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Cheatsheet for finals… Took 3 days, but it was worth it

Update: Just to clarify, this ‘cheatsheet’ was allowed to be brought into the exam - it was not an illegal action. Profs like to call it a 'memory aid’, while students like to call it a 'cheatsheet’. Even though a 'cheatsheet’ was allowed, the exam tests for the conceptual understanding and application of the subject matter, not just the mere memorization of the material. And yes, I can read it 😊

ABC’s Lettering Essentials is a two part post on some of the tools I use for lettering. I will tell you that I have absolutely no background on lettering in general so all the tips and materials I’ll be sharing are based from my experience over the years I have been doing lettering.

Either way, I hope you guys will like it! :) I’ve been getting so much inquiries about it that I decided to help you guys out by filtering specific posts for it. 

Anyway, I’m still out of the country but I hope you keep checking back on updates here ‘cause yup, I queued everything - and I’m still alive here in my space. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Expressing an institution’s mission using the design of the letters became a playful exercise for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Three of the letters in the initials are essentially a square, a circle, and a triangle—the most basic geometric shapes. With the addition of the classic lowercase C, the resulting trademark identifies the museum. The basic geometric components of the logo are also used for invitations, programs, tickets, and other printed materials.