On the wooden table, Vancouver edition:

1. Revolver Coffee - 325 Cambie Street, Gastown

Beans: Heart Roasters (PDX), Matchstick Roasters (YVR), Handsome Coffee Roasters (LAX)…and Sightglass (of course).

Drank, round 1: A Columbian (I forget the name) from Heart Roasters via Chemex + Kone filter. I don’t mind Kone, as long as it’s not particulate-heavy. (Although apparently the Kone 2.0 addresses this.)

But unfortunately it was exactly that, and worse: it was muddy and under-extracted. They also served it in a Hario glass server with a gibraltar glass, which made the muddiness even more apparent.

Drank, round 2: A pretty good cappuccino, also served in a gibraltar glass. Which makes it Gibraltar? I have no idea.

(If you want to go down the black hole of a debate of whether a Gibraltar (the drink) is basically a cappuccino served in a cheap double-shot glass: read this, and then this. You can thank / hate me later.)

Overall: They have a small but lovely space, a haven amongst the Tim Horton’s / Starbucks / Waves / burnt coffee franchises. But stick with the espresso drinks. And they really like gibraltar glasses. 7/10

2. Matchstick Coffee Roasters - 613 E 15th Avenue, Mt Pleasant

Beans: Their own.

Drank, round 1: Santa Sofia (Coban, Guatemala) via Chemex + Kone. Except it was oh so right  and served in a mug.

Another thing: they bake their own pastries. When was the last time you had a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with your coffee at a freaking café? The chocolate was still gooey and had that fresh cookie smell that hangs out for about 30 minutes before it goes away when it goes completely dead cold. Weep.

Drank, round 2: Macchiato – except it was basically a Gibraltar. I know. But it was delicious. Especially with another chocolate chip cookie that was fucking fffffrresh even though it was 4 p.m. on a Saturday. Double weep.

Overall: Coffee aside, the space itself also hits all of the right hipster spots (great light, WiFi, vintage plates, etc.) but with extra strollers. Brooklyn? San Francisco? Vancouver? Who cares. And, I have a cookie weakness. 10/10

3. 49th Parallel + Lucky’s Doughnuts - 2902 Main Street, Mt. Pleasant

Beans: Own.

Drank: A cappuccino. And, since this particular spot served Lucky’s Doughnuts: an old fashioned (not the drink).

Capp was solid in so many ways. And! It was served in its rightful vessel: a cappuccino cup. YES.

Doughnut (British Columbia, FYI) was soft and fluffy and just the perfect amount of sweet with that crieeeespy layer of icing and mrrffffffnnmmmmrrrrommmnom. 

Overall: The space is HUGE. Lots of students, informal but formal coffee meetings (I was sandwiched between an insurance broker + client and a teacher + teacher aide), piles of papers, laptops. But it’s yummy, it’s diabetic (the doughnuts, and it’s across the street from a Dairy Queen), it’s on Main Street, and TEAL CUPS. 8/10.