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Hey could you write a Loki bondage smut. Thanks love:

Title: Another Half of a Smut (Because I Can’t Write Smut)

Request #2:  Could you do a loki smut where he ties the reader to the bed and gives her multiple orgasms or denies her orgasm?

A/N: Y’all are some thirsty hoes, and I’m living for it… Even though this took me forever to write.

Warnings: SMUUUUUUUUUUUT. No plot, just smut.

Plot: Literally nothing. Takes place before Thor though.

Word Count: 461

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David x reader: like real people do part 2

Was only able to write a little bit today because of how busy I was. Sorry about that. This time you get a little Gwen. Also sorry if I write people a little OOC, I’m still getting used to these characters and figuring out how to take a light hearted cartoon and turn it more life like. Soon our lovers will meet again and eventually we will bring in some other campers. Now because I’m a broadway babe™ I got some inspiration from “not a day goes by” sung by Bernadette peters and (Preston) and I suggest you go listen to it. It’ll probably get more sappy later since I want to keep that theme of longing and loneliness for both the reader and David. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t think of his dear friends from camp. (Cries) okay have fun and goodnight for now.

David hadn’t had much of a life outside the camp recently so when he got (names) text, it surprised him. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t think about his memories as a young child, weather if it was a good memory or a bad one. She was somehow still apart of his life, but this time it looks like she’ll stay. David would make sure of it.

The young man spent approximately thirteen minutes rummaging through his belongings before finally giving up. Outside of his room, Gwen could hear displeased noises and frantically pacing. She rolled her eyes before knocking on his door.
There was a long pause and more shuffling of feet before the door cracked open.
Gwen pushed her way into his room, “what’s going on with you? You’ve been acting shifty for the past two days!” Gwen looked around to see an assortment of missed matches clothes.
“No this can not possibly be ALL the clothes you have??” On David’s bed laid two pairs of his uniform, a blue striped shirt and a few t shirts with some khakis. Next to the bed was a desk topped with two ties that didn’t match a single piece of clothing.
“You’ve GOT to be kidding.” Gwen smacked her head with her palm.
“I can explain!” David’s face flushed and Gwen continued, stopping David before he could string out a coherent sentence, “I had a feeling you were going to go on a date. But I didn’t know it would be THIS bad! I mean look at this! You can’t possibly expect to show up on a date wearing any of … this?” Gwen thought for a few seconds, “it IS a date right?”
David nodded before turning to put away his small collection.
“Come on” Gwen snatched David’s wrist and led him out of the cabin swiftly.
“Where are we going??” David wasn’t sure he wanted to be pulled along like this.
“Somewhere there’s actual clothing you can wear!”

“I’m glad you finally found someone. I was starting to worry that you’d be alone forever!” Sara, a young blonde female in her 20’s was visiting (name’s) flat to keep her company. She wasn’t sure how (name) was doing after the big move and honestly, neither was (name).
“When do I get to meet him?? Do I get to be your maid of honor?! What will your babies look like??” Sara let out a snort induced laugh before lightly punching (name) on the arm. She was a sucker for romance; and who wasn’t? (Name) was sure if anyone else knew, they’d be asking the same questions.
“Well. You kinda already know him. In a way” (name) continued to stare at the ground and bit her lip while fidgeting with a piece of dead skin on the end of her finger.
“Remember summer camp as a kid?”
Sara gave an enthusiastic but cautious nod.
“Remember davey?”
Sara’s eyes grew wide and gasped, “no. Not him. I forbid it! You two can’t get married. You’d have ugly kids.”
“Sara! I’m being serious!”
Sara giggled, “I am too! Think about those freckles. And you don’t want kids with a bad temper!”
(Name) rolled her eyes, “fine if you’re not going to be helpful then you can go home.”
“Okay okay.” Sara let out one last chuckle, “I’m sorry. You’re right. What is he like now?”
(Name) scrunched up her lips and thought for a second. “He’s a lot different. He seems happy. He seems like he actually loves life.”
“He better stay away from you then” Sara sipped some more of her wine that she had been holding.
“Ha. Ha. You’re the class clown, we get.” (Name) stared at her badly touched glass on the table across from her. Maybe Sara was right. She didn’t seem too hopeful that it would work out.
“Okay in all seriousness, I think it’ll be fine. Just go see how everything is tomorrow and maybe things will be good. Who knows, maybe I WILL get to be your maid of honor” Sara winked and downed the last of her glass.
“I got to go. Work is tomorrow earlier than usual. I’ll see you later, (name). Don’t stress over this too much please. I’m sure everything will be fine. You can always call me up if he goes all Freddie Krueger on you.”

That night (name) would stay up and worry about her impending date for tomorrow. Luckily she didn’t have any work to attend to in the morning so she could sleep in once she did manage to shut her eyes. Tomorrow was about to be a big day for her.


“When is a prizefight like a beautiful lady? When it’s a knockout” - The Riddler

The Riddler is a flamboyant and extravagant comic book super villain, appearing as an enemy of Batman. Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, the question mark serves as is signature visual motif.

This pin up playsuit design consists of a halter bandeau top with adjustable ties and a matching circle skirt. The bandeau is fully lined in a deep purple broadcloth and features purple piping at the top seam and purple buttons down the centre. The halter collar has adjustable snap closures behind the neck, inspired by a men’s collared shirt it is designed to accentuate the curve of the bust. The bandeau is adorned with multiple question mark appliqués that were individually placed and sewn carefully into place.

The circle skirt features two front pockets with matching question marks appliqués and white trim at the bottom. The skirt is fully lined with the deep purple broadcloth, with a hidden cheeky detail. When the bottom of the skirt is flipped up, you can see “Riddle me This…” written in appliqués on the inside. All appliqués were designed by hand and painstakingly sewn into place. The skirt is closed with a zipper and a button on the waist band to further bring in the waist.

Character Design is my own creation.

~ Please do not delete ~

Other Designs: Iron Man Dress


Bill Chiper kin fashion requested by pixelperyton

1960′s dress -$118.00

Black and yellow stripped sweater -$16.00

Tiny yellow top hat -$15.00

Handmade cotton leggings -$68.00

Father and son matching bow ties -$30.00

Yellow and black blouse -$14.00

Bill cipher necklace -$12.00

Plaid crop top -$24.00

Yellow and black star print shirt -$26.00

Heat Wave

Word Count: 1,845

Summary: Summer is at its peak and the Reader is determined to have some “fun in the sun” with the boys.

Warnings: A tad bit of fluff, some mild language.

A/N: This is my entry for @faith-in-dean  May writing challenge. My prompt was: “I don’t need it”. Sorry it took a while but please let me know what you all think! Thanks everyone <3 

Summer was at its peak all across the United States, temperatures ranging from a bearable 80F to a dehydration-inducing 100F and unfortunately, Kansas was on the upper end of the spectrum. You and the boys had stayed cooped up in the bunker for most of the week given that even stepping outside of the bunker would have probably caused a heat-stroke, at least until the central AC started malfunctioning. Sam had tried fixing it but it was going to require a little more than his experience to fix it. As luck, or lack thereof would have it, the repairman wasn’t going to be able to come for another two weeks. With the temperature not ceasing its upward rise, it was getting really hard for everyone to keep their cool around each other, especially you and Dean; every little thing made you guys snap at each other so after a while you all just tried to stay out of each other’s way. That was until found a case in one of the cooler parts of the country, “Sam, Dean get in here!” you called from the library.

Sam walked out first, followed by Dean who was a little more ticked off. “What is so important that you needed us out here immediately?” You took a second to take in what you were seeing; for the first time since you moved into the Bunker you saw them in t-shirts. Where or where has the flannel gone? You joked to yourself.

“I found a case in Wisconsin. It’s a quite a drive, but it looks like a salt and burn and the best part, there’s a beach within 20 miles!” You were trying to contain your excitement but you needed them to say yes. You couldn’t remember the last time you’ve been to the beach but this weather is beckoning for a vacation.

Sam and Dean shared a look before nodding in agreement, but of course Dean wasn’t 100% on board, “We can go to the beach, but I’m not wearing shorts, I’m not getting in the water, and you better not get any sand in my Baby”. And with that he left to pack his stuff.

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Save Our Last Goodbye 6/7

Bucky x Reader
Save Our Last Goodbye - Disturbed
Word Count: 1,441
Warnings: ANGST, Swearing, Fighting, Bucky crying
A/N: To whomever is still following this, I love each and every one of you and thank you for your patience for I have been a lazy poop head for the past week.

Parts 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6

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“Hey Bucky, when did you—uh— when did you, ya know,” Steve stuttered, scratching the back of his head.

“A few hours ago,” he replied nonchalantly, watching as he continued to flip a knife in his hand carelessly.

“Uh—when—uh—were you discharged, Bucky,” Steve asked, now thoroughly confused by the situation at hand. He should have still been in the hospital as they would not have discharged him that late at night.

“I wasn’t,” Bucky shrugged, still twirling that knife. Never once looking at Steve as he did so. Just watching as the light reflected off of it as went up and down over and over.

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Play time (Part II)

“I didn’t know the fun was starting already calum.” Michael says with a laugh, walking over to you and your daddy, taking your hand in his helping you off of Calums back. “Haha thank you michael” You laugh, holding your hands behind your back and rocking back and forth on your toes. “Is Emma inside?” Your face brightens when Michael shakes his head yes. You turn quickly to Calum as he brushes his hand forward telling you to go ahead and make his way inside. You can feel Calums and Michael’s eyes on you as you skip into the house.
Once you got into the house you made your way into Emma and michael’s room, you had been in here before and knew where everything was. Once you saw Emma you eyes beamed as you rushed toHug her, pulling your arms around the back of her neck you smile knowing that you’re finally with another little. “Hey my daddy picked us up some matching outfits, do you wanna change now?” Emma smiled walking over to the large closet. She moved michael’s clothes to the side, pulling out flannels and snap backs until she held in her hand two short plaid skirts, one was lavender and the other was a pastel pink, matching thigh high socks, two short sleeve crop tops, and matching bows with two hair ties each. “Daddy told me how he wants us to look when they come back, so come over so I can make you look even more like a princess!” Emma laughed pulling you over to sit in front of the bed, pulling your hair into two high pigtails. “So what kinda stuff are we going to play with?” You ask, looking through one of Emmas colouring books. “Well you get to play with daddy.” She pouted, pulling lightly on your left pigtail. “But you get to play with my daddy.” You counter argued standing up to wiggle your head back and forth feeling your pigtails hit the side of your face. You two quickly changed knowing that Michael and Calum could be coming in at any minute. Once you were all dressed you decided to sit on the floor together drawing, you two were laying on your tummies, feet in the air and skirts high up on your thighs. You could hear foot steps coming from down the hall as you two continued to draw. “Princesses were home.” You heard calum say, you quickly turned around to stand up and hug him when you remembered what today was all about. You were switching daddies.
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Season 1 Rewatch with the mindset that Hanna is A

I’m not convinced this is the way it will play out but if you rewatch assuming Hanna is A then a lot of things make sense.

Toby, Mona , Lucas, and Paige have all been victims of Ali .Who got bullied by Ali the most? Who got called names? Who was taught  be bulimic ? Who was taught to lie till she believes it? 

Hanna Marin

Hanna learned to be Alison and she was bullied a lot by Ali so what if Hanna now wants to control the girls. The dolls are hers now they used to be Alisons.

Hanna would make so much sense even in the pilot she was the one that still got made fun of. Even in their close group. She had years of resentment built up and could have been the one harassing Ali. 

Hanna wakes up and immediately asks “where’s Ali and Spencer?”the morning after Ali went missing

Hanna is a convincing liar. Refer to pilot shoplifting Hanna. What if Aria coming back and talking to Emily stirred memories back up for Hanna and she needed the liars to know she was the IT girl now. She and Mona taunt them about their secrets like Alison would have. Hanna has modelled herself after Alison at this point. Wilden points this out..Wilden also ends up dead later on 

Flashback to girls in summer

Ali :are you really going to eat that?

Spencer and Ali step outside to talk after Ali tells Spencer she better tell Melissa about Ian. 

Hanna is watching from the window, cookie in hand(same cookie Ali teased her about)she could have heard it all. Didn’t notice her the first time but she stood and watched the whole time 

Hanna tells her mom to change the story about Tom leaving her, she then says “say it enough and you’ll actually start to believe it”

I think Hanna and Mona started  harassing Ali, Ali eliminated everyone but Mona for being A she thought she cleared the girls but Hanna is never seen drinking that night

Ali was planning to disappear by faking her death. This is how Sara , Cece, and Bethany are tied in. 

Three girls wore matching tops that night. Ali, Bethany, and Cece

Ali and Cece planned on using Bethany to replace Ali so Ali could fake her death. that’s why Bethany was lured there that night. 

Bethany showed up and hit Ali, Mrs D buried her and Grunwald saved her. She then meets Mona 

Mona helped Ali run away, got her new clothes etc. Why not cece? Why didn’t Ali try to reach cece again for help ? 

Anyways so for Mona to make it believable that Ali is dead Mona and Ali would’ve had to produce a body. What if Mona texted Hanna and told her they needed a body. What if they had at some point met Sara Harvey who was a mean girl just like Ali  Hanna did the research and found out about Sara Harvey. What if Hanna set Sara Harvey up as Ali and she and the girls hurt and killed Sara that night Hanna was sober, Emily and Spencer have violent memories of hurting Ali that night. Hanna may have set up Sara . She may have this on tape.  Hanna taught them all to lie to themselves until they believed differently. 

Hanna took up shoplifting. Maybe she needs to feel a rush of sorts. Maybe as new Hanna she was satisfied with her life, Mona by her side and Ali gone. 

But you might say it can’t be Hanna. Hanna receives a text too..referring to hefty Hanna. 

Hanna is smart the msgs could be scheduled and she included messages for herself so she would blend in with the liars 

Hanna looks worried when she arrives at the scene at mayas house. The other girls look more heartbroken 

A likes to drink and Hanna has a flask at Ali’s funeral and again she takes it out at the grille, for cramps lol

Everything seems like ALI because Hanna became Ali 2.0

She wears Amber Rose, Ali refers to Amber Rose in her diary, it is then changed around. I think Ali may have picked up Amber rose as a clue. 

“Lying is not a crime” - Hanna 

The girls are trying on clothes in a flashback and poor Hanna is the only one not trying stuff on. 

In the beginning Hanna is insecure about her looks, Sean her bf doesn’t want to sleep with her and she thinks it’s an issue with her.As Hanna becomes more confident so does A.Sean was hannas crush and he agreed to come to the party so quickly once Ali piped in. Ali was gorgeous and Hanna just felt fat 

Hanna did her research on Wilden, she knew he was a party boy. She explains the absense of her tenth grade pic in the year book and reminds him he saw her tenth grade pic standing in a towel in her kitchen. Subtle threat Hanna. Not a ditz. Knows what to say. 

Lies to the girls  about her talk with Wilden. She couldn’t tell them he suspected her of taking over Ali’s personality. 

Flashback scene after cops arrive at Jenna scene.Hanna wants to tell the truth even now. She sympathized with Jenna because she too was a victim of bullying. 

Ali says “dammit Hanna don’t make me sorry I ever recruited you in the first place I have gone out of my way to bring your big wannabe butt into this group. So you better keep your mouth shut Unless you wanna go back to spending your wknds alone dancing to dance dance revolution and a jumbo bag of chips”

Is it any wonder that Hanna had enough? 

Hanna makes fun of the tiles for Ali’s memorial and compares them to headstones. She then takes off her bracelet in disgust. 

Mona was working with Hanna during all the times Hanna is clearly with the girls. I think this is why the clues point to Mona because she was doing the work but there was always a head A in the background. Once Mona went off the rails and was outed as A, head A took over. That’s who visited Mona at Radley .  Red coat. I think this was Hanna and Hanna is head A. Mona and Hanna changed. They took on new personalities. Mona was found out but Hanna is better at hiding, she fits in, and she has true friendships with the liars. No one suspects her. She’s one of the victimized liars. 

Hanna wants so badly to spend time with her dad.What if Ali had an affair with Tom. If Hanna is A then Ali ruined her parents marraige not just her self esteem . Bethany escapes radley and hits the Ali because she thinks she’s met Ali only she met Cece at radley

Wilden, Holbrook, and Tanner have taken an interest in Hanna

Hanna and A have a sweet tooth. 

Jenna the jerk is looking at us - Ali

Hanna wants to hook aria up with Noel.Noel and the girl Ali called boob job. Brunette who Emily pooints out as prudence Finn 

Hanna goes up against Wilden again , he tells her she shouldn’t tell Jason something that could get Ashley in trouble . Hanna retaliates and tells him oh you mean I shouldn’t tell him the detective investigating your sisters death was in my house in his towel ?

Ali says freakazoid is here

Then calls Lucas herme and bullies him 

Hanna tries to speak up

Ali shuts her up

“Never look back Hanna something might be gaining on you” - Alison 

Ali told Jason it was spencers idea to blind Jenna.Ali tells Emily she was only kissing her for practice 

Mona invites Hanna and the liars to her bday and they still ask why is Mona inviting us? Ugh. They never have Mona a second chance after her makeover. Never gave her the time of day until they need her. 

Hanna and Mona fight 

Ali catches Spencer and Ian kissing and tells her she’s a skank if she enjoyed it. 

Noel wants to lay around watching old movies. How perfect for Aria. Except Ezra chimes in about how Noel is a football player. 

Fbi shows the liars the video sent to rosewood pd by Anonymous

Alison says “wanna See more ?” Usually we see her saying I know you wanna kiss me. This one she says I know you wanna kiss me at the end of the video 

Holy F. Butterscotch candies on Ashleys desk 1.10 Mrs potter takes all the candies. She could be A. Lol. 

Did you miss me ?

4 of you combined remember more than you think you do. I don’t think Ali know what the girls did. I think she wants Hanna to remember. 
I had to come back to see you. I didn’t care how dangerous it was. 

I really should do something about A. That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves. - what if this was meant as a feeler threat to Hanna. To see if it caused a reaction. 

What if Hanna is the one with MPD she did take on the IT girl role and Alisons life as the popular curly haired fashionista blonde 

Ali would burn that tree. Especially if she found out Melissa and Ian got married. She destroyed the tree with her and Ian’s names. 

She signed as A to trip Hanna up 

I think she may sign as A as lot of times to bait the real A. Hanna and Ali look alike so many times Hanna has been mistaken for Ali. It would be easy for one to impersonate the other. Omg that makes me think of what Grunwald said. Each one hated the other. Each one feared the other. Ali didn’t know who she feared but Hanna knew who her worst enemy was.

So blame/praise bluelvnch for a lot of the inspiration of this but Jean’s rebellion against black standing for him being a Raven turned into bleached tied died crop tops with matching died hair. HEAR ME OUT:) This got out of hand so I added the break thing to not take over anyone’s dash too much.

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Taylor Swift wore a black sleeveless top, paired with matching denim shorts and a sweater tied around her waist. Aldridge wore a black tank top and dark blue skinny jeans and often carried her daughter. Swift was also seen holding a hot pink Minnie Mouse headband.

Taylor was very happy with a big smile on her face as Lily was holding her daughter in her arms. She was really enjoying her day.

The group was spotted strolling through Sleeping Beauty Castle and also rode rides such as the California Screamin’ roller coaster and Toy Story Midway Mania!, a ride in which you wear 3D glasses and sit in spinning vehicles you shoot.

—  E! Online on Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge’s Disneyland trip