The Cosmic Gurus


After emergence from the deep Scorpio tomb, the Sagittarius hybrid spirit soars far and wide. The Sagittarius wisdom operates from the laws of nature, stars, archetypes, the Akashic records, the higher mind, and culture. It embodies the divine chant of laughter, the publication and interpretation of symbols, mythology, theology, and religion. Here is the quest for the meaning of life, the pilgrimage to unknown regions in search of understanding and the materialisation of belief. It could be travel, education, relationships, indulgence in intoxicants, or nomadic wandering through religion. The Sagittarius guru is the scholar. His temple is filled with books, compasses, astrology notes, and artifacts from every country. He uses comedy for his teachings and applies experience to philosophy and scripture. Waiting in the middle of winter, the Sagittarius speaks many languages and knows many ways of life. He is approachable and warm, filled with light and spice. Even with the wrinkles of time, the spirit of youth always radiates. Old as the trees and free as a bird, as young as the sunrise and as old as the night.


Capricorn is the wisdom of ultimate mastery, the teachings of patience and profound spiritual materialization. The Capricorn guru has caught a glimpse of God, he has worked to develop the sacred hands of a laborer, those here to serve the Divine. The temple sits on the mountain top, viewing on toward the ocean, a place where the Capricorn can muse the wisdom he has attained from swimming through the sea and breathing in the trees. Capricorn is sagacity of the old soul, one who has lived a thousand lives, and walked side by side with divine tribulation. It symbolizes ascension, that is, mastering the fearless pioneering spirit of Aries, the enduring repose of Taurus, the Gemini’s silver tongue, the resolve of Cancer, the rousing leadership of Leo, the structured intellect of Virgo, the Libra ability to join forces and negotiate, the Scorpio’s focused power, the broad vision of Sagittarius, the fascinating ideas of Aquarius and the adaptability of Pisces. Capricorn is the human spiritual principle, a body inscribed with every teaching


Aquarius contains the wisdom of a thousand galaxies and dimensions, comprised in a pail, a liquefied elevator of consciousness, a source of nourishment for humanity. Intuition and prophecy come to life in the illuminated Aquarius mind, a place where ideas and cosmic knowledge are spun into bubbles of wisdom from other beings. The Aquarius teachings profess the inherent doubt in everything, even one’s own beliefs, and encourage an endless exploration for spiritual science. His temple sits in a place behind the eyes, entered through thought and attaining the lack there of, two lines in the Aquarius symbol to give life and separation. The wisdom here is received, a soul signal to infinity, the value of truth and being awake. It generates tremendous humanitarian love, individual faith, and God indwelling. It involves a certain surrender to madness, to riddles and rhymes, and the intoxicant of thought. It respects nature, wildlife, children, and art as if they are all forms of God


Every life has infused into one with Pisces, the mirror of souls, the containment of centuries old experience and God’s wisdom. She revisits home night after night in dream, a place she can regenerate and restore her faith and knowledge. The Pisces wisdom is one without language, it involves feeling, sublime guidance, grace, and humility. Her temple is by the seaside, filled with books on religion, and meditation, and jyotisha, and alchemy. She holds the knowledge of all time and stars and skies, medicine, divine intuition, dream, death, spirits, and salvation. People would travel for miles by sea to hear her wisdom, and she chants a remedy for the poor, bonds for the addicted, cures for the sick, and relief for the abused. She is holding hands that are scarred, and not judging, but accepting, and cradling, and loving, and breathing in God. From every age she sings her wisdom, she becomes five when she plays with the babies that adore her. She is 5000 years old when she shares her deep insights, and she is ageless because she knows she is timeless



JeeYoung Lee (South Korea)

Recently graduated from Seoul’s Hongik University in her native South Korea, JeeYoung Lee shoots the invisible. Whereas traditional photography submits extracts of reality to our eyes, the artist offers excerpts from her heart, her memory, or her dreams. Restrained by the inherent limits of the conventional photographic medium, she adds plastic creativity and theatrical performance to it, in order to blow life into her immense needs of expression, and interrogation.

For weeks, sometimes months, she creates the fabric of a universe born from her mind within the confines of her 3 x 6 m studio. She does so with infinite minutiae and extraordinary patience, in order to exclude any ulterior photographic alteration. Thus materialised, these worlds turn real and concretise: imagination reverts to the tangible and the photo imagery of such fiction testify as to their reality. In the midst of each of these sets stands the artist: those self-portraits however are never frontal, since it is never her visual aspect she shows, but rather her quest for an identity, her desires and her frame of mind. Her imaginary is a catharsis which allows her to accept social repression and  frustrations. The moment required to set the stage gives her time to meditate about the causes of her interior conflicts and hence exorcise them; once experienced, they in turn become portents of hope.

Recipient of multiple artistic awards including the Sovereign Art Prize (2012), JeeYoung Lee is one the the most promising up-and-rising figureheads of the younger Korean artistic world. Her Photographs have already found their way into public collections such as th Kyoto Photographic Museum in Japan, the Incheon Foundation for Art and Culture, or even Seoul’s OCI Museum. (src: OPIOM Gallery)

[more JeeYoung Lee | artist found at red-lipstick]


Haus am Weinberg

The location of the Haus am Weinberg affords pastoral views of the stepped terraces of an ancient hillside vineyard on one side and cityscape vistas on the other. The volume and roofline of the Haus am Weinberg react and respond directly to the sloping landscape of the site, where the scales and inclinations of the slopes which sculpture the vineyard setting are reflected in the volumetric appearance of the house. The materialisation of the interior of the house further accentuates the overall atmosphere of light by means of natural oak flooring, natural stone and white clay stucco walls speckled with small fragments of reflective stone. 

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Architect:  UN Studio
Photographer: Iwan Baan

I just love the idea of Murphy becoming super loyal to Clarke

To the point people start making jokes about him being her guard dog

There’s nothing romantic about it, it’s pure, platonic adoration and loyalty… like Clarke has this murderous puppy following her around

Like not even Monty is as blindly loyal to Clarke as Murphy becomes

And she accepts it, it’s difficult at first but eventually she becomes accustomed to Murphy’s knife randomly appearing from absolute fucking NOWHERE WHEN SOMEONE THREATENS HER LIKE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM MURPHY? DID YOU JUST MATERIALISE FROM THE FUCKING AIR?

Clarke has to move his knife away like ‘sweetie calm down they’re joking’

 And Clarke is the only person who can tell Murphy what to do and he’ll do it. He gets orders from anyone else and he’ll just stare at them like 'you’re not the fucking boss of me y- oh, ok, Clarke says your opinion isn’t shite lets go’

It just becomes this unquestioned thing that Murphy is loyal to Clarke and Clarke alone, and even the Grounders know it because they are on the look out for him when she comes for negotiations 'seriously that lil shit is out there somewhere’ even though Clarke keeps telling them she didn’t bring Murphy along

I just need this okay

I need Clarke as Murphy’s goddess and in his opinion everyone else can fuck right off they are not worthy they should be bowing in her presence

Except Monty, Murphy likes Monty because Monty is super loyal to Clarke too


A Light In Chorus

Independent video games is an exploratory puzzler which employs the look of 3D point cloud image data:

A Light In Chorus is a first person puzzle-exploration game where you collage space, sound and light together to bring a series of ghostly and disjointed spaces back to life.

Solidify and evaporate space to form new paths through a series of overlapped worlds.
Redefine your environment and uncover the secret lives of restless animals as they slowly materialise around you.

The game is on Steam Greenlight which you can vote for here, or find out more at the project website here


The 3D printing of the sculpture is out!! Looks amazing. Done by @albron111 based on one of my sketch.

It’s our first collaboration, show some love if you wish to see more collaborations from us.
The figurine is 14cm high (5.51 inches). You can get it on
Other sizes will be available soon.
Follow albron patreon page for more of his awesome work,

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-aries: I am
🍭 taurus: I materialise
📚 gemini: I think
- cancer: I feel
🎩 leo: I will
👓 virgo: I analyse
- libra: I unify
🔮 scorpio: I expose
🌟 sagittarius: I seek
- capricorn: i visualise
🔬 aquarius: I wonder
💦 pisces: I believe

  • Ruby:Wow Jaune! Since when did you learn how to fight like that?
  • Nora:Yeah, you we're doing these awesome back flips and twist and turns I've never seen you do before!
  • Lie Ren:Those moves did seem familiar however.
  • Jaune:I know but Pyrrha never taught me any of those cool tricks before she...y'know. It was almost like I was possessed or something.
  • *The ghost of Pyrrha materialises by the three of them causing them to scream*
  • Pyrrha:Hello again!

No, but is this not the greatest Transformers comic page of all time? I mean, look at it. The holographic balloons, Blurr giving Swindle a noogie or something, a giant robot wasp and a giant robot shark singing karaoke, the metal nut in Wheeljack’s drink, the party hat that suddenly materialises on Wheeljack’s head when we zoom out, the fact that the tone of the narrative captions contrasts so sharply with everything else happening on the page…it’s so beautiful I may cry.

Birth Announcements

The calm peace was abruptly fractured on that morning by the shrill cry of the baby. With a certain type of efficiency, the healers quickly swaddled the newborn in a blanket and handed him over to his parents as they began to clean up.

Ginny smiled- albeit tiredly- at Harry as she coddled her son, whose cries had been reduced to whimpers.

“Oh Harry,” she said, “Look at him. He’s just perfect.”

Harry nodded in agreement as the little tyke grasped onto his finger tightly. “He is. Poor sod got my hair again though.”

A snort was heard from Ginny’s direction. “Well, third time’s a charm, yeah?” she said, eyes glittering. Harry caught her eye and grinned as he took his new son into his arms. “Whatever shall we call him?”

Harry bit his lip. “I was actually thinking of Albus Sev-”

Suddenly a bright light filled the hospital room as the heavens parted. Two pearly figures materialised in front of him. His eyes widened as he took in the familiar faces. “Da-”

James held up a hand. “Son,” he began, “Just don’t.”

Meanwhile Lily was in the back ground frantically shaking her head before reaching over to give a Harry a solid thump on the back of his head. His gaze snapped over to her. “But mum, he was your friend.”

Lily tapped him again. “Wanting to fuck me after calling me a racial slur and joining a terrorist group is not what I would call brave, you little shit.”

And before Harry could ask any more questions, the blinding light filled the room once more and the remnants of his parents disappeared.

The baby was then named Hagrid Dobby Potter.

The End.


Rosie Hastings & Hannah Quinlan Anderson, ‘Tifkas’ @ Arcadia Missa, 2014

The exhibition is envisioned as a re-materialisation of the idea of a gay bar as a politically queer space, an idea that stemmed from and with their joint 2014 project @Gaybar. Much like their project, the show envisages “a fantasy gay bar through reimagining queer iconography, history and writing that spans geological, political and temporal locations”.

The emotional landscape of queer histories is visualised in ‘Tifkas’ through a set of CGI-images, depicting a barren and deserted landscape with a single road leading to nowhere, reminiscent of Route 66-type tropes of American road-trip stories. Installed on light boxes in the dimly-lit gallery-space, the melancholic landscape evoke a sense of a loss – a meditative mourning, perhaps, or a general sense of queer dislocation.