math curse

Mixing Academics and Spells

I’m studying De Morgan’s Laws, Truth Tables, and Boolean Algebra. And while learning the various symbols for if-then, if-and-only-if, negations, conjunctions, and disjunctions, etc… all I could think about was this could be a complex formula for spells or even curses. 

If you’re not a math person, I might have lost you at this point, for those still reading and interested though. It might look like this: 

1. Proposed Curse: [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness until they tell the truth.

2. Phrased as a De Morgan Statement: if [person] does not tell the truth, then [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness. 

Let p represent the statement: [person] does not tell the truth
let q represent the statement: [person] will suffer from guilt and sleeplessness

Symbols to represent statement in Step 2: p➝q

3. Now to add a firm spell-break: If [person] tells the truth, they will not suffer from guilt and sleeplessness any longer.

~p➝~q or ~(p➝q)

For those that have a firm grasp on these principles from math, then you know these could get pretty complex and add some real concrete criteria for spells and curses when necessary! 

I don’t care that they’ve cast a black Hermione for ‘HP and the Cursed Child’

But the actress looks kinda like my year 10 maths teacher

And its not like I particularly disliked my year 10 maths teacher

But I failed maths in year 10 and my teacher was really disappointed in me

So now I feel like I’ve disappointed Hermione Granger herself

And I just don’t know if I can live with that