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What’s in my backpack?

Here’s what I carry with me to all my classes every day:

- my big pink two-pocketed pen(cil) bag | purchased from Staples

- my small polka-dotted pencil bag where i keep my Stabilo pens | sewn for me by my little cousin

- my 20 pack of triplus fineliners | purchased from Michaels

- my 50 pack of crayola supertips* | purchased from Michaels

* note: i only bring these around when I’m taking copious amounts of notes, like for my geology and liberal studies classes

Contents of my handmade pen pouch:

- 30 .88 stabilo fineliners | purchased from Amazon

*note: i am missing one here, it’s in another bag of mine!

Contents of the right pocket of my 2-sided pink pen(cil) case

- bic white-out | purchased a very long time ago from idk where

- a sharpie finepoint pen (my favorite black pen!) | purchased from Target

- a black Zebra calligraphy pen | purchased from Daiso

- a chubby tip sharpie | purchased a long time ago from idk where

- a sharpie ultra fine tip marker | purchased a long time ago from idk where

- my 2-pocket flower garden pen pouch | purchased from Aliexpress

Contents of the top pocket of my flower garden pen pouch:

- my mildliner collection (3 of the 4 packs) | purchased from Amazon

Contents of the bottom pocket of my flower garden pen pouch:

- my 11 fine line ballpoint pens | purchased from Aliexpress

*note: also comes with a black pen, but i used it so much it ran out of ink!

Contents of the left pocket of my 2-sided pink pen(cil) case

- my small flowered pencil pouch | purchased from Aliexpress

- a portable solar charger | purchased at my county fair

- a USB converter block | purchased from the Apple Store

- a spare iPhone charger | purchased from Aliexpress (for super cheap - like less than a dollar each - and it works for a couple months at least!)

- a small purple stapler and staples | purchased from Staples

- spare pencil lead, an elmer’s glue stick, peach post-its, and red scissors

- blue glue tape | a gift from our Japanese exchange student

- chick white-out tape | purchased from Daiso

- 32 G USB drive | purchased from Staples

Contents of my small flowered pencil pouch:

- a pink rubber eraser | purchased from Aliexpress

- pink/purple mechanical pencils and spare lead | purchased from Costco

- a ‘mechanical’ eraser | (probably) purchased from Daiso

- a small ruler | “borrowed” from my Marine Biology teacher’s class


Conclusion: I spend way too much money on pens



Hey everyone!! I just hit 16K and I’ve been on Tumblr for the longest time and have received amazing support from friends and the studyblr community, so it’s time to give back!!  Win these and go back to school in style!!! 😎 😎

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January 4, 2016

I finally got some MUJI pens! Also I went to Daiso and picked up a new ruler and some flashcards. It’s so nice studying when it’s cold outside! ❄❄❄

I also got a study instagram: delphinestudies 

Give me a follow and I’ll follow back other studygrams!