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Eponine and Enjolras take a weekend out every two months to go on a Spa Day for Gays.

They just lounge by a pool with face masks and cucumbers on their eyes and talk about being gay.

There are cocktails

no one else knows where they go. It’s just for their dramatic gay asses.

they have matching rainbow flag swimsuits that they bought for this reason alone.

No one else knows how it started.

(actual story: They bumped into each other once when they’d both been forced to take a break. That was the first time they really talked/bonded. They both discovered that they were equally gay and dramatic. They made it a thing).


boiiiiii I literally never post selfies on here but today I felt way too cute not to????? this is the first time in my life that I’ve felt so incredibly confident in a bikini (and w no makeup on) and it’s THE BEST FEELING. I have a body and I’m at the beach so now I have a beach body! I can’t wait to flaunt it all summer long ✌🏻️✌🏻️✌🏻️

Maxis Match Swimsuit Showcase

Beau swimsuit by @swagiesims 
My favorite swimsuit by @bellassims 
Colorblock bikini 
Double scallop swimsuit by @waekey 
Sorbet Bikini by @metens 
Rainbow frilly by @bellassims 
Sania and Melody by @manueapinny 
Mens swim shorts by @marvinsims 



So, I’m sure you’ve all noticed Im a bit obsessed with bathing suits and anchor patters, so when I saw @deeetron updated her boykini the first thing I did was recolor it with the anchor patterns! You need the mesh, but you should get it anyway because it’s beautiful *_* ! 

you can grab the mesh here and I highly suggest checking out this post here where you can get the base game bikini bottoms and tops that you can mix and match with Dee’s set :) 


Custom icon looks like this: 

do sharks count



of course they do! and gosh what a cutie! I bet she disappears when she hits the water with a color scheme like that huh? she must be a hybrid with ears like that right? A+ for matching swimsuit with hair color.

I do love those ears theyre small and adorable but I also love sharkswhen they have nice tails and that is a pretty darn good tail! some sharks just dont hav e abig enough fin on there but BOY thats a really nice size it looks really good! plus I mentioned the color scheme before and let me just mention it again because boy is it beautiful! like tropical waters of the ocean itself!

-Mod R

Life Saver (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Summary: A certain twin tries a unique way to get your attention while you’re on shift.

Warnings:  It might be a little bland but other than that, none.

A/N: First fic posted ever, please be kind! Send in requests! 

Y/N sat on her tall wooden chair. It faced the roaring waves of the ocean. The day was going by very slow. You’d think there would be more excitement for a lifeguard at the beach. The sun was setting over the horizon and the salty breeze blew her hair back. 

She held the red buoyancy aid in her lap, playing with the rope tied around it. It matched the flaming red swimsuit her manager, Abby had her wear. 

“ Y/N, I need you to wear this.” She had told her the day she had started working. Y/N question the high rises on the sides but Abby pushed her into wearing it. She wasn’t complaining. She felt pretty good in it. 

Y/N let out a slow sigh as the waves rolled over once again. 10 more long minutes and she would be able to leave. Go home and sleep for a couple hours before having to wake up and drag herself to class. She threw her head back and closed her eyes for e second before being pulled out of her thoughts by an alarming scream. 

She watched as a surfer’s body thrashed around the water, soon floating lifelessly. She jumped from the the tall chair and dashed into the water. The cold water stung her skin slightly but she didn’t care, someone’s life was at stake. The waves showed them no mercy, crashing over them. Her hands quickly found the fabric of his wetsuit. She pulled him above the water, making sure his head didn’t fall back. She held him tightly, kicking her legs as hard as she could. Her legs began to ache immensely but soon enough, her feet touched the ocean floor. 

Y/N dragged the young man far from the water and began to search his body for any outer harm. She pushed her damp hair back, starting to pump his chest. She felt around his neck for a heartbeat, finding a faint thump. He still wasn’t waking. She became frantic as the seconds passed and she kept doing chest presses. This only lead to one option. 

Mouth to mouth wasn’t something she had used very often, but Y/N knew she had to now. Without hesitation, she pressed her lips around his mouth and began to breathe. She felt her body shake when he laid still under her, but all of a sudden he came gasping for air. A wave of relief washed over her, sending her head spinning. 

“ Are you ok?” She said, gaining his attention. He slowly nodded. His bright hazel eyes were wide in shock and his hair covered in sand. His jawline seemed to be carved by the Gods themselves. And his tanned skin shimmered in the orange light. He was positively gorgeous. His eyes scanned over her, as if he could not believe she had managed to pull him off the surf. She passed him a towel that hung on her chair, covering him. His jaw hung down.

“ How did you..? I..?”

“ You shouldn’t be here so late, you could get hurt.” Y/N said, interrupting him. He nodded.  She stood up, making her way to the chair again collecting her things. 

“ Do you think you need to go the hospital? ” She asked him. He shook his head, standing up and walking to her. ‘Thank you..” He said with a chuckle. She smiled at him kindly. 

“ I was just trying to get your attention but I guess things got a little out of hand.” He said. Y/N looked at him sternly, her smile momentarily slipping from her face. She crossed her arms over her wet chest.

“ You know,” the lifeguard said, brushing her damp hair back from her eyes. “ You didn’t have to nearly die to get me to kiss you.” He swung his head back, laughing. They stood awkwardly for a few moments, thinking of what to say next. 

“ I guess not,” He said finally. “ I’m Ethan.” 

“Y/N.” She said. Ethan let out a smile.

“ So, Y/N in return for saving my life do you maybe wanna hang out sometime?” He asked.  A wide smile spread over her face as she gave him a confident yes. Maybe today wasn’t as boring as she thought it would be. 

Day6: going to the water park

Jae:  wants to run around and feed the ducks while they chase him, and somehow expects you to capture him looking ethereal. “Y/n, that’s not what I meant by making it- ugh never mind, let’s go swim.” Insisted on getting matching swimsuits with you so now you’re stuck being dorks together.

Sungjin:  drags you along to the scary looking rides then ends up regretting it, bc there’s kids who were making fun of him for being scared. Brought a waterproof camera and is having the time of his life just recording and taking pictures of you in the water.

Brian:  FOOD FOOD FOOD. Where’s that food truck that was here 5 minutes ago? Why didn’t you bring extra snacks? Why is the ice cream so expensive here? Bruh, you’re not gonna have 1 minute of fun until he’s fed and satisfied. Refuses to get his whole body wet so kinda is just watching you play along with kids as he dips his toes in the cold water.

Wonpil:  holding your hand the entire time bc he doesn’t want you to slip away in a big crowd of kids. Probably wanted to go to the aquarium instead so he could look at the cool marine life rather than swim in a pool full of children’s pee. Instead of doing any water activities, he’ll beg you to watch the animals instead.

Dowoon:  he’s content enough just laying in the sun and have you reading or jamming to music next to him. Wants to party and dance along to the loud music playing by the rides. Gets high on sugar after like the first hour of arriving, and buys yall way too much candy and soda.

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