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Bonded together forever in ink

Let’s bond together forever.. in ink. I’m sure there’s a metaphor there for us, for our relationship he said. “A knife and a rose. I’m the knife, you’re the rose. Cause my love sharpens your thorns like a knife. And all your love is in your thorns, the love I crave so much for which I would hold you so tight till your thorns dag through my skin


anonymous asked:

Hey there Cor! Is it just me or does the weird smiley face under Sauko's ice cream on her TG calendar post look like Shikorae to you? Or perhaps it's just a stylistic choice...

Hi there! I’m so glad you sent this ask actually because today I also noticed that the same face was on Saiko’s blankets when she was first introduced:

I’m not sure if that’s a logo/symbol from a game or series outside TG (one from one of Saiko’s games or anime?) but you’re right, it does look a bit like Shikorae!

At first I thought it was a reference to a one eyed ghoul because of the cross over one eye. But you know what else the eyes look like? 

Playstation buttons. Which probably reminds you of another character:

Saiko was first introduced playing a PS too and if anyone hasn’t already read it, there’s the theory by @wanglang1313 here [x] that each of the Quinx are tied to a character with a corresponding colour in one of the colour art. Mutsuki was paired with Torso. Urie tied with Kanae. Shirazu with Nutcracker. And Saiko with Scarecrow.

If the face is meant to resemble Shikorae, there’s a few theories floating around tumblr that connect. 

Either way, I’d place my bets on that face being a reference to Scarecrow and foreshadowing Saiko’s involvement with that character!


~Jikook Social Media AU
In which Jimin does dance covers on Youtube and Jungkook does singing covers. Jungkook asks Jimin to teach him how to dance for an upcoming performance. (side vhope)


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Do Alex and Willy have matching necklaces? I thought I say a picture awhile back, and they both wear a necklace. I was just wondering.

olivia i swear to god.

but in the case that this isn’t olivia and i just jumped to conclusions, apologies my dude and yes they do!!! and it’s really cute and i died when i accidentally confirmed it whilst scrolling thru alex’s insta.

so. the nylander bros matching necklaces. i present you with my findings courtesy of instagram and a couple of sabres development camp photographs. be prepared for a lot of pictures of hot nylander bros.

Also this is going under a read more because it gets quite…long.

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