Judge hanging out. Floor 00001 has exactly 20 Elsen. Floor 10258, the postal service floor, has 2 Elsen that you speak with, though other burnt Elsen pop up in random battles. Dedan’s office is on an unknown floor, but we know it occupies a floor other than the definite ones we’ve identified. So on four specific floors of the building there are 22 Elsen total. However, 99996 floors of the building are still unknown

Now, if we go to any random floor of the building and count the Elsen there, we get 25 of them. Let’s make the assumption that all random floors of the building are basically the same. So that would make 99996 floors all holding 25 little Elsen each. This would make 2499900 Elsen on those floors.

And 2499900 plus 22 is 2499922.

THERE ARE ABOUT 2.5 MILLION ELSEN IN THE PLASTIC ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ALONE. Not to mention the rest of Zone 1. Goddamn, no wonder Dedan’s such a cranky motherfucker. He’s got his hands full!

one of my senior friends is so talented and ambitious and honestly she has it all and i just ;;;;

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A really woke ghost.


wait is this for the paranormal/mythical creature thing

if it is, i gotta know who sent this and why am i a ghost. future note of reference if anyone else sends me answers for this, ya gotta say why!! i’m curious as hell!! 

if not pls clarify bc i will be very confused otherwise 

Lightbulb - DP

Random idea I came up with today while spinning in my chair at my desk, staring at the overhead lights. No plot. Just… this.

Fentonworks was well known for its ghost weaponry. If someone wanted to take down a ghost - any ghost, of any shape, size, designation, or energy level - Fentonworks would have (or would make) a weapon for you. They were world leaders in weapons technology, and even the government was known to camp on their doorstep, waiting for the latest installment of Fentontech.

What few people outside the realm of ‘ghost research’ realized was that the Fentons did more than just design supernatural weapons. They were also highly interested in the ghosts themselves, and had invented dozens of devices to study, attract, or learn about the ghosts and ectoplasm. And, sometimes, the Fentons built things just to see if they could.

When Danny wandered downstairs one day, fighting off a headache from a long day of school, he stepped right into his parents doing just that - building something simply for the sake of finding out if it would work. “Hey, Mom? Dad?” Danny asked, leaning up against one of the lab tables.

His mother looked up, pushing her goggles up to her forehead. “Sweetie! How was your day?”

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PARAMETER GHOSTS is a random walk through the four-dimensional parameter space of strange attractors.   What will you see as we pass through these chaotic structures?

I’m excited to share this gif-supersized-into-video.  Take a few minutes and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing grace hidden in this special corner of mathematics.  

It’s 720p.  Don’t forget to full-screen~

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