Medical botany :containing a botanical, general, and medical history of medicinal plants indigenous to the United States. Illustrated by coloured engravings, made after drawings from nature on Flickr.

By Barton, William P. C. (William Paul Crillon), 1786-1856 
H.C. Carey & I. Lea (Firm)
Publication info Philadelphia :H.C. Carey & I. Lea—Chesnut Street,1825.
BHL Collections:
Missouri Botanical Garden’s Materia Medica

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Latin Name: Calendula officinalis

Parts Used: The flowers and leaves.

Actions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, lymphatic, astringent, vulnerary, emmenagogue, anti-microbial.

Habitat: This beauty just loves a nice garden. I have grown calendula abundantly in Vermont over the summer, and I have also had luck with it in Florida during spring time. Calendula loves steady watering, sunlight, seventy degree weather… and I mean who doesn’t?!

Energetics: Bitter, spicy, and neutral. 

Calendula officinalis is a plant that always brightens my mornings when I am in the garden, when I see them I feel like they are smiling back at me with their sunny orange and yellow petals! I love to put a few of the fresh flowers in teas and salads, and they add such vibrance to the food! I have also used the sap like substance that comes out of the stem on my cuts and wounds. I believe calendula’s most effective use is on the skin. I suggest drying the flowers and making an infused oil or salve!



So, time flies so fast! This week i started back at the Residency in the art school and tried getting stuck in straight away with work which is going in to an exhibition in the Botanical Gardens of Wales at a date that needs to be confirmed in May. So this is my workspace at the minute. Lots of photocopies as per usual!

I’ll be glad to be back in the Printmaking studio working on some plates!!

Herbs That Release The Exterior >
Warm, Acrid Herbs >
ma huang (ephedra stem)
gui zhi (cinnamon twig) 🌿🌾

These herbs are partners in supporting the body’s natural defenses against external pathogens (virus, bacteria, etc.) by promoting sweat, dispersing lung qi, and releasing the muscle layer. Good stuff.

☝️Chinese herbs are not for the faint of heart. Always use under the supervision of a licensed professional.
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last lone goldenrod of autumn 2014 - materia medica of solidago canadensis

botanical: solidago canadensis

common name: goldenrod

family: aster or asteraceae

parts used: golden flowers, dried

energetics+taste: bitter, aromatic, dry, warm

actions+properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-catarrhal, carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic

constituents: flavonoids, tannins, saponins, volatile oil

habitat+harvesting: northern hemisphere, europe. leaves harvested before flowering, flowers harvested in the fall

preparation+dosage: dried herb tea infusion, 3x a day; tincture 1 dropper full 2x a day

indications: upper respiratory inflammation, influenza, sinusitis,

contraindications: asteraceae allergy, liver disorders

folklore+plant spirit: 

combines well with: eyebright, elder, echinacea


Medical zoology, and mineralogy; or, Illustrations and descriptions of the animals and minerals employed in medicine, and of the preparations derived from them: including also an account of animal and mineral poisons. By Stephenson, John, 1790-1864 on Flickr.

Publication info
London,J. Wilson,1832.
Contributing Library:
United States Geological Survey

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quilt for the babe - black walnut dyed silks + vintage linen scraps

botanical: juglans nigra

common name: black walnut

family: jugandaaceae

parts used: inner bark, nuts and hulls

energetics+taste: acrid, bitter, dry, cool

actions+properties: astringent, anti-septic, anti-fungal, laxative, anti-hemorrhagic, vermifuge, purgative


habitat+harvesting: widely spread through north america

preparation+dosage: tincture, 1-3 drops, 1-3x a day

indications: inflammation of intestines, dhiarrhea, parasites, skin diseases, fungal infections, abcesses, cancer

combines well with: cayenne

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After infusing rose, lavender and calendula petals for hours in olive oil, the flowers are strained and beeswax is added to the oil. Once melted, the infusion is cooled just the tiniest bit and essential oils of chamomile and lavender are mixed in. Salve no. 2 was inspired by our friends with little babes and their sensitive bums. #materiamedica #saltcellarshop

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