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Bars in NYC I Actually Drink At

Favorite Bar with Cheese Balls: Bushwick Country Club

Favorite Bar with Grilled Cheese: Noorman Kils

Best Bar to Meet Sex Partners if you like Metal and Moustaches: Bar Matchless

Best Bar to Meet Sex Partners Who Are Into Comedy and/or Would Critique your Taste in Music: Union Pool.

Best Bar to Meet Sex Partners if you like the bizness types: The Jane

Bars that Kristen Wiig’s intro clip in the SNL opening was featured in: Whiskey Town, also a bar that has the hottest tattooed ladies I’ve ever seen

Most Insane Drink: The Absinthe Margarita at The Turkey’s Nest

Drink I really love: The Pina Colada topped with Amaretto at the Commodore

Favorte Beer to Order: The Arrogant Bastard

Favorite Bar to Daydrink: edited because the bar I like is closed! So I’m gonna sayyyy any all you can drink brunch or a beer bar like Spuyten Duyvil

Favorite Bar with Board Games, so I suppose this is a good date night thing: Common Ground

Favorite Bar to Play Skeeball or Buck Hunter in: Redd’s Sports Bar cuz it’s 25 cents

Favorite Bar that serves pizzas (also, trivia): Alligator Lounge

Favorite Bar I would feel comfortable ordering a martini in: Hotel Delmano, Beauty Bar, Huckleberry

Bar you can dance in if that’s your thing: Ella

Bar that takes forever to get in because my boyfriend doesn’t mind waiting on line and I have to pee: Every fucking bar on Saturday Night in the LES. NO. NO. NOOOO. B Bar is the least of the evils, but I feel like you have to be fancy. I ain’t fancy.

Wine Bar: Bar Terroir

Bars I just generally like: Don Pedro, B Side, Cake Shop

Where I Would Get Food When I’m Drunk: Union Pool has a taco truck parked outside, Bar Matchless has amazing burgers and snacks, Oasis for falafel in Williamsburg


Here’s the full dates plus a sneak peek at the upcoming video for Black Eyed Gods, directed by @chasebradburn.
6/16 Denver, CO @ Electric Funeral Fest
6/17 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Blue Note*
6/18 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room*
6/19 Chicago, IL @ Reggies*
6/20 Indianapolis, IN @ Fifth Quarter*
6/21 Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club*
6/22 Philadelphia, PA @ KFN*
6/23 New York, NY @ Bar Matchless*
6/24 Frederick, MD @ Maryland Doom Fest*
6/25 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler’s
6/26 Detroit, MI @ Corktown Tavern
6/27 Milwaukee, WI @ The Cactus Club
6/28 Louisville, KY @ The Cure Lounge
6/29 Nashville, TN @ The Cobra
7/1 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn *w/ Wo Fat

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