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Hello! I love all of your cosplays, but my favorite so far is the Reigen mask. I was wondering what materials you used to make the mask and how much time it took? Thanks!

Materials: Black Foam Board, Rope, Glue (Gorilla, Wood, or Hot Glue works fine), Glue Stick, 11x17 print out

Tools: X-acto Knife, Scissors, Pencil

Time it takes: Couple hours; most time is spent on working on the vector and waiting for the glue to dry

Skyward Sword Shield Tutorial

So I made my shield for my Skyward Sword cosplay this weekend! I’m very happy with it and I wanted to show you the process!

What we’re making:

Reference pics are very important, make sure to find lots of them!


-Poster board
-Puzzle piece foam (Five Below, $3)
-Craft foam, different thicknesses
-Acrylic paint
-something shaped like half spheres
-x-acto knife/box cutter

Step 1: Template

I always start with a paper template, no mayter what I make. I grabbed my poster board, folded it in half and drew half of my shield shape. It took me a few tries to get the size/shape right…but don’t give up! Eventually you’ll get something you like!

Step 2: The Base

Once I was happy with my template, I traced it on my piece of foam!

Step 3: The Frame

Using a second piece of the same foam and my template, I drew the shape of the frame and cut it out.

Then I glued the frame to the base and covered it in plastidip.

Once it was dry, I sprayed the whole thing in blue spray paint.

At this point, I wanted to add a curve to it before I got too far, so I used my heat gun to give it a little bit of a curve.

Next I covered the blue part and sprayed the frame with silver

Step 4: The Pretty Things

For the Triforce and the rest of the details I used craft foam in different thicknesses, painted with acrylic paints.

For the Hylian crest, I found an image on goggle and brought it into illustrator to resize it to my liking, then printed it.

Next I cut it out with an x-Acto knife to make a stencil.

Then all I had to do was fill it in with red paint and voila!

For the half-spheres I found these glasses with creepy eyes…they had the perfect shape spheres though so I sprayed them with plastidip and silver paint.

Step 5: The Back

For the back, I had 2 layers, first was thin craft foam to cover the rough look of the back, second was thicker foam cut using my template in a window-like manner

The strap is a piece of craft foam painted with brown acrylic and the handle is made with the puzzle piece foam

The Result


And there you have it! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Party Poison pin up complete!

Materials: A4 board, sharpies, copics, fine liners and finished in an ink wash.

Phew. Gotta say, I enjoyed working on this one so much I might make it into a Danger Days series and create a pin up for each character. Watch this space.

To see earlier wip versions of this click here, here, and here

To see my watercolour Party Poison pin up click here


Mini Skirts and Bus Rides (Mature)

Note: This is my first smut so I apologize if it’s not that great ♥ I’ll try to avoid using y/n as much as possible because I feel like that can tend to ruin the mood. Also if you notice any grammar or spelling issues or have any recommendations or requests feel free to message me as my inbox is always open (: Enjoy!

I sighed deeply trying to understand the material on the board in front of me. Normally, I do quite well in school but today my thoughts were else where. I peered over at my boyfriend of 11 months, Justin, who was a few seats in front of me. His blonde locks falling in front of his eyes every now and again causing him to constantly run his fingers through his hair. I bit my lip, wanting nothing more than to grab fists full of it while his soft lips worked their magic on my neck. Frustrated, I began plotting on how I would get him to be just as exasperated as myself, knowing that he would make me pay for it later. I looked down at my lap and realized that I was wearing a tight mini skirt that I knew would drive Justin crazy. I strutted over to my friend who was sitting in front of Justin and bent over her desk asking her for help with the question. As she began explaining I bent further forward, knowing that nobody was behind me except Justin. I heard him shift in his chair and he cleared his throat, making it clear that he had noticed me. I peeked over my shoulder and sent him a playful smirk and then returned to my calculus paper. I felt my phone vibrate in my hand, I looked down at the screen to see that Justin had texted me. I simply giggled at how easily I could make him desperate for my touch. I responded with simple flirty emojis not wanting to give him any sort of satisfaction.  I heard him grunt behind me and I held in my laughter. The bell rang to tell us the day was over so I thanked my friend and returned to my seat to retrieve my things, brushing my fingertips on Justin’s shoulder softly as I walked by him. I walked to the front of the classroom and saw Justin make his way towards me with determination and frustration apparent on his face. Before Justin could reach me the teacher called him over to ask him a question. I took this time to get to the bus and get a back seat for me and him. As Justin boarded the bus he met eyes with me and walked to our seat, still clearly flustered. About 20 other kids piled on the bus, most of which retreated to the back of the bus. I smirked, knowing that Justin would have to hide his arousal even more now that he was surrounded by people. I slid closer to his tense frame and kissed his neck softly, peppering light kisses from his collarbone to behind his ear. Personally I didn’t care if people saw me, Justin was mine and I wanted everyone to know it. His breath hitched as I neared his sweet spot. I took this as initiative to tease him further, knowing just how badly he dreaded it. I slid my hand up his thigh feeling the soft fabric of his jeans becoming increasingly tighter. I saw him bite his lip to keep any moans from slipping out. The bus rolled up to our stop and Justin slid out of the seat allowing me to go in front of him, mostly to cover up the massive bulge I had created in his pants. His hands gripped my waist tightly as we stepped off of the bus and walked up our short driveway. The second the door shut behind us I found myself pinned roughly against a wall with a pair of lips roughly attacking my neck. I moaned softly as his tongue swirled in circles and he sloppily sucked and nibbled at the sensitive skin. His kisses moved down my neck and to my collarbone where he lifted his lips and quickly discarded my shirt along with his. My bare breasts now visible to his greedy eyes, he quickly took one nipple in his mouth and started biting and sucking at whilst his hand cupped the other. His other hand making its way up my skirt to my now dampened panties. I moaned at the contact, now becoming fully aware of just how badly I needed him. I whimpered and Justin lifted his mouth from my breast and returned his lips to mine, lifting me up in the process. He sat me down on the dining room table and stood between my legs, his lips not once leaving mine. Sliding the skirt up my stomach Justin’s fingers found their way to my aching core. Sliding my panties to the side, he slid two fingers into me and rubbed my small bundle of nerves with his thumb. Gasping at the sudden contact I pulled away from the heated kiss and looked directly into his dark brown eyes, seeing them filled with lust and readiness. I bit my lip still not wanting to give him the satisfaction of my moaning. He leaned forward and placed his lips on my ear whispering “come on kitten, moan for daddy.” His mesmerizing voice and his sensual movements brought me to my climax as I tightened around his fingers and moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear. With a smirk of satisfaction Justin pulled his fingers from me and licked them clean before uttering “delicious” Quickly I hopped down from the table and slid my panties off along with my skirt. I dropped down to my knees and undid Justin’s jeans pulling them down before he kicked them off. I peeled off his briefs letting him out and grabbing his shaft with my hand. I swirled my tongue around his tip tasting the pre-cum. He threw his head back in pleasure before grabbing fist fulls of my hair pushing me down, further onto his member. Taking him fully into my mouth and bobbin back and forth using my hand for the parts I couldn’t reach, my other hand gently massaging his balls. “ahhh… shit” he hissed before pulling your mouth off of him. “now we wouldn’t want that pretty little mouth doing all the work now would we?” I shook my head before quietly responding with “No daddy”. With that he pulled me up and bent me over the table before positioning himself at my entrance. “Beg for it kitten. What do you want daddy to do?” I whimpered my legs becoming jelly as his words made me want him even more. “I want you to fuck me senseless daddy, I want you to take me right here on this table and fuck me until you’re pleased.” With that a short chuckle fell from his lips before he responded with “as you wish kitten” Suddenly I felt him fill me up and I let out a loud moan as my desires were fulfilled. He began pounding into me mercilessly, enjoying my tightness. “Gosh baby girl you feel so fucking good.” He moaned picking up the pace. I felt warmth from my feet travel up my legs and to my stomach as Justin’s fingers found their way to my clit, rubbing it quickly back and forth. I wasn’t far off and judging from his sloppy movements, neither was he. “Please cum in me daddy, I want you to fill me up.” I heard him hiss a string of profanities as I felt my walls tighten around him. My legs shook and I moaned his name loudly as I came for the second time. Not seconds later I felt a warm liquid shoot inside of me and Justin caught himself from falling over as he reached his climax. He pulled out of me and walked to the kitchen grabbing two bottles of water and placing a soft kiss on my nose. I stood up and took one of the bottles before he cockily said “You should wear that skirt more often.”

How to make Rey’s Blaster (A second crappy tutorial)

Because my tutorial on how to make Rey’s staff went down so well, thought I would add my second build. This time, the Blaster Han Solo gifted to Rey in the movie. Again, this is fairly crappy, based on several reference pictures and to be honest, you will probably get far better if you have access to a 3D printer.

Equipment/Materials - 2x pine boards, 1 roughly 1.5-2cm thick, the other around 1cm. 1 sheet balsa wood, 6.5mm thick, 2x pvc pipe, 1 roughly 2.7cm thick, the other 1.5cm thick (I actually used the blade of a kiddies light saber which I destroyed, to get these pieces cheaply) an A4 sized piece of Warbler, wood glue, gesso (I am a sucker for this stuff) silver spray paint, black paint, black nail polish, clear spray paint.

I can’t give a rough estimate of price this time because most of this stuff, I already had lying around the house.

Step 1 : I drew up a life sized picture to get an idea of where every detail was. Weapon (not including barrel) is roughly 25cm long and 8cm wide.

Step 2 : Cutting out the base, excluding the barrel of the blaster, from the thicker pine board. I drew the outline on the pine and cut it out with a jigsaw cutter, then sanded it down a bit.

Step 3: Cut out the trigger area. I was a dumbass who didn’t do this until later in construction and I can guarantee it was a stupid move. I carved it in a way so the trigger was a piece of the pine but it would probably be easier to carve out the whole thing and glue in a trigger later. 

Step 4: Cut out the body of the weapon, using the thinner piece of pine.You will need 2 of these, mirror imaged.

Step 5: Glue the pieces together with a strong wood glue. Most glues recommend letting them set for at least 1 hour and for a strong grip, 12-24 hours. Would recommend keeping the pieces in a clamp to assist this.

Step 6: While waiting, cut out the barrel of the weapon from the pipes. The thicker pipe should be roughly 7.5cm in length while the smaller piece should be around 1.5cms. Drill 8 holes in a straight line into the thicker pipe on both sides.

Step 7: Once the glue is dried on the pine, sand the edges down to a smooth curve. This is also a good time to start carving in the details.

Step 8: Attach the pieces of pipe to the wood. Again, wood glue can work but takes a long while. I also used liquid nails to make it stronger.

Step 9: Cut out squares of warbler and glue to the sides. I also used small circles of warbler to give the impression of bolts.

Step 10: Gesso and paint with the silver spray paint. I initally used a chrome paint but it was too shiny so I covered it with a matt silver and then wiped a mix of black ink and water over it to give it a dirty look. Let everything dry.

Step 11: Detailing using black paint and nail polish to give a glassy shiny look.

Step 12: Cut out 2x pieces of the hand grip from the balsa. Glue them to the almost finished product and sand the edges until it sits comfortably in your hands.

Step 13: Paint the balsa black cover the whole thing with a clear spray paint to protect the whole product….and, you are done.

So there we have it. My second Star Wars build ever. This was a lot of fun to make, and a big thank you to my housemate Kristian who taught me how to use a jigsaw. If you liked this and haven’t checked out my Staff tutorial, please go and have a look. If you plan to give this a go, please let me know how it goes and have fun with it.

Any questions you have, feel free to ask and to all the aspiring Rey’s out there, just like last time, May the Force Be With You!

I’m a fan of the story Drage Hjerte by Burning Phoenix X-7, so I decided to try illustrating two scenes from chapter 7 and take a shot at drawing an aurora. You can literally pinpoint the moment I went from “wtf am i doing” to more or less figuring it out.

Materials used were Bristol board sketch paper, mechanical pencils, Sharpie pen for inking, and several Prismacolor markers.

Note to self: Be cautious about what you study in public

I’m sitting at a coffee shop going through board review material, and the topic at the moment is sexually transmitted infections. I bring up a slide module full of large pictures of penises and I’m sitting over here leaning in close to my screen trying to see all the details (because the resolution isn’t the best)…. and there’s a large group of loud old men sitting behind me who suddenly went quiet.

I probably look like such a perv. 

Trying. Not. To. Laugh.

“The Vigil in the Shadows”

Frisian horse on black background.

Materials: Acrylics on canvas board

Size: 35x45cm

Time: 10 hours!

Well, I’ve finally started and finished this fantastic horse that loooong time ago I wanted to paint. It’s been a hard challenge that even it is full of lights and shadows it continues looking like a black horse! It has been difficult but the effort was worth it, I think I wanted to make a work full of light and in my opinion I think I’ve succeeded <3 I am very satisfied. I hope you enjoy too :D



Instagram: @ lullaby_equine_art

What ADD was for me

I’ve been asked before to describe what it was like for someone suffering ADD, especially in the classroom setting. The best way I can describe it is imagine focusing on a teacher’s lesson, regardless of if the subject interests you or not.

Suddenly, a word, or a phrase comes up. Nothing can be particularly interesting about it, but it can be the way it was used. The tone of voice in it, the subject, the time it was used, but I would repeat that over and over in my head until it began to shift, going off on bizarre tangents that might not even be related, until suddenly your name is called, or there is a noise, or the class goes strangely quiet. Suddenly, you are twenty minutes behind in the lesson. There is a metric ton of material on the board you can’t follow because the conversation slipped you by. So, I would have to ask someone to repeat everything that was said, or just sit there in silence, ashamed, hoping that maybe he would either go over it again or just not call on me for an example so I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself.

The difference was that it wasn’t for lack of attention, it was paying too much attention, you get captured by the smallest detail and pour every bit of your attention into it, forgetting everything else around you until you are snapped out of it. It’s not a pleasant experience because everyone else I associated with would tell me I needed to pay more attention, or stop daydreaming, when I wasn’t.


My modular art project for school. Bees and the danger they are in was the inspiration for this piece. The plants portrayed are crops from around the world that would very likely go extinct without bees.

Materials: Bristol Board, rubber cement, tape, fishing line, ink and pencil

Photos taken by my art teacher.


The birth of a simple leatherbound book, part 2.

I have now glued the back and added the fraynot, and taken the book out of the press. This is when I start throwing together various materials and any other stuff that might be of interest to me. I have a habit of sketching with materials, which means I collect together heaps of things I like in order to get a general idea of where I am heading at. At this stage I make decisions about the endpapers, the leather I want for the back, and the decorative papers for covering. 

The most common board material I always have floating around is 2mm grayboard, so I use two pieces of it. I leave the pieces much wider than needed because once the boards are on I will trim them to the final size, and if I don’t leave them disturbingly wide I will forget the trimming and finish the book with untrimmed boards. Leaving extra in the width makes the positioning of the boards much easier. You can also see the fraynot that goes over the back in the second picture. Using wax paper or film to protect the book block, I glue the cover boards on the flaps of fraynot, leaving a 4-6mm step for the joint. 

When the book has been under a weight for a while and the boards are well set, I clamp one corner of the book in the press and sew the headbands. I’ve chosen two colours and make the classic single-core French headband with the bead on the front. I usually sew headbands over a firm core of leather and because I don’t like round headbands I cut strips of laminated leather for the cores. The sewing that shows in the back is reinforced with some PVA glue and the book is left to dry once again.

(see part 3. | see part 1.)