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Percy finds it difficult to speak in only one language when he gets emotional. One day in Math, he gets frustrated that this girl won’t stop flirting with him.

This is how he found out his teacher was a son of Athena.

Team Voltron as things my math teacher has said
  • <p> <b>Shiro:</b> look, it's been a long day - yeah it's only third period but - which way does a comma go<p/><b>Keith:</b> Ah yes, this, this is where we're gonna screw up<p/><b>Hunk:</b> The number one math curse word (student: what's the word?) I can't tell you, it's a curse word.<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Yknow?? you're probably not even paying attention, and I can't blame you.<p/><b>Lance:</b> It's spirit week, anything goes (dabs at the kid in a shark costume)<p/><b>Coran:</b> This graph is wiggity wack, you guys<p/><b>Allura:</b> Is x zero? Is it really zero? Are you 100% positive that it's zero???<p/><b>bonus// Lance:</b> I love watching the short people try to jump and reach the pass, c'mon guys it's not that high up (grabs it with eASE)
  • Musume: you forget that i am a dumb
  • Info-chan: orthogonaly is the opposite of diagonally. you use it in chess
  • i'm in fucking freshman math i -
  • Info-chan: going straight. not that you'd know that.
  • Musume: you just
  • you just coulda said straight
  • Info-chan: i didn't because youu ain't straight
Mixing Academics and Spells

I’m studying De Morgan’s Laws, Truth Tables, and Boolean Algebra. And while learning the various symbols for if-then, if-and-only-if, negations, conjunctions, and disjunctions, etc… all I could think about was this could be a complex formula for spells or even curses. 

If you’re not a math person, I might have lost you at this point, for those still reading and interested though. It might look like this: 

1. Proposed Curse: [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness until they tell the truth.

2. Phrased as a De Morgan Statement: if [person] does not tell the truth, then [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness. 

Let p represent the statement: [person] does not tell the truth
let q represent the statement: [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness

Symbols to represent statement in Step 2: p➝q

3. Now to add a firm spell-break: If [person] tells the truth, they will not suffer from guilt and sleeplessness any longer.

~p➝~q or ~(p➝q)

For those that have a firm grasp on these principles from math, then you know these could get pretty complex and add some real concrete criteria for spells and curses when necessary! 

Math Curse Words

My math tutor makes some sick math curses dude. 

 For example, he says, 

“Man, that problem was a pain in the asymptote!!" 

 "I hate this mother-function!”  

“I’m going to kick this problem in the divisor.” And, my personal favorite,  

“I swear to the almighty lord Jesus if this mother-fractional piece of square root doesn’t sort itself out, we’re going to have a problem. A math problem, that is!”

Moral of the story: If your math teacher/tutor doesn’t make math jokes, they shouldn’t be teaching you math. 

math tutor

jeremy heere x reader

two dorks share a math textbook and have a difficult time focusing on anything else

i’ve already got a part two to this planned, look at how productive i’m being

Your hands grip the straps of your backpack to keep it from sliding off your shoulders as you sprint frantically through the hallway. Your gaze flicks briefly to the watch gracing your wrist and you mutter a curse. The math teacher, Mr. Sanders, had volunteered you as a tutor the day before and told you to be in the classroom by eleven. It was already fifteen after.

 Then again, you weren’t all that eager to be a tutor in the first place. The idea of sitting in a humid classroom for an hour while nagging at someone who probably doesn’t put any effort into their schoolwork didn’t exactly appeal to you. To say you had an optimistic look on this tutoring session would be a lie.

A shaky, breathless laugh escapes as you slam into the classroom’s door and fumble with the handle before stumbling into the classroom. “Only fifteen minutes late. Not bad, [l/n].” 

 You dig through your backpack to find your textbook and notebooks as your breath catches up to you. “Sorry I was a little late, I was held up in another class.”

 “Um, it’s okay.” Your head snapped up to the voice that did not belong to Mr. Sanders, but to Jeremy Heere. You grip your school books with one arm and rub your eyes with your free hand, assuring yourself that you were actually seeing Jeremy.

 The tall boy shifts awkwardly in his seat and tugs at the sleeves of his blue jacket. He coughs and tips his head to the side.

 At this point in time, you find yourself wishing that you were tutoring a slacker instead of the guy you’ve had a crush on since freshman year. How is one supposed to keep their composure when they’re forced to look into the eyes of the person that makes them the most nervous?

 You realize you’ve been staring at Jeremy for a good minute and so you finally join him in the chair next to his and lay your books down. Considering the only time you’ve actually interacted with Jeremy was in your English class when he asks to borrow a pencil, he’s probably made the assumption that you’re a creep who likes to stare and be late to things.

 “Um,” You suck in a breath and straighten out the books before you. “Where’s your textbook?”

 Jeremy runs a hand through his hair and lets out a nervous chuckle. “I kind of left it at my house.”

 You slide your book in between the two of you and slide your chair a little closer, trying desperately to keep your cheeks from turning red. “We can share mine.”

 Jeremy’s fingers fidget with the hem of his shirt as he listens to you talk. Your words sound completely incoherent to him, as he’s found himself incapable of focusing. He can’t keep his eyes on the textbook for too long because he can’t stop staring at your [h/c] locks, which look particularly nice today. It doesn’t help that he keeps smelling the wonderful, fruity scent of your hair products.

 Of course Mr. Sanders gives him the person he’s admired for the last two years as his tutor. He rubs his forehead with a sigh and shifts in his seat.

 “Do you understand?” Your voice forces Jeremy to meet your warm gaze and he swears that his face is red and flustered at this point in the tutoring session. He loses himself again, enraptured in your [e/c] eyes.

 “Jeremy?” You chirp, waving your hand to grab his attention.

 He jumps in his seat and nods his head repeatedly. “Yeah, yeah, sorry.” 

 “Okay,” you reply slowly, then lean in closer to Jeremy to look at his paper. “You should take another look at question five, I think you got your numbers mixed up.”

 Jeremy’s face flushes and he nods. His hand shakes as it grips the pencil. You’re so close and it’s making him nervous and giving him the strong urge to run as far away as he can and make sure he can’t make a fool of himself.

 Little does he know that you aren’t doing much better yourself. You’re sure you’ve given him the wrong answers at least ten times now and he hasn’t noticed. Your muscles are tense and your heart is beating so fast that you can’t quite comprehend everything that’s going on. Jeremy’s arm keeps brushing past yours and you get a whiff of his cologne every so often and that just turns your brain to mush. 

 Jeremy’s finger taps against the desk anxiously until he can’t take his nerves anymore. He gathers his notebooks and stands up, causing you to snap out of your thoughts and furrow your eyebrows at him.

 “I-I’m sorry, I just can’t focus.” He shuffles his feet awkwardly and keeps his gaze to the ground.

 You tug on your hair nervously. He’s probably figured out that you’ve got a big, gigantic, embarrassing crush on him and can’t stand to be around you anymore. Or you’re such a lousy, unfocused tutor that he can’t learn anything.

 “I couldn’t, uh, I couldn’t focus either, so, it’s okay..” You murmur, your voice wavering as you collect your things.

 Jeremy starts towards the door, but stops in his tracks. He slides his phone out of his jean pocket and squints, then mutters something that sounds like “damn you, michael.”

 He spins around and quickens to where he was previously standing. “[y/n], will-you-go-on-a-date-with-me?” His words are so fast that you almost can’t hear them, but there’s no way you’d let yourself miss them. You feel your mood lighten immediately as you crack a wide grin.

 You shoot up from your seat and lean across the table, nodding your head eagerly. “Frozen yogurt?” 

 Jeremy’s muscles relax and a giddy smile stretches across his face. “It’s a date.”

My head canon that keeps me up a night

Annie and Armin get married and have two children, around the same time Mikasa and Eren do. The rest of the remaining 104th remain around like family. Connie marries Sasha, Eren and Mikasa get married and have kids. Meanwhile, Jean keeps Mikasa company as a friend. Jean promises Mikasa she will not have to raise the children alone and promises Armin he would look after his and Annie’s kids as well.

Ever mindful of Ymir’s Curse, by math Annie and Eren will be the first to die before Armin.

Around their 23rd birthday, Armin watches Annie like a hawk. As she trains their children, their eldest daughter Brühildha “Hilde” and her younger brother, Alexander “Alexi” in the MMA format she was taught. Meanwhile, a friendly competition with Eren and Mikasa’s kids, Carla and Marco, goes on.

One day while training with Hilde and Alexi, Annie collapses. This moment has been planned for years, but to have it play out was horrifying. Armin rushes to Annie and gets her up. He orders the children to Mikasa and Eren’s as he rushes Annie to the hospital.

Once there, the doctors can’t find anything in particular wrong, leaving Hanji to hypothsiz she’s coming to the end of her life. The curse is finally upon her. This also foreshadows that Eren doesn’t have far behind. Annie begs Armin to see the children.

When they are brought, the family cuddles in bed with Annie, she tells them about how proud she is of them and how she knows they’ll do great things. If possible, try to go find their grandfather and let him know it all worked out. The children agree and cry. Armin cannot control his emotions and Mikasa and Eren take Hilde and Alexi to stay with them a few days. Armin spends the next several weeks living at the hospital with Annie, while the children visit daily.

One night, Annie asks Armin to stay with her until the end. She thanks him for the life he showed her, for protecting her, and above all giving her love and a family of her own. She tells him she’s in love with him and always has been. Armin begs her to hang on and beat the odds, as she always has. She notices he’s fatigued too and debates his wellness. He admits he is tired, but he doesn’t want to worry the children. They crawl in bed together to sleep.

However, to the horror and sadness of Hilde and Alexi, along with the remainder of the 104th, Armin and Annie died in each other’s arms.

A few years later, once Eren dies, Carla, Marco, Hilde, and Alexi live with Mikasa and Jean. The four decide to head out to Marley, where Hilde and Alexi find Annie’s father. As the approached him, he swears he sees his daughter in them. They approach him with a photo of Annie, Armin, and the two of them as babies and say “Hello grandfather.”

Annie’s father breaks down and sobs. Not only did he believe his daughter was dead after Reiner returned alone, he would never have guessed she lived, fell in love, and started a family. He begs the children to bring him to their mother, where he is informed she died in the arms of their Father a few years prior.

Annie’s father breaks down again, this time in the arms of his grandchildren.

This shit keeps me up a night.

#2: getting closer:

#1: meetings:

badboy!highschool!5SOS AU series:

A/N: Part deux is finally up :3 sadly, I’m not very happy about Calum’s part, might go rewrite it later on, I was again setting things for his next part :3 

I’d also like to aknowlage Iheartdonkeykong, who inspired me to write this, and her own series.


Luke had barely slept that night; tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position vainly. Exasperated, he threw off his covers opting for an early morning jog. Luke had formed in a way an attachment to pre-sunrise jogs, something he never thought he’d do being the sleep lover he was. However, it became the only thing to calm down his erratic nerves or anger bursts. Allowing his legs to flee, feeling the cold dawn wind glaze over his face, the only thing he was feeling was raw freedom taking over his limbs.

Coming to a halt in front of the back door, after running around the block for a few times until he felt the exhaustion leave his body, Luke was definitely short of breath yet felt more awake. He quietly cracked the door open, only to be stopped by a noise coming from his surroundings. He watched with a sly smile (y/n) tugging on her shoes, running towards the main street leading to the school. He was unable to take off his eyes off of the uniform-dressed girl; she definitely wasn’t the (y/n) he knew years ago, the one with the braided hair and tooth-less smile.

Just as he was about to go inside to get some breakfast, his eyes followed a red covered notebook falling from (y/n)’s half-opened backpack. He would’ve normally just called her out to notify her, but as soon as he opened his mouth she was already gone, running as if her life depended on it. He figured it must be due to the fact that she walked to school; not having a car and avoiding the school bus as if it were a plague. Sighing deeply; he walked towards the abandoned notebook, picking it up swiftly, figuring he’d just hand it over to her after school or maybe give it to her mother. See, Luke wasn’t a big fan of going to his early morning classes, however early he had managed to wake up that morning. Adding to that the fact that his car was wrecked, he managed to avoid school all together.

After lingering for way too long in the shower, he finally got out, wrapping a towel over himself. As he was putting his boxers on, the flaming red cover caught his eyes, itching him to take a look. With a shrug, he figured why not go for it, realizing halfway that it was her math notebook, in which she did her homework, the homework that was due for that day..

Her palms were getting sweatier and sweatier, vigorously digging in her back pack, looking for that dammed Math notebook. “Shit!” she cursed through gritted teeth, throwing her bag back on the ground, giving up on ever finding that stupid notebook that could hugely influence her grade. Mr. Martinez started the lesson, announcing that the homework would be collected at the end of the class; a comment that only made her sink further into her seat.

Abruptly, the class door flew open, revealing a pissed-off Luke. Without even glancing at the teacher whose mouth was wide open in shock, he walked towards (y/n). “Next time, try not to lose your shit.” He huffed, dropping her notebook on her desk. Needless to say, everyone’s eyes were on them; not only the gesture was utterly unexpected from the blond guy, but his attendance was already a shock itself. Making his way to the only seat left in the classroom, Luke angrily took a seat, blankly staring at –the still baffled- Mr. Martinez. Luke wanted to be mad at her, blame her for his ruined morning, after all she was the one who was careless. Yet, the way her eyes filled with emotion and lit up with relief somehow made it alright.

A smile was plastered over (y/n)’s face as she walked back to her house, a smile that never faded throughout the whole day. Her mind drifting once again to Luke, as it did for the whole day, and remembering the whispers that continued through the day.

Updates ran fast in their school, and by lunchtime everyone was stealing glances at her. Most were confused, whilst some were straight-up angry; Luke had successfully constructed a community of people who drooled over him.

She abandoned her thoughts as a shoulder bumped into hers, suddenly aware that she had company. “Hey there neighbor” Luke greeted her, walking beside her. “Don’t you have car?” was the first thing she blurted out of her mouth, clearly not trying to be rude but was genuinely confused. Luke shrugged, his gaze still not meeting hers, “It’s wrecked, won’t be fixed until next week. Besides, I’m still waiting for your thanks! I had to attend first period, and couldn’t sneak out after lunch because of you.” He reproached, trying to sound mad, but (y/n) could only see the picture of 5 year old Luke, huffing because she wouldn’t allow him to borrow her truck since he almost broke it last time. Smiling at the memory, she bumped his shoulder back, “thank you, Luke, I really appreciate it. You totally saved my grade.”

They walked together, quietly reminiscing past memories, their shoulders bumping every now and then. “So,” Luke decided to break the –comfortable- silence, “you’re still obsessing over NARUTO?” a teasing smile quickly tugging on his lips. For a split moment, (y/n) was confused; not because of his question, but wondering how on earth did he find out? Luke quickly caught up on what was going inside her head, “you know, you shouldn’t doodle when doing homework, that’s procrastinating!” She wanted to face-palm herself oh-so badly, of course he looked inside! Looking back at him shyly, she hit him lightly in the chest, mumbling a “shut up”. Luke however was grinning at her behavior, finding it absolutely cute, finding her absolutely cute.

His smile only faded once (y/n) tripped on the side of the pavement, clearly too embarrassed to watch her own feet, his arms instinctively reached out to her to prevent her from touching the ground. She looked up at him, her eyes wide from shock and cheeks flaming from the feeling of his arms pulling her up to her feet. “Just how clumsy can you get? Do I have to look out for you even when you’re walking?”

Maybe Luke’s words were scolding, and the look on his face seemed annoyed, but (y/n) couldn’t contain a smile. As low-key as it was, Luke had just admitted that he was looking out for her, making her almost bubble with emotion for the rest of the walk, his arm still lingering on her back.


“Alright class, take your seats!” Miss Granger struggled to contain her English class. Once everyone was seated, she wrote her name on the blackboard. “Hi, I’m Miss Granger, your new English teacher. Sadly, your old teacher won’t be working with you anymore” her words carried a hint of a British accent; she was a mildly young woman, with beautiful features and loose hair.

“Now, the way I run things is very easy; you work in pairs on your projects, and you both will present it to the class on the due day. I will be in charge of pairing you, however, I will be changing the order for every project” most of the class groaned at her instructions, nobody wanted to be paired by her preference. She continued explaining what the first project would be about, something about picking a novel from the 18th century and expressing your opinion and your partner’s on it, explaining why you chose it.

(y/n) closed her eyes, praying that her luck wouldn’t fail her and she wouldn’t end up with someone who’d make her do all of the work. Needless to say, her heart jumped when her names was mentioned, followed by Calum Hood. She tried to hide her joy as the students swapped places to be sat next to their partners, the seat next to hers taken by Calum.

“Hey there, baby girl” he greeted her, looking awake for the first time since class began. He was irritated to have to change up his usual back seat which allowed him to doze off during class, but sitting next to (y/n) was starting to seem better.

Ever since she found out about his school grades, she had been dying to talk to him, like actually talking to him and having discussions with him. She was interested in every possible way about his ideas and thoughts and theories.

“Do you greet all of your partners the same way?” she teased him, the pet name baby girl still lingering in her mind, filling up her with bliss. “Nah, only the pretty babes” he teased her back, studying her with a conceited smirk. She laughed it off, kind of getting used to seeing that side of him.

“Do you have any suggestions for the book?” she quickly directed the conversation back to the project. She already had tons of books in mind, yet she was eager to know what he thought and which books he liked. It was almost as if she was granted this unique chance to see into Calum’s thoughts, whilst the rest of the class probably thought that he’d be convincing her to do the whole work on her own.

“I’d like to work on Candide” he answered her after a few minutes of thinking, “What do you suggest?” “I was about to propose Confessions, but Candide seems a better option.” She agreed with him, writing it down and quickly scribbling her thoughts down.

“What’s your favorite food?” Calum’s voice interrupted her thoughts, almost taking her off guard. “Cal, we kind of need to work on this.” She reminded him, a blush rising to her cheeks. Why was he asking things about her?

“And we’ll get it done it time, now will you answer me?” he countered, his face inching closer to her, making her breath hitch at how mesmerizing his eyes looked up close, how his curly hair draped over his forehead in the cutest way ever.

“Doughnuts, I like doughnuts” she whispered, but it was enough for him to hear.

“A sweet tooth then” he said, mainly to himself, laying back on his seat. “We’ll go get doughnuts then sometime.” He stated, once more to himself, eagerly planning it already.



The perfect time to sneak out was definitely lunch break, when everyone was lost in their own business. Michael was definitely not going to stay in school for the whole day, especially not after he spend the first periods in actual hell and got yelled at by the principal first thing the morning. Apparently, his hair color was too outrageous for school. But it’s not like he was going to do anything about it, his hair was in no way the school’s business.

The hallways were usually empty, however he spotted someone leaning against their locker, their face hidden. He had to take a few steps to figure out who it was, his smile instantly growing.

“What’s up your ass princess?” he stopped by (y/n)’s locker, tugging on his lower lip. He absolutely loved bantering with her, mainly because she always talked back at him, unlike most of the students who couldn’t dare.

He was expecting the usual “Fuck off Clifford” or maybe just an eye roll, but he didn’t get anything remotely close to that. (y/n) simply turned her back to him, walking away as fast as she could. His smile dropped instantly, feeling a twist in his gut. Something was wrong, very wrong; she would never miss out on a chance to fight with him, ever. He hurried to catch up with her, gently tugging at her forearm and dragging her towards the exit. As if it were on fire, she snatched her arm from his hold, staring at him as if he were suddenly bald.

“What are you doing?” she questioned, receiving the most exaggerated eyes roll from him. “Something’s clearly wrong with you, so we’ll go take your mind off of it” her eyes only got wider at his words; it was Michael Clifford himself, telling her he’d take her mind off of what was bothering her. Was his offer even legitimate?

Sighing, he offered her his hand to hold, “No, I’m not kidnapping you or whatever shit you may be thinking, and we’ll be back in time for class” Staring at his inviting hand, she gingerly put hers in his hold, taking a leap of faith. He gripped her hand tighter in his, tugging her along again towards the exit. She bit her lip, trying to stop herself from bombarding him with questions, trying to trust him as much as she could.

Much to her surprise, he dragged her into the ice cream shop that was the closest to school. He ordered for the two of them, reassuring her that his choice would not disappoint her.

Soon enough, the two of them were sitting on the ground, backs pressed against the school borders, enjoying the sweet treat. In all honesty, the whole things was making her feel a whole lot better, but she still didn’t get the motive behind Michael’s behavior.

“Why are we here?” she asked, her eyes watching his every move. He took a deep breath, “you’re feeling like shit, ice cream makes it better. And if you want to talk, then you won’t having to worry about everyone else, if you don’t want to then we’ll simply enjoy ice cream.” He replied quietly, keeping his gaze ahead.

“What makes you think I’ll talk to you; you hate me Clifford” (y/n) stated in a matter-of-fact tone, licking her cookie-dough flavored ice cream.

“I don’t hate you,” Michael began, until he received a don’t-fuck-with-me glare from (y/n). “Look, you’re a nice person, and I don’t think anybody can really hate you. I’ll admit that, but I’ll also admit that you get on my fucking nerves. You’re always walking around like you’ve got everything going on for you, you just make it all seem effortlessly easy.”

It was a long silence before Michael got a reply, and quite honestly he wasn’t expecting one. “It’s not true you know” she grumbled, her eyes not daring to look up, whilst his were glued on her. “It’s harder than everybody thinks; I still struggle with some classes, sometimes I have to pull all-nighters and be expected to pay attention the next day, and most of the time I’m too exhausted due to my part-time job, but it feels like I can’t complain. My parents expect me to still get top grades, the school board does too, the students as well. Heck, even you do. It’s just that.. It gets hard at times.. you know?”

Maybe it was the way Michael seemed to pay attention to what she was saying, or maybe his kind gesture, but (y/n) felt good telling him what was on her mind, voicing her thoughts for the first time.

Michael couldn’t deny that he felt bad, not only because of the assumptions he made but also because everyone else did. She too was a human, with flaws and bumps along the road.

“That’s though.” He sighed after what felt like an eternity, and that was perhaps the best consolation she had ever gotten. He didn’t try to compete with how bad other people had it, and he didn’t try to sugar-coat her situation; he understood that what she was going through sucked and allowed her to let it out.

Later on, when they were walking back to school as Michael promised her, their shoulders bumping together as they walked in silence towards her class, (y/n) looked up meeting his gaze. She leaned it, pressing a kiss on his cheek, grinning at how he seemed lost for words for a second, “thanks Michael”.

She began walking towards her class, before turning around “I don’t hate you either, by the way. You’re just really good at annoying me.” She confessed as well, replying to his earlier revelation. Michael was almost in awe, watching her smile shyly at the ground, before waving her hand at him and entering her classroom. He suddenly felt this protectiveness towards her, because the girl he deemed so strong has just shown him her fragile side, and he didn’t want anybody else to take advantage of that.


Ashton could sense something was off the whole week, however he couldn’t really pinpoint what it was exactly. It was until a morning, when he ran into (y/n) in the corridors, replaying their first encounter all over again. Though, this time her eyes had managed to avoid his and her replies were short, careful, and cold. Just then, he realized that he was missing her bubbly attitude towards him and her brief smiles during class or in the hallways. Indeed, he had not seen(y/n) for the whole week, and for some reason he feared that it was intended. He quite enjoyed her company, however brief it was, mainly because she spoke to him without any reservations or worries unlike most of the other students. His fears were confirmed once she mumbled a barely audible “sorry” before running past him.

She didn’t want to avoid Ashton, she wanted to go back to talking to him and laughing at his stupid jokes and lousy puns, she wanted to wave at him every time she walked past him. But as soon as she’d attempt to do it, every word spoken by Alice would come down crashing her down. She wanted to trust Ashton, believe that everything was nothing but a rumor, yet everything she heard was confirmed by everyone else.

She began to notice how people would suddenly clear the way for him to walk, how no one argued with him when he’d take their seat and how his group of friends seemed the only ones to actually laugh at what he said, whilst everyone else seemed to do it out of fear. It was a lot to take in, and she knew that there could still be a chance that people had simply learned to live by the lies they heard, but until she could really know where he stood she wasn’t about to mess with him.

Of course, the whole avoiding thing was working well, that is until he was assigned as her lab partner for their chemistry class. She didn’t miss the sympathy looks the whole class gave her, and quite frankly, she didn’t like it. She knew she was capable of defending herself, or at least try to. Ashton felt bad as well, he noticed how she was dodging him and he didn’t try to pester her about it. As much as he hated it, he respected her decision and didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

And now, there she was, sitting next to him silently, scribbling down notes. For almost a week, chemistry class was the same; nothing would be said between them until the bell rang.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Ashton cursed at his misfortune; as he reached down to pick his bag up, everything it contained went flying in the air and ended up scattered all over the ground. Luckily, the class wasn’t full yet so not much people witnessed his fail. His ears picked up a slight giggle coming from his right, obviously unaware that (y/n) had been there as well. Her smile didn’t fade as she helped him pick up his pens and books from the ground, unable to contain herself at how helpless and pouty he looked.

“What?” she asked once his eyes lingered on her for too long, “It’s just the first time you’ve smiled at me for weeks, or even looked at me”. His reply was low, as if he didn’t want to tell her or show her that he noticed, that he was bummed about it.

“About that,”

“You don’t have to explain anything” he cut her off, he didn’t want to hear what she had to tell. She, on the other side, wanted to explain herself due to the guilt she felt for ignoring him the way she did.

“You know I’m not that much of terrible person” his hazel eyes were boring into hers, before his expression turned into a playful one. “You know, it’s true. Some of the things they say are just rumors, but I’ve fucked up so many people in this school, and probably beaten more than I can count. But it’s not like they didn’t deserve it. But I wouldn’t dare hurt you, or any other girl for that matter” he reassured, once he realized how her eyes grew at his confession.

And that was really all she needed, she knew where he stood and where she stood for him. Shooting him a reassuring smile, she turned her attention towards the teacher.

And she made sure to address Ashton during class, because it may have took her some time, but she realized that at the end of the day all that mattered was how he treated her and what she thought of him. And there was denying that Chemistry class became ten time better once Ashton began sharing his jokes during class once again, only this time she was the only one hearing them.  


I don’t care that they’ve cast a black Hermione for ‘HP and the Cursed Child’

But the actress looks kinda like my year 10 maths teacher

And its not like I particularly disliked my year 10 maths teacher

But I failed maths in year 10 and my teacher was really disappointed in me

So now I feel like I’ve disappointed Hermione Granger herself

And I just don’t know if I can live with that

41 Days and 41 Million Questions

As we get closer and closer to VidCon, both my excitement and my anxieties are climbing. I am so looking forward to all the fun that is sure to be had. But I’m a somewhat shy person with a tendency to become overwhelmed in large crowds and unfamiliar situations. While there are elements to VidCon that make me apprehensive, I’m choosing to not let my anxiety hold me back and keep me from doing things I really want to do. 

I want to make the most of my experience but I don’t know what to expect. I have so many questions!

  • How early do you need to arrive to events/panels?
  • What about meet-ups/signings? How do they work? Is it a photo and your gone? Or do you get a minute? 
  • How early are daily agendas available for planning purposes?
  • What?
  • How?
  • What if I cry? Because I’m pretty sure I’m too old to cry?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • Which tastes Greater? a) ½ a pizza, or b) half of an apple pie?

Okay. That last one might be a quote from the book Math Curse by Lane Smith and Jon Scieszka…but I still want to know.