HRVAstuck’s first ever Valentine’s/Matespritstag Ball!!

Again, a big thank you to everyone who helped and attended! We hope you all had a great time and made new friends! <3

All pictures can be found in my Facebook album here. I’ll be uploading a few of them, so it would be great if you held off on reposting them for like  a day? Then go ahead and post what I haven’t if you wish, just make sure to tag it “valentines matespritstag ball”!

Enjoy! <3

Reasons you should vote for DiminutiveGhosties for Matespritstag ball:

So hey!! People going to the makesprit/valentine’s ball, there is a super cool lady called Caroline that seriously deserves some votes!!

  • she is insanely smart and has like a 9.3 GPA or something crazy like that
  • she has a black belt!! I literally don’t know anyone else with a black belt!!
  • what a quality cosplayer, I mean goddamn:

like i’m pretty sure she fucking hand sewed most of her fancy dreamer Rose holy shit and look what a qt she is in every situation

  • not only did she get into a prestigious university, they sent her a handwritten postcard based on her amazing application
  • she’s an amazing friend and nice to everyone she meets
  • and she is a really talented actress who somehow manages to juggle cosplay, grades, and a bunch of extracurricular stuff??

i think this decision is clear

(ps we were supposed to post a video for this, but me and Laura are both really sick, but we couldn’t be more proud of how Caroline has grown in the past year and a half– not only as a cosplayer, but as an individual. it’s really been a pleasure knowing her! Kn0ck ‘em dead Car0line 0u0!)

Matespritstag Art Exchange 2016 has been launched!

Phew! Every ask (or message, since some of you didn’t have your askbox on) should be sent now. Sorry it took so long, I fell asleep in the middle. :’) If you didn’t receive yours and your URL is on this post, DEFINITELY contact us as soon as possible.

Find the list of participants and their requests here!

Feel free to approach us if some of the links don’t work, you have a correction to your own request or there’s another issue. Remember that being off anon will help us a lot, though, so that we know exactly what need fixing for whom!

Now that the event can officially begin, let’s go through some basic rules and guidelines again:

  1. Read everything & check out all the links provided in the request. They’re there for a reason! (Of course, if there’s a link to a lengthy tag, I doubt anyone’s expecting you to go through it all - still, it’s better to look at some of it just in case)
  2. On that note, please double (or triple) check your number to make sure you’re arting for the right person.
  3. Respect people’s preferences - don’t make NSFW if not asked, etc. If you’re a minor, please do not make NSFW at all, even if it was allowed!! We tried to accommodate to people’s preferences and not have minors draw for people with the most explicit request options, yes, but just in case.
  4. If you feel like the requests are difficult, don’t sweat it - just try your best, it will be enough!
  5. You only need to make ONE of the requests. If you feel nice you can make more of them or multiple pictures, but really, just one is enough.
  6. However, remember that it’s a ship art exchange so please don’t only draw one of the trolls in one request.
  7. Don’t reveal yourself to your assigned person before you’ve posted the art! You can ask them questions on anon if they have it on, but stay secret. If it’s something necessary for you to know and you can’t ask them on anon, we can probably ask for you.
  8. Posting art begins on February 14th and continues until February 24th.
  9. Remember to put explicit NSFW and gore under a readmore or a clickthrough, so that those who want to avoid it can do so even when blacklisting is unavailable.
  10. Art should be tagged as #fantrollcharity, just like raffle art (note lack of space and symbols in the middle). When we reblog it, we will tag it with the recipient’s url/s and #matespritstag art exchange 2016.
  11. We will come after you if you haven’t posted your art by the absolute deadline! If you decide to be a dick and ditch your duty altogether, you will put on the blacklist and you can’t take part in our events again.
  12. It would be nice if you liked this post if you entered, just so we know you’ve read it!

That’s all for now! Of course, you can always ask questions if there’s something you’re uncertain about, but maybe try checking the old Secret Santa tag and the newer Matespritstag art exchange tag first. Have fun!

- Mod Pep

Matespritstag art exchange entries are officially closed!

I thought we should probably post a list of people participating before making the actual page just so everyone has a confirmation that they’re in.

@gildedvagabond, @princehooked, @children-of-weather, @midinion (don’t know why the tagging isn’t working?), @runnerrabbit, @qveenriver, @rumminov, @roleplayingthesis, @mother-grub, @hamtigers@fishytrolls, @iliterallyhavenolife, @princeofslumber, @oh-no-another-hot-oc, @cyanlions, @antivan, @clysmian, @trolligarchy, @tavroshasaproblem, @grand-king-tooru, @stars-and-rectangles, @erythros-anthos, @inka-chan, @grovey​, @that-one-gemini​, @millastrollcity​, @lightbulge​, @pennytherobot​, @heliotropehero​, @ladisputes​, @draconicwolf1​, @ironic-strawberry​, @diet-twist​, @sarcastic-raspberry​, @thespritelady

If you feel like you absolutely cannot be paired up with someone on the list because of drama or other personal reasons, please let us know so that we can work around it during our pair up process.

We’ll get the requests page done and the numbers sent to you before Feb 1st is over and make another post with reminders of deadlines, rules and whatnot afterwards. Thank you for entering!

- Mod Pep

Spotlight troll 74

Hello everyone! Thanks for another excellent week of art! I’m here to announce the next winner, but first a reminder: there are only FOUR HOURS left to enter the Matespritstag Art Exchange! If you were planning on entering that and haven’t yet, please consider! Onto the next troll…

Tulisi Otthon!

Creator url: grand-king-tooru
Additional Information: (profile) (tag) (fullbody ref)  Tulisi is almost endlessly optimistic about everything and everyone. This sometimes gets her into trouble as she is easily misled. She loves arts and crafts and is very friendly! She’s spent most of her life in or near her hive and as a result, has never met any of her friends in person. She is very close to her lusus, a swine that’s about half her height. Interestingly enough, she always seems to feel better when she’s near fire and sometimes talks to it when she’s lonely.
Preferences: NSFW is ok, but no gore, please!
Special Request: 
You could draw her working on a craft (candle carving is one of her favorites!) or just chatting it up with the fire on the hearth. You could also draw her with her matesprit Vatran, her moirail Kontza, or her BFF Lanani!

You have until next Sunday, February 7th to enter!

This will be the tag for the raffle entry art this week.

Our about page is over here, in case you’re confused about this or want more information! Reblog this post to spread the word!

- Mod Rum

anonymous asked:

What if we can't access Google Account? A friend has tried everything to enter in the formulary but can't even know the required fields for anything...

Entries are actually closing right about now, but here’s the form under the cut. You can submit it to our blog filled and we’ll give you a bit of extra time to do it (let’s say an hour or so). Sorry about the trouble :(

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