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If not, maybe you should. Sure, classpects materialzing as Strife Specibi in Homestuck is a thing, and it’s good for the narrative. But apart from all preference, there’s body types. And there is a choice. Maybe Knights often like swords - are you gonna force them all to use swords, then? It works the other way around. The trolls and kids start with their strife specibi before any god tier business happens, because they use what they can and want to use best. You’re free to go with a weapon that, judging after canon (which is just a row of examples, really, look at Dirk and Nep) would match your classpect, but if you can’t wield it or don’t like wielding it, what’s the point?
Picking the wrong weapon could get you killed, and SBURB doesn’t dictate anything on that matter, either. Look at John, who ended up wielding a big ass hammer he could never have sported as a mere teen, and who was aided by his god tiering in that. He picked what he wanted to, and it worked out (sure, he’s an Heir of Breath, but still). Rose’s wands kicked ass, even though magic without explanation seems more hope-y or void-y to me. What gives? It’s what she likes and she made it work, hella.

And about Seers: Seers don’t have to prove SHIT that they’re of their aspect. I’ve now heard twice of ‘meh, being a Seer is so passive and idk’ and I can’t stress enough how Seers are the informational base of the team without which operating anything in that murderous game would be SO much harder and more dangerous. And they’re not helpless. Look at Rose. Look at Rezi. They. Kick. Ass.

So: Pick whatever the fuck you like, cause you’re your own person.

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Imagine this. First Trials of the Nine. Your team wins. You're waiting for the chest to materialze. It doesn't. Instead Xur suddenly drops the chest infront of you from a high up place. As your fireteam looks up to question him, he scampers off.

His lil glowing eyes peep over an edge above you. He slowly nudges a very rusty, old crate over the edge and it comes crashing down, luckily not breaking upon impact. Xur looks over the edge and nods in satisfaction before quickly scurrying off. You can hear the faint pitter-patter of his feet as he grows distant.

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Imagine Bucky, Steve, Nat, and Sam being ot4 but Nat and Steve notice that Sam and Bucky are never alone together since they're the only ones who don't have a shared past. They make Bucky and Sam go on a date to get to know each other better and tail them the whole way. There's too much pressure so Sam shouts at them to quit spying and he and Bucky have a nice time.

nat and steve set them up to go bowling, which is both unexpected and horrifying, so sam nixes that idea as soon as he hears it. instead, he decides to take bucky out for a nice dinner and then go to his favorite fro-yo place for dessert

he doesn’t tell steve or natasha where they’re going, because he knows they’ll be nosy little shits and try to spy on them (and, since they’re literally secret agents, he figures they’ll probably succeed). so he keeps the locations a secret from everyone except bucky (who he tells ahead of time because he knows bucky’s uncomfortable with surprises and likes to scope places out before he lets sam or steve or nat step foot in them) and when the time comes for their date, bucky meets him outside the restaurant (they decided to take separate transportation since it is kind of a “first date” situation, even though they live (and sleep) together), looking fine as hell in a well-fitted but still casual suit

bucky looks a little nervous so sam takes his hand and gently kisses him on the cheek before they go inside. when he pulls back he sees, out of the corner of his eye, a very large man sitting on a nearby bench and reading a newspaper inconspicuously. what’s not so inconspicuous is the red, white and blue shield that’s sitting next to him on the bench, insufficiently covered by another newspaper. instead of marching over to steve and nat (who he’s sure is close by, but better hidden), sam just sighs and tugs bucky into the restaurant so they can have a nice meal, even if they are being watched the entire time

they both enjoy dinner (sam can tell because bucky’s smiling at him almost the whole time, soft and happy and real) and he even manages to forget that they’re not completely alone. that is, he manages to forget that they’re not completely alone until they’re making their way to the fro-yo place that sam’s loved since he was little and he sees steve sitting on another bench, looking even more out of place than last time, and sam’s not mad exactly, but he’s definitely annoyed

sam hooks his arm through bucky’s and marches over to where steve’s sitting, ripping the newspaper out of his hands before saying, “are you freaking kidding me, man? you two - i know you’re out here natasha! - were the ones that wanted me and bucky to go on a date and now you won’t leave us the hell alone. so just, i don’t know, go back to the apartment or something and let us finish our date without you two spying on us, ok?” steve and natasha (who materialzed out of a tree about halfway through sam’s rant) look mortified by the time sam’s finished. they don’t even bother responding, just nod their heads and start shuffling off until bucky grabs them both by the wrist and presses a quick kiss to each of their foreheads. they still look embarrassed, but now steve’s got a light blush on his cheeks and natasha’s smiling slightly as they walk away

sam and bucky finish the date with wide grins and sticky faces from their mini fro-yo fight. when they get back to the apartment, they pause outside the door and spend a moment just looking at each other before bucky leans in and presses his mouth gently against sam’s

“i had a great night,” he tells sam when he pulls back, foreheads resting against each other 

“i’m glad,” sam says cheekily, “that restaurant was expensive as hell and it would’ve been a waste if you didn’t have a good time”

bucky huffs a laugh against sam’s lips and sam can’t help but bring bucky back in for another long, deep kiss that he can feel all the way down to his toes

they’re still making out against the door fifteen minutes later when natasha yanks it open. they tumble inside, completely tangled up in each other, and lay on the floor, winded, while she tells them, “alright, you’ve had enough alone time with each other, it’s time to share with the group. sharing is caring you know”

sam laughs loud and long and kisses bucky one more time before hauling himself off the ground and offering bucky his hand. bucky grins at him, then smirks at natasha and jumps up, throwing sam over his shoulder and heading towards their bedroom while sam pinwheels his arms wildly, accomplishing absolutely nothing in terms of getting himself free but managing to smack bucky in the ass with every other swing

natasha rolls her eyes and follows them into their room, where steve’s been sitting on the bed and sketching patiently, and closes the door quietly behind her

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solangelo 6

Here it is! :) Sorry it’s late, guys.


It was a hard day in the infirmary for Will. There were campers, returning from quests that were injured and needed help, others were wounded during the last night’s game of Capture the Flag. It was one of the rare moments when Will wished that he wasn’t working there. But he loved helping people. He felt as this was his mission, calling.

However, he was still happy when the time for the Campfire came. His shift was finally over and he was able to take the so needed rest he was waiting for during the whole day.

Thankfully, he wasn’t going to lead the sing-along with his siblings this evening so after taking a quick shower and changing his clothes after work, he went to find a place somewhere around the fire. Most places were already taken so he didn’t have much of a choice. However, soon enough he spotted a tiny figure, all dressed in black, in the end of the Campfire. There were almost no people around him. Will sighed to himself. Although Nico di Angelo was in Camp Half-Blood for over an year now, there were still campers that didn’t accept him, feared him.

“Is the seat free?” Will asked as he silently approached the other boy.

“Do you see someone sitting around?” asked Nico. There was bitterness in his tone but it was not as bad as it could have been a year ago.

Will sat down next to Nico. For a while both of them didn’t talk, watching the dinging campers and the flames that were now all different colors. But then suddenly Nico spoke. 

“It’s strange how you tell other people how they need to rest and all but you don’t do it yourself.” he noted. 

“What do you mean?” asked Will confused. 

“Look at yourself, Will.” told him the other boy. “Now you’re the one that looks like a zombie.” Will thought he could see a ghost of a smile on the other boy’s face. 

“I just had long and tiring day.” defended himself the blonde. 

“This goes around for days now.” said Nico. He was starring at the fire all the time. 

“No, it doesn’t.” argued Will. 

“Everytime I look at you, you look exhausted. Maybe you should find someone special so they would distract you at least for a while.” 

“So you often look at me?” asked Will, smirking. “And what do you mean I should find someone?” 

“You look lonely.” 

“Who says it.” said the bigger boy matter-of-factly. 

Nico finally looked at him. 

“I told you that you’d better watch yourself first.” 

“I do look at myself.” said Will. “Maybe I want to be alone.” 

“Or maybe you’re too bosy and no one wants to date you.” Now there was deffinitely a smile on his lips. 

“Those are bullshits!” said Will louder this time. “I can find a boyfriend if I want to.” 

“Okay then, you have one week.” said Nico, looking at the other with a challenging glint in his eyes. 


“To find a boyfriend. One week.” he repeated. 

“Deal.” said Will. 

The next morning Nico has just eaten breakfast and was now making his way toward the training fields when he heard someone’s steps behind him. A few seconds later, a hand came to rest on his shoulder. He quickly turned around, ready to shot a dead glare at the person. He still didn’t like people touching him. However, he was met by a pair of bright blue eyes. 

“Hey, Nico.” greeted him Will. 

“What do you want, Solace?” asked the shorter boy. He didn’t meant to sound too cold but Will didn’t seem to notice anyway. 

“I need to ask you something important.” said Will. There was a nerous smile on his face. 

“Go on.” said Nico softer. “What bothers you?” 

The other boy took a deep breath and then spoke. 

“Nico di Angelo, would you like to be my boyfriend?” 

Nico rolled his eyes but there was a smile forming on his lips. 

“What in the name of Hades, Will?” he asked. 

“Yesterday you told me I have one week to find a boyfriend.” answered Will. 

“I meant, a real one. Not to just ask anyone.” 

“But you’re not anyone.” said Will quietly. Nico’s eyes shot up, starring at his, confused. 

“What do you mean?” he asked. 

“Oh, I thought- I thought you… yestarday you..” Will started struggling to find the right words now. Nico found that quite amusing. “I thought you like me.” he finally admitted. “Never mind.” he let go of Nico’s shouder that he was still holding and turned around, quickly walking away from the son of Hades. 

“Will!” Nico shouted after him but the other boy wouldn’t turn around. Nico let go a furious sigh. If the other boy wasn’t going to turn around, he had to do something else to get his attention. Closing his eyes, he felt the shadows closing around him. 

Will felt so embarassed. Yesterday, after the bet, he had thought that maybe Nico was making some kind of hints. He thought that maybe he liked him back but Nico’s reaction, after Will asked him, showed different thing. 

Trying to run away as fast as possible, Will didn’t had the time to react as suddenly a figure materialzed itself right in front of him. He bumped hard into the smaller boy. However, before he could do or say anything, there were lips, pressing his own. 

“Of course I do like you, dork.” said Nico as he pulled away. His whole face was dark red. Thinking about it later,  Will found it extremely adorable. But there was something else on his mind at the moment. 

“I told you no more Underworldy stuff, Nico!” he said as soon as he found his voice again. 

The other boy rolled his eyes. 

“I just told you I like you and kissed you in front of half of the camp but sure, it’s the right time to make me a problem about the Shadow-travelling.” 

Will suddenly realised it too and was now also blushing.

“Oh.” he said quetly. “So… you agree?” He asked. “To be my boyfriend, I mean.” 

“Of course I do.” said Nico, smiling at him. “But on one condition - I promise I won’t risk my life with too much ‘underworldy stuff’ as you like to put it, if you promise not to do the same by overworking.” 

“I’ll think about it.” said Will, smiling. “Maybe another kiss would convince me about it?” there was a smirk, forming on his lips. 

The other boy also smiled. 

“Deal.” he said as he brought their lips once again. 

“I knew it!” said Jason from where he and Piper were sitting not too far away from where the two boys were. 

“Jason!” said Piper, a little annoyed. “You’re sometimes worse than my siblings.” she shook her head. 

“But… I knew they were perfect for one another!” he said again. “Just wait ‘till I tell Percy about it…” 

Piper rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. 

“Tell me again, why am I dating you?” 

Okay, this one came a little too OOC but I hope it’s alright. Also, the last bit came out of nowhere but I’ve seen too many “Jason-is-a-solangelo-trash” posts so I couldn’t resist :D