[Sorry for the crapy graphics, I’m not good at it :s] I decided to creat this Sethkate trash masterpost, where I will put links to fics and youtube videos about them. I thought about putting fanart to, but I didn’t find any! Hope it’s useful though! If you want me to add something, just send me an ask :) Everytime I add something, I will put it bellow “—” so you cand find it easily.







I had this haircut for about 2 years and this was when I felt the most vulnerable but also when I became the most myself. I didn’twant to hide behind anything anymore; I had nothing to hide from the world exceptmyself. I loved my twa and it was such a truthful, calming, and opening experience for me. I did it on impulse. I had watched a couple YouTube videos on big chops and I was immediately drawn to the idea like a light to a matchstick; but more than how the style looked or what the curl pattern was that these beautiful ladies discovered on themselves, I wanted that revelation, that feeling that they expressed after having big chopped. They exhaled and the world seemed to melt off their shoulders for a second. 

I wanted freedom from having to be a certain type of beautiful that could only ever include me having long- non kinky- hair.  I was itching to big chop and on impulse I did. I wanted to be brave enough to be completely myself. It was summer and I had finished taking down my braids and I was just staring at myself in the mirror and I was frowning. I took the scissor off the counter and started snipping.  The room was quiet but my heartbeat was loud in my ears and I had thoughts buzzing through my head like a frantic hummingbird. What if I look like a boy? What if I’m not beautiful anymore? Oh god, my mom is going to be so mad. What is she going to say? What is everyone else going to say? 

 I was filled with doubts to the brim but it was like my hand had a mind of its own, independent from any emotional resistance that I was going through, and kept snipping away at my hair. Fluffy black hair fell at my feet like soft fallen clouds, like abscission leaves. I wanted to know that I was loved for me completely and without any conditions on what type of hair I had. If it turned out that the world couldn’t love me that way – that’s okay because I love me.  There’s something about finding yourself feeling vulnerable that forces you to be your most unapologetic and ultimately your most beautiful self.


Burnt Matchstick Art

These cleverly created creatures and shapes are the work of Russian artist and photographer Stanislav Aristov. Each one is a clever combination of burnt matches, smoke, flames, and just a touch of Photoshop. Stanislav says that the idea came to him completely by accident:

I was playing with a pack of matches while I was deciding what to photograph for a competition. It was while I was watching the match that I began to think of how it represents life. There is the burnt part representing the past, the smoke of memories left and the untouched part of the match the future.”

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These took quite a while, I started these sprite edits months ago, procrastinated a lot, and then finally finished them. Each of the felts’ outfits has a theme of a place and era or a person/character in history, it was fun to painstakingly find references for each of them c: (free to use but please credit me).


New York City-based artist Andy Yoder used thousands of hand-painted matchsticks to create this awesome globe. The painstaking process took him two years, during which each match was glued onto a foam and cardboard frame inside a plywood skeleton. Entitled Early One Morning, the sculpture measures 42” in diameter.

And in case you’re daydreaming about setting this matchstick Earth on fire, Yoder’s son, Redditor yoderaustin, explained that the entire piece has been doused with flame retardant.

Early One Morning will be on display from May 8 -11, 2014 at the PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair.

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[via Junkculture]

And imagine the basement he built it in!

The 5 Most Incredibly Detailed Replicas Ever Made by Fans

#5. A Lord of the Rings City Made of Matchsticks

For reasons that neither science nor theology will ever be able to explain, Patrick Acton decided to spend three years of his life stacking matchsticks together to form the mountain city of Minas Tirith… Between the fortified city and the mountain upon which it sits, this seven-tier structure was built using 450,000 individual matchsticks. … He even managed to build curved walls and the winding branches of a miniature tree using nothing but tiny, brittle sticks.

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