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The pendants I have made so far that will be used as vessels when I open my spirit companion shop at the end of the month! Excuse the less that the best photos here, my pendant stand has yet to arrive -_-… I have a pretty big obsession with labradorite and rainbow moonstone, though I wasn’t able to catch their impressive flashing in these photos…sadly. I am fully up to suggestions for other types of cabochons to look out for as my next pendants, especially for anyone potentially interested in custom conjures. Once my jewellery stand gets here and I can open my shop, I will be selling these for 20 dollars plus the cost of materials and shipping. In saying that, I would really appreciate anyone that takes a moment to let me know what their favourite designs are!

These pendants are made using two different types of wire. Some of them are made using nickel plated copper, which doesn’t tarnish and gives them a natural antique silver appearance. The other wire is a tarnish resistant silver coated copper, which can tarnish but less so than bare silver. It’s quite a bit brighter than the former, so I find it only suits certain types of stones. Also just as a metaphysical tidbit, silver has a higher amount of energy conductivity than nickel, which I find with the more quiet and docile stones/spirits, it can sort of become a energetic sponge that drowns the spirit and stone out. Copper is higher than nickel in conductivity as well, but since it’s coated it’s not apparent. In that case I tend to use silver wire only on the stones I feel have the strongest energy. As for the stones, from the first image starting with the large red pendant, dragon veins agate, rainbow moonstone, rainbow hematite, labradorite, labradorite, opalite, spectrolite, labradorite, dragon viens agate, blue goldstone, labradorite, opalite, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, amethyst, rose quartz, dragon veins agate, geode, and blue cats eye. 

Anyway most of these vessels are not attached to any spirits yet, but a couple of them are spoken for already. Sometimes when I am purchasing a stone, and especially wrapping it, a spirit will come to me with an interest in the stone and I will usually let them grow accustomed to its energy before doing a binding. :D Can you tell which pendants these spirits have already been working with? 

Want your own Skam jar/mug?

Some people has expressed interest in the SKAM inspired jars I’ve been making, someone even said they wished they could be mass produced.

It would only be small scale, but if people are genuinely interested in these jars, I would definitely be willing to make/sell something similar to fellow Skam fans.

What I could offer would be the following:

A JAR or MUG for aprox £30 (to cover material/glaze cost) + shipping.

Fully customized for you!

You get to choose 1 image and/or 1 text relief from my previous designs (if you have another idea, hit me up, I’m fairly flexible). Anything more elaborate; a more complicated design, if you want a handle on the mug, or a lid, will cost a bit more due to the extra work it demands.

I would likely not be able to ship them out before new years, because it takes time to mold them, and work on them + I need to fire them twice (and also preferably fill the kiln for when I do).

Also payment would have to be in advanced.

But then again you’d get a fully customized handmade Skam pottery item to use as a coffee/tea cup, or as a jar to keep stuff in. :)

Is this something anyone is interested in??


This is one of the things i saw in the lab today! I am going on about it a bit but I just thought it was super cool watching the crystals grow right in front of me! This is a spherulite structure; according to my textbook spherulites are considered the polymer equivalent of grains metals/ceramics, though they are actually made of many crystals and amorphous regions.




I only accept full payment upfront, except in the case of very large and complex custom pieces not listed in the standard pricing. I’ll email through a Paypal invoice once the details of the commission have been discussed and agreed upon. I will keep you up to date on every stage of the commission, send progress photos and alert you to any possible delays or problems that may occur. For full paintings and drawings (anything higher than the sketch tier), the price includes an initial test sketch before moving on to the final piece.


The pricing assumes that a high resolution digital image of the finished piece is all that’s required, but I’m happy to arrange for shipping of the original at an additional cost.


If what you want isn’t on this list (eg. sculpting work, logo design, a larger painting than A3, etc,) or you’re unsure what price range your request would fall into, then contact me for a quote.


  • It’s the responsibility of the client to provide clear references of the subject or character as well as inform me of any important details that must be in the finished work. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission based on content.
  • Work will not begin on the commission until payment is made.
  • The client has the opportunity to make changes during the initial concept stage and during sketching; once painting has started last minute changes won’t be accepted. 
  • As the artist, I retain the copyright of the original work as well as the right to display it on websites and on my personal portfolio. 
  • The client has the right to make print reproductions for personal use, but may not profit from the sale of prints or the digital file. If you wish to make a commission specifically for selling as prints or merchandise, please contact me to arrange purchase of rights.
  • By making a payment, the client acknowledges that they have read and agree to the above terms.


What goes into your pricing? 
I work traditionally so I have to factor material costs into my price. I also put a lot of time, effort and detail into my work and that adds up to a lot of hours. It can take 15-30 hours or more for a watercolour painting depending on the size and level of detail, and 40+ hours for a fully rendered graphite drawing.

Will you do digital commissions?
For the time being, no. This might change in the future once I’ve had more practice drawing digitally but right now I don’t feel comfortable charging for work that would be sub-standard.

Can you draw this?
I’m comfortable with a range of styles and subjects and can draw just about anything as long as reference images are provided. I won’t, however, draw explicit sexual content, hate imagery, extreme violence or illegal content. Please contact me if you’re unsure.

I want a background but I’m not sure which category it is.
One colour backgrounds should be self explanatory, but a ‘simple’ background would include some colour washes with a few trees dotted in, or leaves in front of a flat colour, things like that. A fully detailed background includes scenery and complex patterns. If you’re not certain, just ask me and I’ll be happy to explain and provide examples.

A4 is 21.0 x 29.7cm, or8.27 x 11.69 inches. A3 is 29.7 x 42.0cm, or 11.69 x 16.53 inches. Please contact me for commissions in other paper sizes.

Have other questions? Feel free to send me a message!


I’m thinking of taking commissions for small, original marker drawings!  this is the first time I’ll be sending commissioners the physical original (rather than just a digital version)

tentative pricing:

$40 for a roughly 9 x 4 inch full color marker drawing similar to the ones below (I’d like to do them in this kind of style but I can include whatever specifics you want)

I also might make some small, detailed, full color 3 x 1.5 inch drawings (maybe on the backs of bus passes?) and sell them for around $12 each.

that sounds expensive, but I figure ~$10 an hour plus the cost of materials is fair?  what do you guys think?  because of the small size, I could ship these cheaply anywhere in the US in a regular envelope (and I’d imagine international wouldn’t cost much more).  maybe wrap them in wax paper or something to protect them from the weather, I’ll have to do some research.

do you guys think anyone would be interested?

(if anyone is, you can message me on here or at to tell me what you’d like)

That's unfortunate

My recent postings of feminist material have cost me a few followers.
That’s really sad. Not because I lost followers, but because people feel uncomfortable with me saying I’m a feminist.

Feminist means desirous of equal rights. Who among us doesn’t want equal rights? It seems to be an uncontroversial statement to me. It makes me sad to think that’s threatening to anyone. Equal doesn’t mean pulling anyone down. It means bringing everyone up to the same place. Everyone.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m fierce about equality (and equity). I DO believe that social justice is important. I’m not sure how that is detrimental to anyone.

A man comes up to me and is asking about our Kid’s Club, which is a little kids craft thing we do on weekends. 

“Its from 10am to noon on Saturdays and it costs two dollars. Here is a schedule of events for you,” I tell him, handing him a brochure. 

“We missed the class today, can we have the materials and some instructions and do it at home?”

Okay so its like seven in the evening. You REALLY missed the class. 

“I’m sorry, but the class fee is to pay for the instructor, it doesn’t cover the cost of materials. If you wanted to buy the  materials, you’d have to buy like an entire pack of paper, an entire book of stickers.”

“But my wife already paid.”

“One second,”

I ask the manager over the headset. She says that no one showed up to the class and no one signed up online, so someone isn’t telling the truth here.

“I’m sorry. If you missed the class this morning, we can comp your payment for another class.”

“We didn’t pay for the class, we just want to take the materials home with us.”

“I thought you said you paid for the class.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Regardless, we can’t just give you the materials and instructions. The instructions are meant for the instructor only, and we don’t sell the materials in singles.”

“But I already paid!”

“I… thought you said you didn’t.”

“I haven’t paid. My wife paid online.”

“The manager just said that we had no signups today.”

The man looks massively confused. 

I look massively confused.

We’re all confused. 

I think its time we all took a nap.

OK guys

I know it’s been a while since I floated this idea around, but here we go:


The prices on the sheet include the cost of materials and time spent. 

If you’d like the physical copy of the piece, shipping and handling outside of the US is extra. 

Multiple (3+) pages have the option of being bound together to make a little book. I’m willing to be a bit flexible on the book pricing, especially as things get over $100. 

Please check out the work I’ve already done before commissioning me. I’m not very good at drawing people’s faces yet, and I wouldn’t want to waste your time or mine making something neither of us would like. (I’m working on it and will make a post on here if/when I get better)

Lastly, if anything isn’t clear with the post or the graphics, please let me know!
I can be contacted here (@rf-arkham), on my personal blog, @st4rry-w1sd0m, or through my email

wintermoonofficial  asked:

Hi, I'm 14. Don't have a job and I've been LOOKING FOR SO DAMN LONG. oh and my nan is paying for it 😹 is it possible to do a full suit for 300-400 pounds? Xxx thanks.

sorry, I don’t make fursuits for anyone under the age of 18, regardless of who’s doing the paying, its not legal for me to do as a registered business. the amount you want to pay also barely covers material costs, so it wouldn’t be possible. the average cost of a fullsuit is going to be about £900.


So after a long consideration and many people requesting me to sell my artworks I have finally decided to do that !

How will it work ?

I’m not gonna sell those drawings which I drew in the past.You guys will be able to request your kpop bias drawing but also any other portraits you have on your mind instead. You will also need to send me the photo that I will be supposed to draw. And then we can discuss what would you like the drawing to look like, if you have something specific on mind. You are always free to message me. 

How much will it cost ?

One A3 drawing will cost 100 € (materials, packaging, shipping included)

One A4 drawing will cost 70 €  (materials, packaging, shipping included)

Let me now explain why, it is because you will have an original of this drawing, it is therefore very unique and precise. I usually work on one drawing for about 8-16 hours and that’s a lot of time, patience, love and care put into one piece. I love and appreciate drawing  and therefore I always want to bring out the best possible results and I wnat you to be fully satisfied as well. Before you agree with buying a drawing I will send you the photo of finished piece for you to decide if you want to buy it or not. 

I will be sending the first packages in February, we can arrange when you’ll transfer money to my paypal account in the private conversation. 

If you need any further information you are free to message me, I’m here to answer your questions :)

I’m unfortunately not planning to sell the originals of Taehyung drawings. 


The Wee House. Beautiful and cozy treehouse build by a carpenter Dave Herrle for his wife. It was built in six weeks mostly from salvaged materials; therefore it costed only $4000. The rustic interior and the highlight of it - colourful ceramic sink makes this treehouse one of a kind. Located in Westbrook, Connecticut. 


Hello!! I am preparing to take on one fursuit head commission this summer. I’ve made a Freddy Fazbear head two years ago and I took on a Cat OC commission for a user on DeviantART last year. I am willing to make any fnaf character or OCs you may have. If we start ordering the materials now, I can start working on it and have it done in August. I unfortunately cannot make a full suit, just the head. Price for the work will be 380 euro, materials will vary in cost but generally cost another 200 euro, though I will try my best to find the cheapest but best quality materials possible for you. I accept payment through paypal only and you may pay weekly or biweekly if you’d prefer! Please do feel free to send me a message about it if you’re interested. Thank you!


My Child of Atom Zealot cosplay from the Far Harbor DLC. It debuted at Pensacola Paracon 2016, where I won Best in Show at the cosplay contest. I wore it again this past weekend at Dragon Con 2016. Progress pics can be found here. Total cost of materials was $77.