Categorising SU Episodes!

I made it a project to rewatch all the Steven Universe episodes and sort them into categories; I thought this could be useful as a reference for people who want to watch a bunch of eps which focus on a certain theme, to study a character, make gifs etc. I’ve put an episode on a list if I feel that it gives an insight into this certain theme or character, for example if a character has a lot of key dialogue. The lists of less frequently seen characters (e.g. Jamie, Opal) contain all episodes in which they appear.

I’ll be updating regularly as episodes go on.

Please reblog if you feel you or your followers could use this post! This was a surprisingly challenging thing to make and I’d really appreciate it!

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anonymous asked:

What are the names of the episodes airing this month? I know there's about six or so but I'm not so sure about the names and order

there’s 5, it will go:

  • Super Watermelon Island / Gem Drill (double feature)
  • Same Old World
  • Barn Mates
  • Hit the Diamond

if im not mistaken