i wish you’d kissed me
in the park. matchstick sunlight set the basketball courts on fire
and you gave the last dollar in your pocket
to a man with a violin in his hands
and a black kitten on his shoulders.

i wish you’d kissed me
in the parking lot. night rain on the windshield.
tracing spirals in the mist
waiting for somewhere we didn’t need to be.

i wish you’d kissed me in empty places.
corners we lurked,
aisles of tropical fruit
aquariums glowing with neon fish
hotel elevators

yellow light makes our skin look sour
red makes us sweet
blue makes us ghostly
i love how we change shape
i love every color

i should have sat with you beneath the lightning,
but i was too afraid.
i should have smiled beneath the streetlight
i should have been happier
we should have kissed

beneath the moon, when she was full,
or almost,
or broken,
or so new, we laid on our backs for hours, trying to catch a sliver
trading words to pass the time

i can’t remember what you said
but i should have kissed you


I got to do a bunch of the quick cuts for Homestuck’s End of Act 6 flash! Here’s a few of my favs.

Phil Gibson did all the initial thumbs for the quick cuts, you can see a couple he’s posted on his tumblr!

Also I’m sad that Jade’s ear wiggle didn’t make it into the final flash :’)

we will break the rules
a forbidden love, but somehow it grew
amidst cracked ground
they said there was no chance for us
but we proved them wrong, didn’t we?
and we are fighters
did we make this work simply to rebel?
but its real
more real than this façade we live day by day
they called us liars for loving
they called us thieves for stealing each other’s hearts
but how is it a burglary when we are both so willing?
so different, yet alike
we should not compliment each other, and still
a deviant kind of love
yes, that is what we have created here
they said that this would end swiftly
nothing more than a daring dalliance
so brightly burning, and then out when the wind threatened to blow
they expected us to be fickle with the affairs of the heart
but we are misfits, not matchsticks
and we do not love lightly.

misfits, not matchsticks, brydie ❤︎

prompt from @the-dahlia-lama



Now with the Stripes!
I had a little more difficulty with these than with the solids simply because i had to redraw the fuckin hATS because of how HUGE some of them were. But I managed to get them done! Complete with troll names (Again, thanks to my gf for name help!)

|| Solids | Midnight Crew | Exiles ||

I still find it funny they’re a mob of grown men lead by a pissbaby 12-year-old

The young Lord is likely a royal pain in the ass btw

+Hats under the cut

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the power of Seungcheol’s long eyelashes + Mingyu being amazed and trying to do it too 

K’s Sterek Starter Kit

We heard there are new people still coming! Poor souls, that’s gonna be a painful journey, but trust me, I would not change it for anything else!

This list is my personal STEREK STARTER KIT/STEREK MUST READ LIST, so I hope you will enjoy it! (most of the links are to our recs, where you can find more details and notes ;))

The first thing I always recommend new people in fandom is Important Things by suzvoy (which was my first Sterek fic and I love it to bits and pieces) and it works like a charm every time!

Then you just have to read (Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll because of reasons.

Best Harry Potter AU every fandom needs? I’m sure you will just love Untamed by rosepetals42.

The happy making ones you can read over and over again:

This is not even a fic, but you have to see it - Needs More Sparkly Pens by mm_coconut

Some more serious fics, which I love forever:

The one that will make you love Allison, if you don’t already - You Know What I Mean by stilinskisparkles

And this one make you love Peter for sure - The More Things Change by KouriArashi

The original ones with amazing plots:

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