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What's a Bolas Boast?

“I’ve survived hundreds of lifetimes…  I’ve survived more apocalypses than you’ve had chest colds. I’ve experienced more of this cosmos than any being there has ever been. And you think you’re going to stand in my way, matchstick? You think you’re the one to finally take me down? I can tell you now, if Nicol Bolas is to fall, it won’t be because of the likes of you.”

“I was old before this world was even born. I watched my brothers rule for a thousand years until little worms like you overcame them. But I am not my brothers. I am older than they are, greater. I have devoured stars and shattered worlds. I have sired whole races, populated entire planes, and then hunted them to extinction for my amusement. I have bathed in the blood of gods and used their bones to build my nest. I am the mind-ripper, the deathbringer, the winged dark that terrifies your dreams. I was the first to witness the sun rise on this world, and I will be the last to watch it set for the final time. I have no beginning and no end. I have always been, and I shall always be. My name is the foundation of all that is, and those who hear it will obey or become as nothing…I am Nicol Bolas… Planeswalker, elder dragon, the oldest and most powerful being that has ever or shall ever exist.”

The two I know of. By now I know the second one by heart.


I did a bad thing folks. I foolishly put Pilela in soil that had too much fertilizer which resulted in chemical burn aka the brown spots.

So I decided, at the urging of my Mom (she’s the better gardener, idk why I didn’t just ask her in the first place), to put Pilela in water for now to recover and continue to grow. The matchsticks, my Mom’s idea, are a frame to help keep the leaves out of the water.

It’s been a couple hours so far and the one untainted leaf is still good and green so that’s good news.

Fingers crossed and hands folded for my poor Pilela’s recovery. 🤞🏾🙏🏾


I got to do a bunch of the quick cuts for Homestuck’s End of Act 6 flash! Here’s a few of my favs.

Phil Gibson did all the initial thumbs for the quick cuts, you can see a couple he’s posted on his tumblr!

Also I’m sad that Jade’s ear wiggle didn’t make it into the final flash :’)

April means forgiveness. For my body.
For the boy with the matchsticks in his
mouth. For the open wounds, the palms
full of salt, the fingertips dipped in lime
juice. April is the fresh start. Honeysuckle
and hummingbirds, champagne for no
special occasion. April is your body,
humming under the sun. Swallowing
fireflies, lighting up from the inside.
April is saying, I’m so sorry the
winter made you cruel. Let me
remind you what the heat can do
—  APRIL, FORGIVEN, angelea l.
K’s Sterek Starter Kit

We heard there are new people still coming! Poor souls, that’s gonna be a painful journey, but trust me, I would not change it for anything else!

This list is my personal STEREK STARTER KIT/STEREK MUST READ LIST, so I hope you will enjoy it! (most of the links are to our recs, where you can find more details and notes ;))

The first thing I always recommend new people in fandom is Important Things by suzvoy (which was my first Sterek fic and I love it to bits and pieces) and it works like a charm every time!

Then you just have to read (Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll because of reasons.

Best Harry Potter AU every fandom needs? I’m sure you will just love Untamed by rosepetals42.

The happy making ones you can read over and over again:

This is not even a fic, but you have to see it - Needs More Sparkly Pens by mm_coconut

Some more serious fics, which I love forever:

The one that will make you love Allison, if you don’t already - You Know What I Mean by stilinskisparkles

And this one make you love Peter for sure - The More Things Change by KouriArashi

The original ones with amazing plots:

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Weird MSI Facts

-MSI’s first bassist was a girl named Vanessa YT. Nobody knows her real name, and even MSI themselves don’t know where she’s at or what she’s doing now.

-MSI got Jhonen Vasquez to direct some of their videos and do art for some singles and the deluxe version of If because they noticed kids wearing Invader Zim shirts to their shows

-When MSI reached out to Jamie Hewlett to do art for their album, Jamie drew some Frankestein girls and wrote “The Frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy”, which then became the name of the album. Jimmy had asked if it was okay to use that line as a title, and Jamie said “Go ahead, you guys are nuts.” The guy who created Tank Girl and Gorillaz even thinks MSI is nuts.

-LynZ got her role as Vanessa YT’s replacement by lying about playing bass to a bouncer at a club, and was later approached at one of her art shows with an offer to audition for MSI. She knew she wouldn’t make it playing bass alone, so during a part in her audition where the bass drops out, she pulled a film canister of Bacardi out of her bra, and matchsticks out of her pigtails, and spat fire. She almost caught Jimmy on fire, and secured her role in the band.

-Jimmy was 29 when MSI’s (technical) first record, Tight, came out. So if you ever think it’s ~too late~ to be doing what you want to do, look to him.

-Jimmy’s last name may be ‘Urine’ as a pun on his real last name, but the dude has actually drank his own urine several times on stage. Nobody really knows what drives him to do this, but it’s probably what gives him his powers.

-MSI used to have a taxidermied dog named Chauncey that they would bring on stage and dress up in clothes that the fans threw on stage. Some people say it was actually Jimmy’s dog that he had stuffed. 

-Steve, Righ? is actually named Steve, but got his stage name after someone came up to him super drunk at a show, slurring, and said “You’re Steve, righ?”

-Kitty and Jimmy are cousins. 

-Kitty only joined MSI as a temporary member because Jimmy booked a live show without a real band, but did so well he kept her on. This was after not having had played drums for years, because someone accidentally sold off her drum kit when she was in school.

-The guy in the Shut Me Up music video is the same guy that plays The Patient in MCR’s Welcome To The Black Parade video

-Jimmy keeps a hoard of old Atari STacy’s so that his sound can stay somewhat consistent through whatever he makes, but he brings in new production equipment/techniques to help evolve it. That’s why no two MSI records sound the same, but all undeniably sound like MSI.

-Steve has had two hip surgeries.

-Kitty has a daughter but nobody knows when she was born, what her name is, or who her father is

-Kitty’s real name is Jennifer Dunn, and nowhere on the internet can you find her birthday or how old she actually is. Google wrongly says she was born in 1993, which would mean she was 4 when she joined MSI which is… Wrong

-Jimmy used to do a web series called the Little Jimmy Urine Show that was him talking/voice acting over still frames made in Microsoft Paint with tons of sound effects? They were really weird but also really funny idk

-Basically nobody knows jack shit about this band, especially the period of about 1997-2008, and they’re really weird


i found this video and im like, 100% sure john made it 

A tribute to the legend that is Nicolas Cage, who has produced some unbelievable cinematic crap over the years but always delivers a laugh!
Clips from The WIcker Man, Snake Eyes, Leaving Las Vegas, Bad Lieutenant, The Rock, Face/Off, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Gone in 60 Seconds, Matchstick Men, Knowing, Vampire’s Kiss and National Treasure 2.
NO copyright infringement intended this is for fun an enjoyment. Video taken from my DVD’s so technically i own it.