Godsbanearealet is a new sustainable city district in Aalborg, Denmark, designed by POLYFORM Architects. … The industrial history of the site has been the focal point for the development of the areas identity. Furthermore is  Godsbanearealet one of the first climate adapted city districts in Denmark where Surface Water Management (SuDS) plays a comprehensive and integrated part of the city’s built environment. This pioneering part of the project was initiated just after Denmark was hit by a heavy cloudburst in 2011 as a result of climate change. .. Today Godsbanearealet is a carbon neutral urban district where heavy rainfall is collected in basins and canals and delayed on its way to the public stormwater system to avoid flooding the city. 


Just finished my first Gumroad tutorial, a 2hr video on Character Rendering for Animation Production. I cover my process for taking a line drawing and painting it to look like a 3d render, or a “Look of Picture” image. Included with the video are the brushes I used and layered PSDs. Hope you guys enjoy!

you can check it out here:



mouna’s journaling materials 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my materials recently so I’d just make a quick post about it. I know I don’t have loads of stuff, but since people keep asking I thought I might as well share. At the moment I have:

- Some washi tape
- One large tube of white acrylic paint*  
- A set of oil pastels (new)
- A set of acrylics (new)
- Some water-soluble felt tips 
- A cheap set of portable watercolours* (they stack up/come with a lid)
- A plastic palette
- A small set of fine paintbrushes (££)
- Masking tape and Magic tape* 
- A variety of black pens, mainly used for linear drawing or with mixed water
- A mini metal ruler and a 30cm metal ruler*
- A set of medium width synthetic paintbrushes
- One jumbo paintbrush
- A pencil and rubber
- A hand lettering set
- A small pair of pliers (for snapping off blades) 
- A retractable scalpel**
- A small pair of scissors for fiddly cutting*
- An A3 cutting mat!*

Anything bold/starred is something I use everyday or something that I consider a journaling essential.

None of these materials, except the fine paintbrushes were very expensive at all. None cost more than £5 or $7ish and I have accumulated them over a period of time. If you have anymore questions, send them my way, and if you would like to see more of my work, you can view my journals here! 

happy journaling!

This new half-solid, half-liquid material can heal itself
By Peter Dockrill

A new half-solid, half-liquid adaptive material created by scientists in the US displays a number of amazing properties, including the ability to self-heal – stitching itself back together once divided – and self-stiffen back into its original shape after being compressed.

The material, called SAC – which stands for self-adaptive composite – is composed of a mass of sticky, micron-scale rubber balls that cling together to create a solid matrix. The composite is capable of healing itself repeatedly when cracked, and behaves kind of like a sponge, regaining its original form after being disturbed.

Unlike similar self-healing materials that behave more like liquids, SAC is remarkably solid. “We wanted a biomimetic material that could change itself, or its inner structure, to adapt to external stimulation and thought introducing more liquid would be a way,” said one of the researchers, Alin Cristian Chiparafrom Rice University. “But we wanted the liquid to be stable instead of flowing everywhere.”

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I went to my local @joann_stores to pick up some materials, and spotted the first shipment of my new Cosplay Fabric Collection!
It was kinda surreal to see the bolts lined up in the store, after so many months of designing and analyzing them.
I may or may not have creepily touched them all, and I’m sure some of the customers must have thought I was a weirdo for taking selfies with fabric bolts, hahaha!
#YayaHan #JoAnnFabric #cosplay #CosplayFabric #sewing #materials #fabric

This might be relevant for some of you ;-)

Using the physics of your perfect pancake to help save sight (Phys.org)

The appearance of pancakes depends on how water escapes the batter mix during the cooking process and this varies with the thickness of the batter, according to new UCL research. Understanding the physics of the process can help perfect pancake making and gives important insights into how flexible sheets, like those found in human eyes, interact with flowing vapour and liquids.

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Leather made of pineapple?! Well, not exactly. Carmen Hijosa is the brain behind the new textile Pinatex, which by the first glance and touch might as well have been leather. But the fact is that this new sustainable product is made from the fibres from pineapple leaves. 

It took around 7 years to develop, what is now Pinatex. A strong and sustainable textile, that can be used in everything from bags to furniture. Even shoe companies like Puma and Camper have made prototypes with the textile. What started as an alternative to leather, have become its own product.

Video and more here: From Pineapple to Puma | Crane.tv Contemporary Culture Video Magazine

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An artistic representation of a hydrogen molecule under compression using opposed diamond anvil devices. The experimental work explores the evolution of hydrogen from its ambient dielectric molecular state (transparent molecules) through to the onset of its proposed pressure-induced metallisation (metallic atoms).

Credit: Philip Dalladay-Simpson and Eugene Gregoryanz

Via Phys.org: Evidence for new state of hydrogen: Discovery gives glimpse of conditions found on other planets