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Idk if you answered this or not, but do you think that after everything Juliette is going to change her name ?

mmh this is something i’ve been thinking about for a while now…
i don’t think she’d change her name, she’s become the strong person she is now with that name, she’s learnt a lot and has mastered abilities and found her true self as juliette.
also i think that going back to ella would mean to embrace her past and her biological parents, who gave her away for experimentation which makes this not the easiest choice.
ella is the child that never got to feel true parental affection, the little girl standing beside her sister with matching clothes, who never got the opportunity to live a normal life with non abusive parents.
ella is the name of someone else, that past doesn’t belong to her.

now i’m saying all of this and in the next book tahereh will be like “ta-da meet ella everyone!!” but this is what i think would be more genuine for anyone to do in that situation 



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coastal jeans;

high waisted skinny jeans with two versions: cuffed and a normal version. you can have both in your game at the same time. some plain & some ripped swatches! unedited cas preview here.

• bgc

• female teen-elder

• cas standalone 

• custom thumbnail

• 7 plain swatches + 7 ripped swatches

• download: simfileshare 


comfy sweatpants;

• basegame compatible

• mesh edit

• cas standalone

• custom thumbnail

• 24 swatches

• download: simfileshare (+ psd for recolors)

• download old version (for old recolors): simfileshare

• feel free to recolour, just don’t include the mesh 

UPDATE feb/17/18: fixed the lods and a mesh issue + added a few swatches. new shadow map + overall a more maxis matchy look. please redownload and let it replace the old file in your mods folder!


♥ Sim Request #28 for @rileyspraker 

  •  “long, blond hair, brown eyes, and plenty of beauty marks? Oh and be very smart”

CC USED:  //  HAIR  //  TOP  //  JACKET  //  PANTS  //  SHOES (PETS EP) //

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mia blouse recolour by moontrait

  • comes in 28 swatches
  •  solid swatches colours are from @pleyita‘s summer clarity palette
  • bgc
  • you need the mesh by the lovely @emmibouquet get the mesh HERE
  • all credits go to @emmibouquet