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KnB Characters & Best School Subjects (from Kuro Fes)

As with the school committees masterpost, this one is for the characters and their best subjects, grouped by type of subject for character study, fic reference, and my own amusement.

Again, not all characters with profiles had this category. Seems most of them are best at science, social studies and mathematics types of subjects. And apparently, Akashi and Koganei are polar opposites, ahaha.

Those marked with ** are characters that have more than one best subject listed.

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Շime ¡s ടիort...?

☆·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.“You have thirteen hours

                                    in which to solve the labyrinth…”·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.

Has anyone ever thought about the implications of the thirteen hour clock? It is strange that Jareth says time is short, when in fact, in his world, time is much longer.

Perhaps it goes back to the “nothing is as it seems” quote. Or even hints as the theme of taking nothing for granted. Anyone would think thirteen hours meant the same measurement we’ve all known.

With thirteen hours on the clock, that would make a typical Underground day twenty-six hours. But not regular hours, oh no! Since there is an extra number, five additional minutes are added to each hour. AND, also, with that 13 comes five extra seconds in each of those minutes. 

So, in the labyrinth: 

  • 1 minute=65 seconds
  • 65 minutes= 1 hour
  • 26 hours=1 day (Or perhaps even 39 hours, since an extra revolution of the clock would not be that implausible)

For a short comparison:

Average Earth day= 1440 minutes

Average Earth year= 8760 hours

Underground Day= 1690 (Underground) minutes or 2,535 minutes (if 39 hours)

Underground Year= 9490 (Underground) Hours

So, what does this mean? For starters, it means Sarah had a good deal longer than thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth. In fact, she likely had around fifteen regular hours. Or she would have, if she had not made the “piece of cake” comment, which ended up costing her three of them.

This also implies that time moves very differently in Jareth’s world. Even without the Goblin King’s clock-spinning shenanigans.

Because of this I believe the glittery King finds the real world very disorienting. He also tends to believe less time has passed in the Aboveground because it does, in fact, move more slowly for him in his realm.

Brett Imagine Part 5

This is part 5 to a Brett Talbot/(y/n) imagine.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

You were sitting at a cafeteria eating your lunch of a sandwich from home with pretzels and hummus listening to Lydia, Kira, and Malia go over notes from their math class. The conversation was boring and particularly something you didn’t want to listen to. The crowd in the cafeteria got larger and louder as other classes were released for lunch. Scott and Stiles round the corner with their treys and sit down. Your eyes glaze over hearing the math language you were not really in the mood for. Trig was one things, but listening to a class you had yet to take made you want to yawn.

“Let me partake in this interesting conversation,” Stiles says. “Math.”

“How about we change the subject,” You suggest. “How about we just talk about the fact that everyone is alive.”

“It’s not over.” Lydia bluntly states looking away from her notes. She takes a bite of her green beans.

“That’s a long term fact,” You state sounding a bit annoyed. “Nothing is ever over here.”

“But hey why not continue with our normal routine of school,” Lydia sarcastically says. “I mean hey they can’t come here can they? And why not throw in math.”

“I actually don’t know,” Scott furrows his brows. “I don’t think they would show themselves here in front of everyone.”

“It could be a possibility.” Lydia went on again. 

Something off in the distance distracts you away from the table and out into the cafeteria. Brett was waiting in line with Charley, the girl from history class, with a trey on the bar.  She was smiling and talking way too fast. Signs she was obviously nervous. You watch Brett grab an orange juice and turn to say something to her. You zone in with your hearing a little curious about their conversation.

“You should totally go out for the Lacrosse team here,” Charley’s curly hair bounces as she leans in and touches Brett on the bicep. A sign for flirting. “The team could use you since one of the members was found dead, what was his name? Oh yeah Garret.”

“I’m not too worried about making it,” He flashes the girl a smile. “I was pretty good on the team at my last school.”

“I’m not too worried about making it.” You mouth to yourself looking down at the table.

“What was that?” Scott asks.

“Nothing I’m just having a hard time adjusting back to normalcy.” 

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Bad Boys Are Bad Boys (2)

  Part 1

As you walked out of your last glass you stopped to look at the time, seeing that you had to meet Amelia in a couple of minutes. Trying to remember how to get to your Astronomy class from your Forensic Science class you started to wonder about why no one seemed to like Calum. As the day went on you had seen him a couple of time but always with the same people. To be honest, he stare dos intimidate you a bit making it harder to talk to him.

 "(Y/N),“ Amelia yelled when she saw you. Smiling you rushed over to her seeing that she was with three other people, two guys and a girl, as you grew nearer.

 "So this is (Y/N),” a guy with black, curly hair and bright blue eyes said smiling at you.

“This is Adam,” Amelia said grabbing his shoulder and lightly pushing him off to the side.

“Cato,” the other guy said smiling. He had darker skin and had brown eyes with black hair that was styled in a quiff.

 "And I’m Chris,” She said when you turned to her. She looked you up and down before turning to Cato before crossing her arms.

 “It’s nice to meet you guys,” You said looking at Chris for a moment before turning to the others.

 “We should leave soon,” Amelia said smiling. You nodded and looked across the courtyard just as Calum and the people he hung out with walked in. Calum looked up and over at you, smirking before he turned the other way.

 “Let’s go,” You said turning to Amelia and smiling. Adam smiled and shoved his hands into his pockets as the four of your started walking toward the parking lot where you got into Amelia’s Nissan, you sitting in the front.

 “So, is it true you live next to Hood?” Cato asked tapping your seat to grab your attention.

 “Uh yeah,” You said nodding. “I haven’t really talked to him.”

 “Have you told her?” Adam asked Amelia.

 “Oh stop,” Chris said rolling her eyes.

 “Just because you think the bloak is attractive doesn’t make him any less bad news,” Amelia said as she drove down the road. “Look, Calum Hood and his mates are just bad news. They go out and drink late at night, get into fights. They cause trouble.”

 “It’s not like you’ve never had a drink before Amelia,” Chris said crossing her arms. You looked in the mirror at Chris, noticing that she was in a rotten mood.

 “I can’t be gone long,” You said looking at Amelia. “I have to get back home to my place to unpack my things.”

 “Alright. It’s not far,” Amelia said smiling. Cato started talking about something that had to do with his maths class and his conversation didn’t stop until you go to the store. You had to admit that the store did have some things that you would have bought in an instance but since you didn’t have your money the trip didn’t take long.

 “Thanks for showing me around today,” You said getting out of Amelia’s car.

 “It was no problem. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Amelia said smiling as Adam played with the radio.

 “It was nice meeting you guys,” You said smiling as you slowly backed up.

 “Bye (Y/N),” Cato said smiling. When Amelia backed out of the driveway and drove down the road you turned around and walked toward your house.

 “Bye Cal,” You heard someone say from next door. Turning in that direction you saw the three guys Calum was hanging out with walking out of his house. The one with the green hair turned and saw you looking. He smiled and waved at you before turning to the other two and then pointed at Calum and said something. Your gazed shifted to Calum who was looking at you making you antsy.

 Without knowing what to do you quickened your pace and walked into your house alarming your puppy. “You’re back late,” Your mom said from the kitchen.

 “I met some people in class,” You said picking up your Pitbull, Busted, and walking into the kitchen.

 “I told you that you were going to make friends,” Your mom said smiling.

 “Well I’m pretty sure that one of the people that I met hates me,” You said sitting down and playing with Busted.

 “Why’s that?” Your mom said leaning back in her seat. There were still numerous boxes that sat all over the kitchen and everywhere else.  

 “I think it’s because we live next to that guy Calum,” You said standing up.

 “Have you talked to him?” Your mom asked.

 “Briefly, but I’ve been told to stay away from him,” You said walking down the hall and to your room. Apparently he’s bad news.”

 “And are you?” Your mom asked.

 “You know me,” You said putting Busted on your bed. “I’m never one to really follow rules but he is a bit intimidating.”

 Looking around your room you picked the first box that said your name and opened it up, seeing that there were wall decorations and not towels. As you searched you started to unpack, accepting the fact you were going to be living in Sydney for the next year or so. Once you had gotten through a whole box you found your iPhone speakers and the top of other box, allowing you to hook up your phone and play some All Time Low and other artist that you enjoyed.

 Once the music started you looked out of your window, seeing Calum walking around his room having an intense conversation on the phone. Before he could notice you were watching you opened your window, letting the cool air into your hot room, closing the curtains and walking around singing.

 After putting a couple picture on the walls and your string of lights around your bed you got down and started to walk toward the box that was by your bathroom, hoping that it was the towels. “You sing beautifully,” someone said from the other side of your curtain.

 You froze hoping you just thought you heard something but then you head a tapping on your window. Hesitantly, you walked over to the curtains, slowly pulling them back until you saw Calum standing outside of your window. “What are you doing here?” You asked as Calum hopped up, sitting on your window sill and looking into your room.

 “I heard you from my room when I opened the window,” He said looking at Busted when you small Pitbull started to bark. “You have a dog,” He said smiling before standing up and walking over to your bed, holding his hand out.

 “So you just walk into people’s rooms a lot?” You asked looking around your room.

 “As often as I can,” Calum said smiling when Busted started to lick his hand. “Nice friends,” He said looking at your pictures hanging up on the wall.

 “Oh thanks,” You said hugging yourself as you looked at his tattoos. Calum looked at you and smirked before looking at your desk and seeing all of the textbooks that your mom picked up for you.

 “I take it you’re a good student,” He said walking over and picking your Forensic Science book.

 “Yes,” You said walking over and taking it from him.

 “I saw you walking with Amelia, Adam, Cato, and the other girl,” Calum said looking at you before walking over to your bed and laying down.

 “And I saw you with…those guys you hang out with,” You said amazed that he was laying on your bed.

 “Michael, Luke, and Ashton,” Calum said sitting up.

 “(Y/N),” Your mom said from the kitchen. “Dinner is ready.”

 “You haven’t eaten dinner yet?” Calum asked looking at the clock.

 “We eat a late dinner,” You said letting go of yourself and walking over to the window. “Now I have a lot of homework to do and have to eat.”

 “Alright, alright princess. I’ll let you get back to the homework,” Calum said walking back over to the window. He hopped out of the window and turned around to look at you. “Your new mates have probably told you some bad things about me but I would watch out for Adam.”

 “Are you saying that they’re wrong?” You asked raising your eyebrow.

 “Oh no, they’re absolutely right. Just keep an eye on Adam,” Calum said before walking away. You rolled your eyes and closed the window, locking it and shutting the curtains.

 “Did I hear another voice?” Your mom asked sticking her head in. You rolled your eyes and walked out of your room, Busted following. If Calum appearing like that was going to be a regular thing you were going to have to move.


hope you liked it.