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Mabel I don’t think you’re using that word right

PINK PERFECTION - models: Jan Carlos Diaz & Hector Diaz, Baylee Soles & Kelsey Soles - photography: Bruno Staub - styling: Julian Ganio - hair: Maranda - makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra - WSJ Magazine February 2017

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SONG: ah, it’s such a beautiful evening to spend with friends!

EMILY: this is your family, yes, Song? i don’t believe i’ve ever seen such a large gathering of teenagers outside of school before

SONG: well… basically family! and you don’t have to worry about any discrimination here, Em, they’re all good people!

ETHAN: if you say so, we will trust you, Song. it is rather nice to be outside amongst our peers, don’t you agree, sister?

EMILY: quite so, brother!

Twin Bro matched!

So, my twin bro is a medical student.  He’s in his fourth year.  In May, he’ll graduate with his MD and start residency.  March 17th is Match Day ™, where all the students find out where they’re going to go to residency.

As far as I can tell, here’s how it works.  *Please see your friendly neighborhood medblr for accurate info, as I am not an expert

1.  Applications: Students figure out where they might like to go and send out a bunch of applications.

2.  Interviews:  Students fly all over the country, eat free meals, and interview to become residents.  There’s a lot of nervous energy.  This happens during the winter, both to give students a taste of how awful the winters can be wherever they’re going, and to test students’ resourcefulness regarding travel delays.

3.  The Rank List:  Students rank residency programs in order of which they like best.  Residency programs rank students the same way.

4. SKYNET! Highly opaque computer algorithms pair students and programs based on mutual high ranks.  Basically, computers decide the course of students’ lives and careers.  Please be kind to computers. The life you save may be your own.  Also, this part seems to take about 683 years.

5.  Did I Match?  On the Monday of Match Week, students get an email saying whether they matched or not.  <– This is where Twin Bro is  If a student matches, good! If not, it’s time to scramble.

6. The Scramble:  Students who didn’t match frantically search for open spots in programs that they didn’t apply to for one reason or another.  

7. Match Day!  Students who matched meet for breakfast (?) and mimosas at a fancy hotel.  They get envelopes with their matches inside.  They all open the envelopes at the same time, and there’s lots of nervous energy and crying and hugging and drama.  Apparently, Skynet likes to see people in states of emotional overwhelm. 

Twin Bro matched, and now we’re waiting for Match Day to see where he’s going.