Three Days

Some #microfiction for all those who didn’t think Prince Eric was up to much…

“You have three days to secure true love’s kiss, or your soul is forfeit. Three days.”

In the end, it only took three hours for the mermaid to work out that she and the prince were *terrible* for each other.

Still, she had two days and 21 hours of freedom left, so she shrugged her shoulders and decided to make the best of it.

What followed was a bender of such epic proportions that “the redheaded devil” was barred from every tavern in the kingdom for a century after.

An orgy of drink, drugs and lovers that reduced every bed in a hundred-mile radius to matchsticks.

A bacchanal of such excessive debauchery that Dionysus himself turned up to tell her to “maybe take it easy, yeah, mate?”

She walked back into the sea wearing only sunglasses, somebody else’s shirt and a hat so impressive that it blotted out the sun.

The sea witch rose up from the depths.

The mermaid took a drag on a disheveled rollie that hung out the corner of her mouth like s dying thing.

“Your soul is mine, young-” began the witch.

“Do you mind?” Said the mermaid, making shushing gestures. “I’m feeling a little delicate.”

“Ahem,” said the witch, briefly cowed, “your soul is-”

“Yeah, we could do that.” Mumbled the mermaid, apathetically. “Or, I reckon I’ve got five minutes left if you cut the gloating.”

The witch was mildly speechless.

“Wanna make out?”

The witch continued being speechless for at least five minutes longer…


I got to do a bunch of the quick cuts for Homestuck’s End of Act 6 flash! Here’s a few of my favs.

Phil Gibson did all the initial thumbs for the quick cuts, you can see a couple he’s posted on his tumblr!

Also I’m sad that Jade’s ear wiggle didn’t make it into the final flash :’)


“PLANE LOCO” - Steampunk flying locomotive model contains over 1,000,000 matchsticks, 190L of glue, and approximately 3000 hours to construct by Pat Acton . 

It measures over 6M long and 2.75M high, with a wing span of 3.95M

The steampunk model is Pat’s own design, based loosely a 2-6-0 steam locomotive from the early 1900s and Leonardo da Vinci’s wing design from the 1500s.

 It will remain on display at Matchstick Marvels until the end of July before delivery to Ripley’s Believe It or Not for placement in one of the their worldwide museums. It is the largest matchstick creation Acton has made.

Via Nothersunprint / The Walkin Tourists 


New York City-based artist Andy Yoder used thousands of hand-painted matchsticks to create this awesome globe. The painstaking process took him two years, during which each match was glued onto a foam and cardboard frame inside a plywood skeleton. Entitled Early One Morning, the sculpture measures 42" in diameter.

And in case you’re daydreaming about setting this matchstick Earth on fire, Yoder’s son, Redditor yoderaustin, explained that the entire piece has been doused with flame retardant.

Early One Morning will be on display from May 8 -11, 2014 at the PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair.

Click here for additional photos.

[via Junkculture]

And imagine the basement he built it in!

The 5 Most Incredibly Detailed Replicas Ever Made by Fans

#5. A Lord of the Rings City Made of Matchsticks

For reasons that neither science nor theology will ever be able to explain, Patrick Acton decided to spend three years of his life stacking matchsticks together to form the mountain city of Minas Tirith… Between the fortified city and the mountain upon which it sits, this seven-tier structure was built using 450,000 individual matchsticks. … He even managed to build curved walls and the winding branches of a miniature tree using nothing but tiny, brittle sticks.

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