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I really want an SU episode where they basically throw shade at the s/u/cri/ti/cal people Like... "OH NO GUYS...IM...A DIFFERENT COLOR :OOOOO" "OH NO...IM TRYING TO BE NICE TO EVERYONE :OOOO" "OH NO IM SHORT :O" "OH NO I LOVE FUSION :O"

In all honesty, it’d never happen - but the thought of it is actually hilarious, so thanks for that XD

I heard that today(or yesterday) is .. best friends’s day??? or something like that??? anyway so I thought I would draw the secret Saturdays’s kids in those squad meme( and yes again with the sinning)

these r just some old designs that I apply into the pic(all black and white yes) they need 3 in dresses and 3 in  suits tho(accept Ulraj cuz I forgot that he can wears a suit after all silly me)


im sinning again hope u guys don’t mind


This is the most Bahorel song you’ll ever hear and I wish I could translate it correctly for all you to appreciate, but it’s something like this:

The devil to bother
Decided to make a bridge
So from hell to heaven
Could the people pass

San Peter that discovers him
“Little Devil what are you doing?”
And the devil that answers
“The bridge to hell”

San Peter very scared
Went where was God
To tell him that el Pizuicas (devil)
Was playing as builder.

“Let’s go see”
Answered our Lord
“You know that this devil
Bothers just to bother

"Little Devil what are you doing?”
Asked our father God
“If you know why you ask?”
The snippy answer

“I’m raising a bridge,
So they can go for a walk,
All the damned
To you sacred place”

“That won’t happen!
The bridge to hell
Will never raise!”

“And how will
You stop it
Since I’m half way through?”

“I’ll send you the lawyers!
They will stop you!”

And started to laugh
The devil as he had never laughed
The lawyers?
Which ones father God?
If I have them all!”

“A time ago
I learned” said the devil maliciously
“That the bridges of the Right
Don’t go always to the Justice
And are thousands the notaries,
lawyers and doctors
In the doors of heavens
I have them as my followers.”

But God that writes
So straight over bented lines
Said “you remember
That trails are mine”
And that’s why he invented
To make the bridge first
With the light of the rainbow
So the good may arise.

Meanwhile in the world
So sad and broken
The devil teaches
To make bridges
In the Law School.

“If we can’t open the window
We go through the roof.”

The devil teaches
to make bridges
In the Law School.


Tokyo ghoul live dubbing at TICA.
This is from a Taiwan online news YouTube channel.