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Minimal Math Concepts +

These are the work of Marlon Tenório, who runs a blog called minimalmathconcepts. What he does is take concepts and illustrate them in a exquisite fashion. Check him out! His work is remarkable.

And if you really like his work, you can also buy his goodies on-line here.

Kudos MMC+ on such a good work and all the very best to you mate :)

** When FYP surfaced on Tumblr, we were just another blog. And big giants like space-exploration and mind-blowing-science, were so generous to uplift us. And we are just following the Tumblr tradition :) Cheers!


Complex Wooden Book Reveals Story with Solving Stages Of Puzzles

Industrial designer Brady Whitney designed an innovative puzzle, Codex Silenda, in the form of a book, which can only be unlocked and read once the puzzle is solved. The brain wracking device is diabolically complex book composed of laser cut wood panels that have mechanical keys to unhinge. 

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