maternity model

No props, no photoshop, no fancy outfits or blankets. Just natural light and a supermodel newborn!

Guys. Modeling is exhausting.


8 months pregnant maternity shoot by Genevieve A.

Highlights of my sister’s baby shower:

-“Orgasm or Childbirth” A fun game where we were shown a picture of a woman & had to guess what the woman was doing (harder than you think)
- Condom-blowing contest (whoever could blow it up the biggest in the time allowed wins, & guess who won)
- Game where they tied an empty tissue box to people’s butts, filled the box with marbles & whoever could twerk the most out wins)
- They gave out wine as a party favor (to the 21+ & non preggers crowd)
- Cards Against Humanity
- her husband had to put on a pregnancy suit & model maternity dresses
- “Guess the melted chocolate bar” (served in diapers)
- Guessing the diameter of her belly using yarn
- “Gay, straight, or other” (Long-term bet on the sexual orientation of the kid, done with cash. The money goes into a college fund & it’s written down who bet how much and on what orientation.)
- More wine
- “I can make you a Mummy” (everyone split into teams & had to wrap someone in toilet paper. The tubes were used in the next game)
- that weird game where the guys held a toilet paper tube between their legs & the women had a plunger between theirs. The women had to “plunge” as many guys as they could in 30 seconds.
- “Lots of secs”, i.e. “How long will she be in labor” but reduced to seconds.