material leisure

For those who celebrate Easter/Ostara, here’s a fun egg-hunt game you can play with your family and friends for this year:

Everybody minus one in the group gets to search for eggs. The singled-out person owns the land that the eggs are found on. Make the hunt into a long process, maybe an hour or two. The landlord gets to sit off to the side in a fold-up chair with a cold lemonade and other leisure materials. At the end of it, each of the hunters has to relinquish three-quarters of their eggs to the landlord.

Maybe have kids play it for an early bit of class consciousness.

The technical advances are inevitably driving us toward the grossest kind of materialism. And it will not be very long before the social system of bee life will become universal.

The individual will not be permitted to achieve great wealth and power; his privacy will be invaded in a thousand ways. He will be restricted in his efforts in every direction–will virtually disappear in the wave of collectivism which will sweep the world.

This materialistic tide can only be stemmed by idealism, which is a force tending to free what we call the soul of man from physical fetters. But although there might be periods of alternating dominance of these two principles–materialism and idealism–ultimately the materialistic tendencies will become dominating.”

—Nikola Tesla

(“Great Scientific Discovery Impends.” Galveston Daily News, Galveston, Texas, March 13, 1932, Page 11.)

pacrim in hdmverse

okay you all know I’m down for every kind of daemonverse but I’ve been rereading the golden compass and now I want a pacrim au where the characters are living in that verse

mako’s a little girl with an alethiometer whose choices will rewrite destiny




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anonymous asked:

I saw you were wanting questions about funny anecdotes and what not. So whatcha got about Urahara? I bet it's good.

Ohhhh, anon, you have no idea! *rubs hands together*

Okay, so gather ‘round, children, to listen to the story of how Urahara Kisuke almost released his bankai in the middle of a busy street in the Rukongai in front of an audience that included his peers.

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“what will we do to deal with crime without cops”

Well it depends on the crime

Some things are not crimes and shouldn’t even be illegal. Drug use and sex work would be two of those. Decriminalize them.

Some crimes are born purely from the stresses of living in capitalism and poverty. Most forms of survival based theft (and the associated assaults and murders that arise from the high stress situations of survival theft) will evaporate into nothing if you get rid of capitalism and have basic survival needs met for all people of a region. Even many forms of leisure item theft are born from the inflated value of material goods, a need to have status in a wealth based society or the seeking out of anything that will distract from the pain of exploitation (like drugs and alcohol, leisure materials, things like tvs and whatnot). All of this will fade with the complete destruction of capitalism.

Even in the event of a partial restructuring of society where the rich are brought to heel and crushed and most survival needs are met, all of these things will be blunted and fade. 

So once those things are handled there will be crimes of passion and the reduced number of rapes (as misogyny and the politics of sexual conquest and consumption in a capitalist society is dealt with)

And there’s community solutions for that. Groups you can form to deal with a need for mediation in disputes and fights. The community’s protective militia can deal with violent or dangerous people in the same way it protects the community from threats external, as a last resort, with negotiation being the first option.