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Pinkie Pie being a precious as always? hECK YES

Fluttershy and Dash on a roller coaster? yES, PLEASE

Applejack helping out her girlfriend Rarity? BEAUTIFUL



make this happen

translation: I just really need more scenes with these two because I cherish all of their moments and remind that I sold my soul for this

Sparkling Dreams!

written by this precious smol dork @zuzusky21

I love this so much !! ♡ ♡ ♡ thANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS,,

Sunset’s P.O.V

The air was silent and calm. The sky was painted with the colors of navy blue and indigo as small tiny stars were twinkling in the night sky. I was sleeping in my bed next to the most beautiful girl in the world. Her soft indigo hair with purple and pink highlights and her silky lavender skin as she was cuddling against my pillow and I was just staring at her as her hair was pretty messy. I began to chuckle as I snuggled on my pillow and decided to close my eyes and decided to sleep.

“Hey babe, good night,” I said as she just replied with sudden sounds.

Later that night, I had a really really bad dream. I would never thought of having a dream so distraught….I can’t believe I had a dream where….I was a demon once again….

Sunset’s Dream….

“Mwah hahaha! Well well well, if it isn’t Miss Sparkle. The girl who wants to be a hero!”

Twilight turned around, facing a demon with red skin and fiery yellow and red hair and black and green eyes. Her pupils were darting at the poor girl as Twilight was really scared.

“W-Who are you?”

“I am Demon Shimmer my dear!”

“Demon Shimmer? But-But what about Sunset?! My girlfriend!”

“Oh, her? She’s never coming back.”

“Wait what?! No! This can’t be-”

“She never cared about anyone! And neither will I!”

The ground began to break as the floor was turning into hot boiling lava. Twilight was hanging from the edge of the cliff and Demon Shimmer was standing above her chuckling like an evil clown.


“No, my dear, I am not Sunset. I am Demon Shimmer! Gaze upon this face for it is the face of EVIL!!! So much for true love!~”

And with that Demon Shimmer kicked Twilight off the cliff making her scream in pain….

End of dream..

“AHHHH!!!” I shouted as I woke up from my bed and started crying as my breathing increased. My hair was out of control as Twilight was still sleeping. I tried to calm down and try and go back to sleep, but then I felt someone touching my leg. My face splashed with a light pink as I saw Twilight open her eyes and on the side of her cheek were slightly drops of her drool.

“What’s wrong my sunshine?” she asked as she was rubbing my thigh as I was blushing deeply.

“N-Nothing…” I replied while sniffling and wiping my eyes. She stood up in the bed and stared at me while ruffling my hair.

“Having those nightmares again, huh?”

I nodded my head in shame as I held her hand and started crying even more. Twilight placed her hands over my face and stared into my eyes.

“Babe, do you think I will turn back into Demon Shimmer…?”

“No no sweetie! You are not her! You will never be Demon Shimmer! Look, you have changed and you asked for forgiveness and Princess Twilight forgave you and we all did. You are Sunset Shimmer and you’re the love of my life and that’s all that matters.” Twilight smiled as she kissed my forehead. I kissed her soft tender lips as we were both blushing as we ended the kiss.

“Come on, let’s get some sleep. We got to go to the library to do our math homework,” Twilight said while snuggling in her bed.

“Oh, is it the fundamental theorem of union calculus?”

“Hehe, don’t ya know it!”

“You know what babe, I am so glad we meet.”

“Hehehe, you and me both!”

And we both were in a spooning position and slept for the rest of the night. Twilight was right- I am a new person and I will forever be Sunset Shimmer. Tonight Twilight was my sparkling dream~

- - -

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[21|100] days of productivity 6.01.17

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June 27th, 3:46pm // almost 90 minutes of videos to transcribe for Humanities, but the end is in sight!
only three more days of summer session !

How does everyone get their notes to look so beautiful? …mine are so plane and boring looking. :(


Its been so long since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy with my first semester in last school year. And its NEVER TOO LATE to upload old photos. This is my new calendar from the lovely @thearialligraphyproject and some of my new stationery and photos from Moscow. This stickers with animals, tapes with plants and fruits, my bottle and the dated planning from my bestie (its british, but she bought it in Saint Petersburg). That’s all by now 🍁☕🐱


Stan Vromance right now. RIGHT. NOW. You don’t even need to listen to them, just take my word for it, they’re amazing! Their single She is out of this world, and their album The Action is perfection from beginning to end, so GO STAN. 


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