Pixel Identity Crisis

I have no better way of saying how I feel about this tumblr, so I just did it in the way I know how and hopefully I can get the message across.

From now on, I’m posting on three blogs:


  • pixel art
  • retro gaming
  • old computers, chiptunes
  • saturated colors, rainbows, spectrums and similar aesthetics

Matej Jan:

  • paintings
  • drawings
  • other creative projects

Dawn of Play:

  • games and prototypes
  • game development
  • other (indie) games

You’re welcome to follow my new personal blog Matej Jan and my game development team Dawn of Play.

An explanation along some personal news comes below:

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A really awesome time-lapse of an artwork done by artist Matej Jan/Retronator of DH’s Blake Montana, Max Sjöstrand. Check it out!

Hiatus update

About a month ago I put Retronator on a little break to focus on applying to graduate school. As some of you know, I moved from Europe to the US two years ago. Right now my stay here is tied to my work visa, but I’m exploring other options to be able to stay here and also be able to invest myself full-time in art and consequently more work on Retronator.

So I’ve been applying to graduate school to a couple Master programs in Fine Arts and Art+Tech(+Education) based PhDs. It’s a pretty demanding process that takes all my free time, so I apologize for the lack of pixel art updates in the mean time. At the moment I’ve completed half of my applications so I’ll be able to start posting at least a little bit again.

You might find one of my applications interesting, since it touches on a lot of things I want to do with Retronator. If you remember my 100 day pixel art project Illustrapedia, it was pretty much an introduction to my long-term goal, which is to do an interactive, illustrated encyclopedia. Illustrapedia is pretty much the project I’m pitching to universities to do as my Thesis.

I also designed a sleek portfolio webpage that I might at some point convert into a proper tumblr theme for any other artists out there. It makes viewing my artworks a very colorful experience.

Last, my personal statement includes a huge infographics with the history of my creative output.

All in all, lots of Retronator related goodies, which you can see in my application to UC Boulder on my personal tumblr here: