matching shorts



i saw some other simmers making their own “virtual mods folders,” and since i can’t code very well, this is coming to you in a series of posts that i will be organizing on my page.

(from left to right, top to bottom)

1. @simlaughlove​‘s low double buns (i use both the bangs/no bangs version)

2. @moon-craters​‘s nova hair

3. @pixielated‘s dee bun

4. @khrysasims‘s coachella braid (doublebun version)

5. @gohliad‘s kyoto hair

6. blossom hair from the spring fling stuff pack by @deetron-sims, @pixielated, and @nolan-sims

7. iris hair, also from spring fling stuff

8. @simduction‘s bun low hair


i hate you..

will asked his father for his blessing to date nico…even though they’ve been together for months. will loved every second of it that little shit


Cecilos Week, Day 1: Fashion Science

first day of cecilos week! and i couldnt resist drawing these two in some of their outfits mentioned in the show bc Boy Howdy. These Boys. 

to start off with, we have cecil’s important “i’m a reporter” ensemble with his capri pants and cumberbund, along with the beret he mentioned wanting to get in episode 80. the socks/sandals combo doubles his Uncle Power. second, carlos in his lovely black dress and feather boa (that he knows he looks amazing in)! and last but not least how can anyone forget that time cecil and carlos wore matching lycra shorts to a running event. 10/10 !!!

that-one-wolf-grrl  asked:

HELLO OMYGOSH YOUR ASK IS FINALLY OPEN THANKGOODNESSI'VEBEENWAITINGAGESTO ASK YOU STUFF! What would the 104th +Veterans wear to sleep in a modern AU? (please don't forget my precious son Marco) THANK YOU HAJIMAMA, KEEP IT UP THE GOOD WORK! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Mikasa: Cute Payama undies (like a short payama, preferably with bunnies)
Reiner: Nothing
Bertholdt: Ugly shorts he has since he’s 12
Annie: undies and a huge shirt
Eren: T Shirt and boxers
Jean: Boxers only
Marco: Boxers
Sasha: Sleepshirt
Connie: Briefs
Historia: A shirt from Ymir and panties
Armin: Boxers and a normal t shirt
Ymir: Panties 
Levi: Everyday clothes
Hanji: Whatever
Erwin: Payama with stripes
Nanaba: Matching short payama
Mike: Payama pants

The Audition

FINALLY!! I finished :D Sorry it took so long and I really hope it was worth the wait :) FEEL FREE to leave feedback.


A woman living at the Sanctuary goes to try and convince Negan to take her in as a wife.

You put the finishing touches on your face and fluffed your hair as best you could. You gathered you looked as good as you possibly could in such dire times as this. Letting out a sigh, you run your hands down your sides and smooth out the dress you were currently wearing. It was light blue with short sleeves, that hugged your body down to your waist then flowed out at the hips, stopping about mid-thigh. The top had a scooped neck which bared just enough cleavage. It wasn’t the most tempting dress, but there were such slim pickings at the commissary. Hell, you were surprised they even HAD dresses. Not the most practical attire during the zombie apocalypse. Neither were the lacy black boy shorts and matching bra you were wearing underneath.

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Finally made refs for Celeste and Willow!


I did another thing that I’ll be releasing today-ish? Either way, I kinda like it :P