HRVAstuck’s first ever Valentine’s/Matespritstag Ball!!

Again, a big thank you to everyone who helped and attended! We hope you all had a great time and made new friends! <3

All pictures can be found in my Facebook album here. I’ll be uploading a few of them, so it would be great if you held off on reposting them for like  a day? Then go ahead and post what I haven’t if you wish, just make sure to tag it “valentines matespritstag ball”!

Enjoy! <3

Reasons you should vote for DiminutiveGhosties for Matespritstag ball:

So hey!! People going to the makesprit/valentine’s ball, there is a super cool lady called Caroline that seriously deserves some votes!!

  • she is insanely smart and has like a 9.3 GPA or something crazy like that
  • she has a black belt!! I literally don’t know anyone else with a black belt!!
  • what a quality cosplayer, I mean goddamn:

like i’m pretty sure she fucking hand sewed most of her fancy dreamer Rose holy shit and look what a qt she is in every situation

  • not only did she get into a prestigious university, they sent her a handwritten postcard based on her amazing application
  • she’s an amazing friend and nice to everyone she meets
  • and she is a really talented actress who somehow manages to juggle cosplay, grades, and a bunch of extracurricular stuff??

i think this decision is clear

(ps we were supposed to post a video for this, but me and Laura are both really sick, but we couldn’t be more proud of how Caroline has grown in the past year and a half– not only as a cosplayer, but as an individual. it’s really been a pleasure knowing her! Kn0ck ‘em dead Car0line 0u0!)

Matespritstag Art Exchange 2016

Hello, Mod Pep here with the promised event post! We’re a little ahead of our schedule because the more time we have to sort out the pages and everything the better.

How does it work?

Everyone who wants to participate must fill >> THIS GOOGLE FORM << before January 31st.

On February 1st,  we’ll publish a numbered list of all our participants, and send everyone an ask with a number. The person whose number matches the one you were sent is the one you’ll be making a gift for! Once we’ve sent all the asks, we’ll make a post saying we have done so - if you haven’t received yours, don’t be afraid to come to us about the issue. If you’re not sure if you were included, please check the participants page or send us an ask.

You can start revealing your gifts on Valentines day (February 14th), but you actually have until February 24th to post your art, so no worries if you’re busy that night. Tag it as #fantrollcharity, as you would with normal entries, and remember to include the URL of the person you made it for! We will then reblog all the art and tag it as #Matespritstag Art Exhange 2016 and the recipient’s URL.


  1. Since our theme is fantrolls, all requests must be fantroll related!
  2. Additionally, this is a ship art exchange. Please don’t enter if you’re not comfortable with making art of two (or more) characters in the same piece.
  3. This exchange is for the flushed quadrant. Please don’t enter with any other kinds of relationships. (Exes, one-sided crushes and complicated situations including quadrant flipping are all okay, as long as it’s flushed in one way or another.)  We will have events for the other three quadrants later.
  4. Regarding poly relationships: They are fine but please don’t make them the only option, so that no one is forced to draw more characters than everyone else. The relationships must still be flushed; for example, don’t include one of the trolls’ kismesis and use poly as an excuse unless they’re also the other troll’s second matesprit or in a quadflip relationship.
  5. You can request NSFW and gory art, but do not make them the only option.Some people might not be of age or otherwise comfortable drawing those things. As usual, you and your troll/s must be of age too.  We will make a separate page for requests that are too explicit to show on the general requests page.
  6. Likewise, don’t make NSFW or gory work for anyone who hasn’t asked for it. Put very explicit works under a readmore and tag it accordingly.
  7. Remember that this is a bigger commitment than the Raffle feature is. If you bail out after entering, you’ll leave someone without a gift! We can arrange compensation art, but you will be put on our blacklist until you’ve done your part.
  8. Don’t reveal yourself to your assigned person before posting the art!
  9. The pairing up process will be a little different this time: We will try to pair people based on their art preferences for receiving and making the art. People with less specific preferences will still be paired up randomly, as well as people with no perfect matches. Regardless, no complaints about either the person making art for you or who you’re making art for. Let’s all be nice to each other!
  10. If we notice that you ignored the rules while reading your application, it will be automatically discarded. You will be sent an ask about it and you will be welcome to resend your application if you fix the issue.

If you have questions, they might be already answered in our SS2015 tag. If not, feel free to inquire! Have fun!

- Mod Pep

Moirailween Art Exchange 2016 is now finished!

All entries have been posted! It took a while, but we don’t mind the delay since no scrambling or compensation art was needed. Thank you everyone who participated and I hope you enjoyed the exchange!

Currently, the Secret Santa Exchange’s applications are still running. Hopefully we’ll also see you again for Matespritstag exchange’s second run in late January - February!

- Mod Pep