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Wrapped Around Your Finger [Calum Hood - Part 11]



“I’m getting bigger, Calum.” You grinned as you examined yourself in the mirror. You held up your phone and turned the camera so Calum could get a better look at your growing baby bump. “See?”

“I see. I wish I was there.” He moped.

“I know. I miss you too. You’ll be home soon.” You sighed in return as you flipped the camera back around. “How many weeks are you?”

“Eighteen Calum. I’ve told you three million times.”

“How many months is that again?”

“Oh my god, four-and-a-half. I’m nearly there.” You grinned and slightly jumped.

“Half way done. And I’ll be there for the last three. I want to see you now though!” He whined. “I know baby I want to see you too. I’ll see you in less month though, when you come home.”

When you and Calum found out that it was determined to be only five months you could relax a bit. “Oh yeah! The baby kicked for the first time yesterday! It hurt the first time but the more it happened the more it turned into a tickle!” You excitedly exclaimed. “I was wish I was there!” Calum pouted.

“It’ll still be kicking by the time you get back.” You said as you set the phone in an upright position to throw on a shirt. “I guess. It just won’t be the same because it won’t be the very first time.”

“In a way it will be,” you mumbled, “it’d be the first time for you.”

It was quiet for a long time as you carried your phone to the kitchen to look for something to eat. It was hard considering the fact that everything you smelled made you want to barf except beef-jerky, ice-cream, certain sandwiches, and most fruits.

“Calum c’mon lets go.” Luke said from behind Calum, breaking the silence and earning a low, “Alright coming.”

Luke looked up from whatever he was doing and did a belly flop on top of Calum who grunted in slight pain. “Hi Y/n!” Luke sang. “Hey Lukey,” you grinned, “How’ve you been?”

“Great! But I’m ready to come home and sleep in my own bed. Hearing Calum masturbate to you is not exactly what I call relaxing.” He teased.

“Shut up Luke!” Calum pouted.

Luke laughed and got up, “Alright mate we need to go.”

“Where’re you guys going?”

“Rehearsal before the concert tonight,” Luke answered for Calum. You nodded in return and felt sad that Calum had to leave so soon after your first face time call in three weeks.

Calum sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Alright baby-girl I gotta go.” You could see his Adams apple bob up and down as he swallowed. “Right,” You whispered, “You gotta go.”

He looked sympathetically at you, “I love you and I miss you. Thirty-five days okay? Just thirty-five days.” He sighed.

“Alright Calum. Thirty-five days.”

“Maybe thirty-fivedays will be our always.” He giggled. You rolled your eyes and groaned, “Shut up you dork and go to practice. I love you.”

“I love you too baby-girl.”

You smiled and reluctantly pressed the red end button.

Thirty agonizing days went past and you were gaining weight and craving more each and every day. You’d been careful to stay out of publicity as much as possible. Always wearing dark sunglasses and a maternal hoodie each time you would go out, which wasn’t much unless it was to work or the store.

You were frustrated at the moment of the news you’d come across earlier that afternoon. Someone had been stealing from the company and they couldn’t process whether or not it was from someone inside of the company or outside.

“Y/n! Come here!” One of your co-workers busted through your office door. You hastily followed your peer to the elevator, trying your best to keep up with her. “What’s going on?”

“We have a problem,” was all she said.

Once the elevator finally stopped, you struggled to keep up with the fast woman and held your stomach in your hands whilst doing so. “Well what is it?”

“So you know how some ones been stealing from us? Well security isn’t letting anyone up unless they have an access pass and you have a visitor that isn’t taking this rule kindly.”

Her heels clicked heavily against the marble floor and soon you two entered the crowded lobby.

“I’ll wait here why you go fix that.” She disgracefully pointed to the all too familiar figure looking angrily at the security guard in front of him.

Your eyes widened and you would have run over to the boy you missed every day for 5 months if it weren’t for your growing child. The closer you got the more pissed Calum looked at the man in front of him.

“I’m telling you right now, sir, either you leave or I have to escort you out by force.” The guard snapped. Seeing someone other than yourself talk to Calum like that made your blood boil and you quickly stepped between the two.

“Uhm, excuse me,” You started very nicely, “I’ll take care of him. You can leave.” You smiled and the unknown locked gazes with you. “I’m afraid you cannot do that.”

“Don’t you dare tell me what I can or cannot do. This idiot,” you pointed to Calum behind you with your thumb, “is the father of my unborn child and if there is something I need to know about my kid then I’d like to see to it that the information gets to me. Understand?”

The guard took one glance at your round, 5 month old tummy and backed away quietly. You rolled your eyes and turned to Calum with your arms crossed over your chest. “Damn security.” You muttered.

“Ooh, my girlfriend is feisty.” He grinned.

“I suppose these mood swings come in handy. But you’re here!” You squealed as you threw your arms over Calums broad shoulders. “I’m here!” He repeated. “You’re five days early! Oh my god I missed you so much!”

“I missed you two baby-girl. I’m so happy to be home. I’m going to be here for everything now, okay? I’m not leaving your side.” He peppered your neck in loving kisses and dropped to his knees, ignoring the several stares from the people around you. “Daddy is home!” He kissed your stomach and set his hand on your round torso, “C’mon kick for daddy.” He cooed softly. When nothing happened his face fell and he sighed in defeat.

“Don’t worry Calum. It’ll kick for you. It just has to learn your voice,” You reassured, “Now get up because this looks inappropriate.” You pulled him up and pecked his lips. “How about I get off of work and we spend the rest of the day together?”

He nodded with a small smile.

“Just wait here okay? And do not, I repeat, do not say anything to anyone.”

So much for do not talk to anyone. Fans were storming the lobby by the time you got back to him and now your Instagram and twitter blew up with questions such as:

@(twitter/IG) are you pregnant?!

@(twitter/IG) is it calums!

@(twitter/IG) awe calum bbies running around cute xx


@(twitter/IG) DIE.

You flinched at the harsh comments and smiled at the fans going all out to defend you.

“You idiot!” You yelled and slapped his shoulder. “Ow! It’s not like they weren’t going to find out.” He retorted as you two crossed the street. You were constantly refreshing your page and every second a new photo would pop up.

You looked around when the picture of you and Calum crossing the street popped up and noticed the several people with their phones pulled out.

“Oh my god Calum this is embarrassing.”

You hid your face against his chest and he protectively wrapped your arms around you. “C’mon let’s just go home.”

You and Calum quickly walked back to your car, trying your best to ignore the flashing cameras from the teenage girls around you.

When you two finally made it home you shrugged your jacket off of your shoulders and waddled over to your room to throw on one of Calums shirts and some loose pajama shorts. “I think you where my clothes more than I do now.” He chuckled as he came up behind you. “Mm, well they make maternity clothes.” You turned to face him. “Are you saying I’m fat?” He looked offended.

You punched him in the gut and he doubled over in pain. “Are you saying I’m fat?”


“That’s what you just said!”

“I didn’t mean it like that!”

You shrugged and left him alone in the room to get a pint of triple chocolate ice-cream and sat on the couch with Netflix. “Baabbee.” Calum whined as he trailed after you. You ignored him still, deciding he didn’t deserve your attention. “Y/n!” He collapsed next to you and you greedily stuck your spoon in the pint of ice-cream. “The silent treatment now huh? Alright fine.” He crossed his arms and huffed. You smiled, knowing he wouldn’t be able to do it for long and stifled a giggle when he groaned and set a hand on your stomach and placed his head in the crook of your neck. “Y/n, baby, talk to me.” He cooed. You pursed your lips and stuck another spoonful of ice-cream in your mouth. He started applying small kisses to the skin of your neck and you closed your eyes at the soft sign of affection.

“Baby I’m sorry.” He whispered before he started leaving bruises across your collar bones. You shrugged him off and stood up, “Daddy is a big idiot,” you said in a baby voice as you looked down at your stomach, “I hope you don’t get that gene.”

“Hey! Idiot daddy is sitting right here.”

“Did you kick in agreement? Yes I think you did.”

“Did it kick?!” He stood up and you backed away. “C’mon sweetie let’s get you something to drink.”

You stumbled over to the kitchen again and searched through the fridge for some sprite.

“C’mon I haven’t felt it kick yet. I’ve been waiting a month to feel my baby. Please?” He sounded desperate. You sighed and turned around with the bottle of sprite tightly grasped in your hand. “Okay fine. Come here.”

You pulled him back to the living room and took large gulp. “Alright give me your hand.”

You laid his hand on your lower torso and placed your hands on top of his, your fingers windowing his. “Alright now gently rub and talk to it.” Calum did as told, mumbling something about how daddy loved his little kid. “It’s not working.” He pouted. “Calum let it learn your voice. Come on, daddy, let’s try it again.”

“Ooh I like that. You should call me daddy more often.” He winked. “Shut up. Now do it again.”

He snickered and softly massaged your stomach again. “C’mon,” He lowered his face towards your tummy, “I’m back from tour. Kick for daddy. I need my little boy or girl to let me know that they’re there.” He waited a few moments before a soft pressure thumped several times against your abdomen. “Holy shit!” He yelled and stopped his rubbing to feel where the baby was kicking most. “I’m daddy,” he said before taking your hand and placing it where his was, “and that’s mommy.” He grinned and moved your hand away. “But most importantly I’m daddy.”

Most importantly? Who’s carrying the kid? You? Oh. My bad.” You sarcastically retorted. “You know what I mean.”

“No. No I really don’t.” You shook your head and took another gulp, “and don’t think you’re not sleeping on the couch tonight.”


“Because you called me fat and then said most importantly.”

“But I don’t want to!” He whined as you got up whilst groaning, “I’m beginning to wonder who the real baby is around here.”

“Y/n I don’t want to sleep on the first night back.”

“Good night Calum.” You called as you shut your bedroom door.