math and science week

MBTI Types as described by ESFP

DISCLAIMER: stereotypes enforced, caffeine levels high, spelling is at an alltimelow  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- doesn’t like to fight
- so smol
- low self esteem AF
- doesn’t want to inconvenient you
- friendship bubble max capacity is 3

- sinks to the ground to be closer to the floor where they sleep in a puddle of their life disappointments
- black belt in guilt tripping
- shy little relatable cinnamon roll
- is jesus sometimes
- “no no no nooooooooooooo”

- lots of ppl always have crushes on them
- flower crowns for all
- “can you give me some common words for my poem”
- ya’ll can party pretty hard tho
- may have accidentally snorted crack at a rave

- ball of sadness
- chocolate non-optional
- don’t say mean things to them unless you’re prepared for water works (re: Niagara Falls)
- likes smol animals
- emotional AF but never has any real drama

- expert on all things
- quiet AF bc their brain is already plotting your death
- planner of planners
- “why are you still here”
- *stares*

- can actually survive waiting for the next episode
- planner/calendar/watch fetish
- puntual ALWAYS
- judgmental AF
- productive member of society

- sexy car mechanic
- when they’re not working on that bod at the gym, they like to demolish your ass at every sport you can think of
- more lonely than you think
- alternates between tinder fkboi and warm cuddly bear, no in between
- likes to build things (and then DESTROY THEMMMMM)

- whenever they’re not talking, they’re fantasizing about an orgy beyween math & science
- bumps into things
- “Assignment is due next week.  Start as early as you can.  You won’t be able to finish it in one night …” “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”
- no sense of time, only knows day from night and that there is something called a Minute Hand???
- has emotions but has no idea what to do with them or what to do with other people’s emotions

- suburban soccer mom
- will remember every single time you did them wrong, watch out
- armed with sassy sarcastic insults usable at any time to defend anyone
- do not overfeed with alcohol
- your go-to source for all the gossip within a 25km radius

- your official psychiatrist
- secretly protective/jealous/stubborn AF … even when it’s not a secret, will continue to deny it
- gets a high whenever you share a personal secret with them
- more potato than cinnamon roll
- turned on by emotional vulnerability and cult leadership

- needs to be surrounded by at least 1 or more people during both waking and sleeping hours
- expert story teller regardless of alcohol lvl
- actually very insightful and observant regarding other people
- catastrophizes when under stress, preventable by not taking their spotlight
- can cry on cue, it’s a universally preprogrammed function

- will miss 4/10 hangouts you set up by accident
- likes to pet dogs (when no dogs around, they like to be pet)
- friends you on facebook after talking to you 0.8 times
- tunnel vision is 20/20 (obsessive AF and will not listen to anything contrary to what they already believe/see)
- sparkly

- disgusted by disorganization
- do not be late if you are meeting an ESTJ, you have been warned
- suit fetish
- sat in a tub filled with money at least one time
- gives unsolicited advice on how to do things but it works, trust meh

- if they could, they’d work while sleeping (scientists are working on it, dun worry)
- will give you criticism BUT it’s only to help you … because you clearly didn’t know what you were doing
- all about power and dominance
- quite sexually skilled, knows what they want, and knows how to please you
- does not understand the concept of tl;dr (skimming is for quitters)

- fkboy all day errday
- gets turned on by a few things but you will be constantly aroused while in their presence
- crafty and inventive AF (will re-purpose your kitchen island into a hidden stairway that goes to narnia)
- colourful vocabulary (when it comes to swear words)
- likes to dominate things and people (WARNING: you will find this to be VERY attractive)

- likes to yell and likes puns (sometimes may yell puns or make puns about yelling)
- will rebel against you just for the sake of rebelling
- flirting game ON POINT
- gets lost on (multiple) occasion(s)
- will play devil’s advocate for sexual foreplay


you can do this - may 27th 2017

doing cute notes on algebra is actually the most relaxing part of my study sessions. It kinda helps me with stress since I’m starting finals next friday. I can believe that my first year of college is almost over ! To all my freshmen fellas: you’re not alone, we can do this !!!

Dreaming of You

A/N: I’m lying in bed sick, while writing this. In this imagine I switch from 1st person view to narrative, but don’t worry you’ll notice when it does. This imagine was inspired by my dream last night. Lmao. I might do a part 2 for this, so stay tuned!


Part 2

Archie x Reader

Summary: After your dream about Archie Andrews, you can’t help falling for him…

Warnings: none

Word Count: don’t know

Abbreviations: Y/N: Your name Y/N/N: Your nickname


I was sitting on the floor hugging my knees closer to my body. It was freezing, and I was feeling sick already. Archie sat beside me, he was wearing his signature varsity jacket. Oh, how you wished I had a cuddly jacket too. The place was un- recognizable, it seemed like I was stuck in a warehouse. I rubbed my hands together hoping to create heat, but it was no use. Archie took his jacket off, and placed it gently on my shoulders.


Heat was still radiating from the jacket. It was cuddly and nice.

“All better.” He said with a smile. A warm feeling rushed through my body, my heart melted when I saw his smile. It was nice of him, to give me his jacket.


My alarm blarred, scaring me half to death. I got up and turned it off. Ugh, my nose is sniffily and I feel like my eye balls could burn off any second now. I collapsed back into my bed cuddling close to my bed sheets. Perfect timing! My dream was just getting to the good stuff. I daydreamed the rest of it and before I knew it was 8:25, 5 MINUTES UNTIL WARNING BELL

I grabbed the first hoodie I saw and put it on. PANTS! I need to wear pants, not my Pyjamas! I haphazardly brushed my hair, as fast as could without pulling my scalp off and threw it in a ponytail. I looked at the mirror. Okay, I look representable. Now out the door! I grabbed my wallet (for food), books and bag, and I rushed out the door. Then realizing I didn’t lock door, I went back, searched through my bag frantically for my key and locked it. I sprinted to school. NO, NO, NO! I can’t have an Archie dream ruin my perfect attendance.

I flew the front door of the school open, everyone looked at me with judging eyes. I looked up at the clock in the hallway, 8:20. Crap! I read the clock wrong. I smiled awkwardly and tryed to regain myself. Students quickly carried on to what they were doing before, as if I was yesterday’s news. I went to the cafeteria and bought some breakfast and headed straight to my locker.

I stopped abruptly when I see who was in front of my locker. Archie Andrews. My stomach fluttered nervously. Why was I nervous? I don’t like Archie. Ugh, it’s just a stupid dream Y/N/N! You approached him.

“Uhhh… excuse me…” You said in small voice, you pointed at your locker and avoided eye contact.

“Ya, of course.” He rushed out of my way.

He looked at you. He has never heard you speak before. At least not directly. As you grabbed your books, he studied your face. You are beautiful he thought. What classes do we have together? He said the question out loud without realizing it.

“Me? Well, we have Science together, first block and Math last block this week.” I said while trying to remember if I have any more classes with him that I forgot to mention. I caught him off guard.

“Hellooo?” I said, extending the O. I don’t think he heard me.

“I said we ha-”

“Ya, I know I heard you, I just didn’t realize I said it out loud.” He said in a shy smile. I blushed lightly.

“Do you want to go to science together? I mean, only if you want to.“

“Ya, sure let me get my binder. As I was in the process of grabbing it, my sketch book spews out, sketches after sketches scattered across the floor. I tryed tried to pick them up vigorously. Why now? Archie helped me pick them up before someone steps on them. He starred in awwwe at one of the sketches. I looked to see which one it was. Ohhhh, no. It was a sketch of him and his friends.

“Ugh, I thought you guys looked really happy, so I thought would draw you guys.” I said in a nervous sequence.

“In a none creepy way, of course.” I added. I gulped the last piece of dignity left.

“Wow, this is really good.” His eyes softened in sincerity. You were so different from afar he thought. He never knew what you really were doing in that sketch book. Now he starred at you in amazement. He helped you up.

You closed your locker door and both of you went of to science.

“Those drawings were amazing!” He said breaking the silence.

“Thank you.” You scoffed and smiled shyly.

“No, really they are. Say, would you like to hang out with me during lunch? My friends will be there too, and I bet they will like you.” He raised his eyebrows for an answer.

Oh, Archie. If I didn’t have that dream about you I would’ve said no.

“Yes! I would love too.”


A/N: I hope you enjoyed that! Please send feedback if you have any, it wI’ll be greatly appreciated! ;)

terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

Voltron crew going to a university? Like an AU?

I really liked this one and am adding Matt to it because he’s important to me


  • Sad, starving art major.
  • Lives off ramen and prayer
  • Has his own apartment he lived in before going to school. He let Lance live there because?? More money for rent and food.
  • He’s a terrible roommate. He leaves a lot of hair in the shower and steals Lance’s food.
  • Still takes 8 a.m. classes because he’s a masochist.
  • Uses Lance as a model for a lot of his art and screams because Lance likes to move it move it (some times on purpose, sometimes not)
  • Has his fucking wall of conspiracy theories. It’s in the livingroom still. Lance hates it. They can’t have company over anymore. Keith needs to move that shit into his fucking bedroom.


  • He can’t decide if he wants to go into nursing or astronomy. As of right now, he hasn’t chosen his major. He’s probably going to go with astronomy.
  • Has changed his major at least five times.
  • Got in on a soccer scholarship
  • Still plays soccer for the school. He hates that he sometimes has to get up at the asscrack of dawn to practice, but he deals with it because playing is fun and he loves it and needs that sweet cash
  • Almost went into the air force and brags about how brave he is, even though he dropped out at the last second to go to college.
  • Dabbed with his English professor. 


  • Freshman, but somehow very smart and not completely cringy? A rare breed. Still cringy, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t The Worst.
  • Chemistry/Physics dual major.
  • Has a mental breakdown at least twice a month, if not more.
  • All their classes are in the afternoon. Matt forced them to. “Don’t make the same mistakes as me. Save yourself.”
  • In the marching band and suffers from never being able to stay in fucking step while playing.


  • Engineering major!!
  • Friends with Lance since elementary school. They both planned that they’d go to the same college and be next-door nabors when they were adults. (They even wanted to marry twins so that they’d be brother-in-laws.)
  • Honestly smart enough to get into MIT and Yale, but decided to go to a state school to be close to home and so he isn’t in debt for the rest of his life.
  • Tutors freshmen, especially with math and science. That’s how he met Pidge!
  • Joined a frat for two weeks before leaving and never going back.


  • Astrobiology major
  • The senior that everyone loves and is friends with a bunch of underclassmen for some reason.
  • Refuses to bring alcohol to any parties where there’ll be anyone underage. 
  • Can’t get A Break
  • On the football team.
  • Has the Most school spirit! He gets all dressed up for spirit rallies and cheers on the sports teams at any game he can make it to. He’ll do his homework in the bleachers when his room gets cramped or his roomate has people over.


  • Going for a PhD in sociology.
  • Also a senior. She has her shit together. She lives in her own apartment, has a part time job at the frozen yogurt shop near the school, captain of the women’s basketball team, and somehow looks flawless daily.
  • Halsey’s #1 fan. Has dragged Shiro and Matt to one of her concerts and got them hooked on her music, too.
  • Her apartment has so many cacti. She really wanted a dog, but she’s so busy between basketball practice, school, work, and friends that the only thing she can have without killing are cacti.


  • Accounting major.
  • He’s that weird kid who does math for fun. He asks Pidge to write him calculus equations when he’s bored.
  • Spends more time in Shiro and Pidge’s dorms than his own. One of his rommates smokes constantly in there, so he just kind of crashes ast Shiro’s a lot.
  • The Gayest™. As soon as he moved into his dorm he came out to his parents, just in case they didn’t support him. But they did!! And he’s super happy that he can finally be himself around everyone.
  • Has gone to every single football game since he came to school and cheers so loud for Shiro (and Pidge, when they’re marching). He’s the overzealous kid who brings a cowbell and an airhorn.

General headcanons

  • Shiro also tries to keep his friends away from alcohol as much as possible, because none of them are legally allowed to yet. It’s hard though, and Keith and Lance will 100% start a drinking competition. 
  • He had to take them both to the ER one time after about 11 shots each. Neither really drinks anymore for fear of having their stomachs pumped again.
  • Shiro and Matt met in their Calculus class because they’re giant nerds. They sat next to each other and became friends using math jokes.
  • Everyone goes to Allura’s games and cheers her on
  • Allura, Shiro, and Matt call themselves the Senior Squad
  • Hunk, Keith, and Lance are the Sophomore Squad
  • Pidge is the Fucking Freshman
  • Everyone cries at graduation, but like they all stay in the same area and hang out later that week??
  • Everyone makes fun of Pidge by saying shit like “When I was your age” and, whenever they do anything, in an annoyed tone “Freshmen.”
  • Hunk, Pidge, and Lance once broke into the school’s website and rerouted every link to the music video of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

!! Hello !! We are middle school muse !!

Before we get started, we need to set some ground rules:

1. Though any ship is possible, we highly recommend rare pairings. Of course popular pairings are fine as well ( we are incredibly fond of NicoMaki, so it’s end game we’re afraid )!!

2. This is a story based ask blog. Even so, the story will only pop up on occasion, and not every question will be necessarily addd to the lore.

3. Each week is a full class period; six weeks, a full school day.

The list goes as follows:

- English ( for Nico, English and Elective are switched, as her elective is student aide for the English teacher )

- Elective

- World Geography / History / Computers

- Math

- Science

- Health / P.E.

Each period, as previously stated, is one week. Different students will be having different periods, so don’t expect all of them to be in the same classes. During third and sixth period, we will be switching between classes depending on asks.

5. The askbox will be opened on weekends only, Friday to Monday.

6. After five asks for a ship, we will announce that one of them is officially crushing on the other. After five more asks have been sent for one to confess to the other, a comic will be made with the results of the confession. We do not promise they will always end up together.

7. Middle. School. Drama.

8. Everyone’s low key pinning over the other ( some more than others ). Also, lots of jealousy and saltiness ( mostly from Maki but you knew that already ).

9. We’ll be announcing events ( such as Halloween dance, Winter dance, Valentines dance, etc. ) !!

10. Maki is the main character but asks are still separated.

11. Any ask is fine except for NSFW. They are, after all, middle schoolers.

12. Third years are all 14, second years are 13, first years are 12. ( yes, 12 year olds do in fact get into relationships ).

13. Every Friday a new period is announced.

14. There only two mods: admin Britney and admin Domenicio ( but Dom or Domi is just fine ( hi I’m Domenicio btw )).

Other than that, we hope you all enjoy !! Thank you so much for leaving an ask ( or just checking us out ) !!

In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.

anonymous asked:

What are Australian school's like

well for starters our school years actually correspond to the year (starts january ends december)

our longest holiday is 6 weeks (end of the year) but every ten weeks theres a two week holiday.

there are four classes a day usually, and in my school ‘core’ subjects (English, Humanities, Maths & Science) occur three times a week, your elective (if it’s an ‘art’ semester, it’ll be either Music, Drama, Art or Dance, if its ‘technology’ then Food, Digital, Manual Arts or Textiles) occur twice a week and there are a few other subjects that aren’t important

sport either happens once or twice a week. in my case, there’s a sport elective (one where you travel between schools to play your chosen sport against others or you can stay at school doing a different elective, i chose to stay in the library) and a sports class, which teaches you health and makes you actually exercise.

we don’t get homework over the 6 week holiday (because?? its the end of the school year????) and rarely do for the 2 week holiday.

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can u do headcanon for a maya/smackle friendship

  • it all started when isadora was yelled at in art class
  • like not yelled at exactly but that was how it felt to her
  • the teacher demanded to know why she drew nothing but shapes every lesson
  • she usually had good comebacks (a fact the gang was aware of as they usually had to stop her getting in trouble) but this time she was silent
  • i mean maya was next to her, all ready to throw her hand out and block isadora’s mouth
  • but nothing came out
  • the teacher sighed and moved on to the next pupil, smiling at maya’s drawing of a building
  • but maya didn’t notice because she was too busy frowning at isadora, face creased in worry
  • isadora was mostly silent the rest of the lesson, despite maya’s attempts at conversation
  • the two girls didn’t have that much in common but they usually talked in art class, even if it was about boring stuff like the news
  • but at least it was communication
  • this wasn’t
  • and maya didn’t like it
  • at the end of the class, isadora put away her things quietly and when farkle asked the lot of them if they wanted to sit outside for lunch, she claimed that she needed to finish a project in the library
  • none of the others noticed, laughing among themselves on the walk outisde
  • but maya couldn’t help looking back at isadora’s retreating back
  • ‘sorry guys, i have a test i forgot about… i’ll catch up with you later’
  • in a flash she was gone, hurrying back the way they came and over to the library
  • lucas looked at her strangely, but dismissed it and the four of them continued outside
  • maya had one stop on her way to the library
  • she also had to ask a kid for directions to it on the way
  • but she made it there alive
  • and lo and behold, there was isadora, sitting alone at a table surrounded by books
  • maya went up to her quietly and pulled out the chair opposite
  • ‘maya? what are you doing here?’
  • ‘i wanted to ask you a question.’
  • isadora looked really worried at that, probably nervous that maya would ask her what had happened in art
  • ‘what’s your question?’
  • ‘what the hell is an electrophile?’
  • isadora looked confused
  • ‘what?’
  • maya rolled her eyes
  • ‘i have some stupid chemistry assignment but i can’t for the life of me figure out what an electrophile is’
  • isadora laughed, and maya smiled back, glad that she no longer looked unhappy
  • ‘okay, firstly: positive and negative charge!’
  • (smackle really was in her element now)
  • that whole lunchtime, isadora had explained about the mechanisms and everything else related
  • when she was done explaining, maya’s head was reeling but she finally understood some of it
  • they had ten minutes left before maths, so they gathered their stuff away
  • and then isadora’s stomach rumbled
  • ‘i guess i forgot to eat actual lunch’ she looked sheepish
  • ‘i’ve got you covered’
  • maya smiles as she pulled out two paninis from her bag
  • it becomes a regular thing that at least two days a week, isadora helps maya with science or maths in the library at lunch
  • other days, they sometimes go after school so isadora can tutor maya
  • maya always wanted to do better at school - the only subjects she really did well in were art and spanish - but was always too embarrassed to ask for help
  • she never got embarrassed with isadora though, because isadora never really gave her the chance
  • one day, maya was doodling in the library (having just finished her science homework) while isadora was reading some fascinating textbook (according to her)
  • when suddenly isadora blurts out
  • ‘i know why you’re doing this, maya’
  • maya looks confused
  • ‘so i can understand this shit and do better at school?’
  • isadora laughs (maya is the best person to help her do that)
  • ‘i mean, i know why you started it’
  • (maya is still a little confused)
  • ‘care to explain?’
  • ‘because i suck at art’
  • isadora says it in such a matter of fact way that maya almost misses the hurt in her voice
  • almost
  • ‘you don’t suck, izzy’
  • (because isadora had given maya and only maya the privilege of calling her that now)
  • ‘have you seen my work?’
  • it takes maya a while to explain to isadora that art is subjective; you can’t suck at it just because some people don’t appreciate it
  • ‘you just need to think a little bit more… creatively.’
  • ‘how do i do that?’
  • ‘draw anything you want. anything that makes sense to you, or confuses you, or makes you happy or sad… anything.’
  • maya almost misses isadora’s next sentence, she mumbles it so quietly
  • ‘i like drawing shapes.’
  • ‘then draw shapes, izzy. draw anything you want.’
  • next art class, isadora draws her shapes (again), and the teacher frowns (again) but just moves past her without saying anything
  • he looks down at maya’s work, ready to smile
  • but he frowns (again)
  • because this time, maya has drawn shapes too.
  • ‘what do you think of my work, sir?’ maya asks
  • he stutters, unsure of what to say because how can his prize pupil maya draw something as un-creative as this?
  • ‘it isn’t your best work, maya, i’m sorry to say’
  • next to maya, she can tell that isadora is looking down in embarrassment and apology
  • ‘that’s okay, sir. only i can determine what my best work is, anyway.’
  • she shoots him a bright smile, picks up her paintbrush and keeps painting like nothing had happened
  • the teacher shook his head and walked away, the class went back to drawing and painting, and maya started to hum subconsiously
  • it was all back to normal
  • other than one thing
  • isadora was now drawing with a smile on her face
  • and the shapes on her page were all starting to fit together, looking almost like a house or something
  • a square with a triangle on top, a circle in the corner like a sun, some pretty almost flowers dotted about
  • it really was looking pretty good
  • (not that anyone could tell her otherwise, anyway)
Pete Wentz School of Emo
  • My Chemical Romance: replaces history, taught by Ray Toro
  • Panic! At The Disco: replaces english and/or math, taught by Dallon Weekes
  • Fall Out Boy: replaces science, taught by Patrick Stump
  • Fake Sports: replaces gym, taught by Andy Hurly
  • Eye-Liner: replaces art, taught by Headmaster (heh) Pete Wentz
  • Music: taught by Brendon Urie
  • Green Day: replaces advanced history, taught by Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Stage Moves: replaces athletics, taught by Frank Iero and Tré Cool
  • Fashion: replaces any design course, mainly taught by Marina Diamandis and Melanie Martinez but most everyone else teaches at some point
  • Stage Gay: replaces theatre/speech, taught by Brendon Urie & Ryan Ross, Frank Iero & Gerard Way, and Billie Joe Armstrong & Tré Cool
  • Holy Trinity: replaces theology/sociology/psychology, taught by Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, and Brendon Urie
  • Soul Voice: replaces choir, taught by Patrick Stump (Brendon Urie is occasionally a guest speaker)
  • Sass: replaces physics/biology/chemistry, taught by Gerard Way
  • Screaming: taught by Headmaster Pete Wentz, Amy Lee, and Andy Biersack
  • Tears: replaces criminology, taught by Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, Bob Bryar, all of Fall Out Boy, and the rest of My Chemical Romance
Chapter 34


Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

Staring at the boxed cakes with my basket full of food items, I felt the juvenile nervousness coming back to me as I silently prayed that my plan would work.


I heard the small voice from behind me, and immediately I spun on my heels, seeing my little friend and his mom standing behind me.

“Wassup Colin?” I said excitedly, getting a glimpse of just how much I missed him. 

He was starting to look a little bit disheveled, but he still ran towards me, hugging my leg. “I miss you,” he said, squeezing tight. 

“I miss you, too, man. You being good for me?”

Colin looked up and nodded, showing off two fresh scratches on his face. “I haven’t got no more reds in class,” he said proudly.

“That’s good,” I said, picking him up. “You’re doing good!”

“Um,” he said quietly, picking at his small fingers. “When can I… when can I come back with you?”

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Think Alike

Womp. This took way too long to come out with. At the very least, I have a much better idea of where I was planning on going with this, so that should make writing easier. :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2]

Title: Think Alike

Summary: Adrien never really considered himself an artist per se. He only ever considered what he did a hobby, something that he did for joy and not for obligation. But Marinette held his prints up to the light, smiled up at the glossy photos he’d spent hours shooting and editing, and looked at them like they were practically perfect. And how could Adrien not let his chest swell up at the sight of her pride?

Chapter 3: Natural

Okay, so wait, what am I bringing?”

Adrien readjusted his shoulder to keep his cellphone pinched between his ear and his shoulder as he started packing up extra camera straps in his bag. “Okay, imagine that I just told you that you were DJing an end of the year party with tons of people and sick music. What would you bring?”

Dude, that’s so gonna depend on at least seven different factors…”

“Why seven?”

Well, I need to get a sense of the people. Then pick a mood. Then start pulling out playlists. Then picking which songs need remixes. Then deciding which songs I’m gonna make mash-ups. Then I gotta throw in random songs to keep the whole mix interesting, then — ”

“Okay,” Adrien interrupted. “Simplest conditions, nothing complicated, bare boned necessities.”

Uhh….laptop, headphones, chargers, speakers, outputs…maybe a Launchpad if I was feeling really intense. Why?”

Adrien zipped up his camera bag and double checked to make sure he had spare memory cards, just in case. “How annoying would it be to bring all that to school with you?”

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The first prompt for the POCecil week, pitifully late - Cecil meets Carlos’ family. Adder and I collaborated by me doing the art and he providing a short fic. I’ll post sketches of the individual family members later if I remember but basically they are all a huge bunch of nerds interested in different fields of science and they like to get together and loudly discuss their latest theses and interesting articles they’ve read recently. Carlos is the second youngest one. :) 


Carlos is- fidgety. There’s really no other way to describe it, he decides, disparaging as he straightens his hair (uselessly, as always) in the mirror, fixes his Christmas lab-coat (warm, thicker than normal, strong lapels, cinnamon scent clinging to it after an Incident six years ago on Christmas Eve). After a moment, he gives up, running his fingers through his hair once more and then turning to face the music, so to speak.

He sets his face, stony and tense, and walks out to meet Cecil. “Okay,” he says, grim and solid. He takes a slow, deep breath, very tense, mouth thinning. “…Let’s go out and meet up with my family.” ———- The lead-in to the park is filled with Cecil’s increasingly anxious glances to Carlos, and hand-squeezing. Carlos walks like a man condemned, head bowed a little as he focuses, and when they reach the park (not the Dog Park, of course; Carlos has been taking readings on the outer walls of that place and finds the results disturbing) but one of the more shaded parks in the city itself, odd raspy-leaved trees stretching their gaunt limbs out over the out-of-place vibrancy of green, lush grass and polished-wood picnic tables. He swallows, and then calls out, voice in stilted, flat Spanish. “Hola. ¿Qué hubo?”  Like jackals, he thinks, and braces himself as all five of them turn, all dark smooth skin and vibrant eyes, and shout out in greeting. He braces himself like a wave as his family comes rushing forward, and Cecil tenses, reaches for his pocket. “Don’t,” Carlos soothes, sotto voce, lashes lowering. “They’re not dangerous, just- enthusiastic.” Cecil, briefly, looks blank, and then realisation dawns as Carlos’ brother, all graceful long limbs and long hair and dark skin, picks Carlos up bodily to squeeze him. “NO. Stop. Let go, stop it, this is not dignified-” Carlos’ struggles are in vain; his labcoat is inevitably rumpled and he gives up, pushing sullenly at his brother’s chest, half-hearted now that the damage is done, huffing audibly, and Cecil beside him starts to laugh a little, covering his mouth with his hands to try to catch the involuntary noise. Well, Carlos reasons dully. It is Night Vale. It might even work. ——- After introductions (loud, delighted, including everyone’s vocation and full of his mother’s looming over everyone and laughing delightedly at every charming moment), Carlos is mercifully permitted to go and have one of his well-known breathers. They weren’t really expecting him to drag Cecil off too, but he does, and they sit under a tree at the other end of the park, the quiet end, while Carlos rubs his head and rhythmically clenches his hands, trying to calm himself and ground himself in his body again. Cecil gazes at him. (Beautiful Cecil.) Uncertain, he opens his mouth to say something, and Carlos cuts him off by speaking, voice squashed-flat, getting this out as quickly as he can. “I love my family. I- do, don’t misunderstand that. It’s just hard for me to deal with- contact and loud noise.” Cecil hums, and then reaches out- hesitates. Carlos closes the gap, covering Cecil’s hand lightly and watching his expression light up with a detached, distant sort of amazement that he’s the reason for this incredible man to look so pleased. After a moment, struggling, he continues. “It takes me a little while to get into the swing of interacting with them, because they’re not- quiet like me. I was always quiet, but it’s not- we’re all very focused on what we do. And I like that, and I love them all, but sometimes when we’re all together at the same time it gets- loud.” “Oh, Carlos,” Cecil breathes - always with the melodramatic responses, he’s gazing at Carlos now with sympathy, and he can feel himself cringing under it, but- “It’s okay, you’re brave and I’m here with you. We’ll get through this. Besides, it’s only an hour or so before they bring out the chained wailing-women to sacrifice to the librarians! Then your loud family won’t even be audible.” He beams at Carlos, the solution having clearly fixed the problem. Carlos focuses on not sinking down into a slouch. What has he done, bringing Cecil to his family. So many things are going to happen. Oh, no. “Right,” he mutters, and gives up and sinks down a little, squeezing Cecil’s hand while he’s beamed at.

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