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Behind The Scenes 3 (15/???)

Author’s note: One day I will figure out how many parts there are… But for now, there are only like 3 or 4 cities till the end. I know I said I would do longer scenes, but for the sake of dramatic effect and my habit of procrastination, I need to buy myself more time to finish the last of BTS 3. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Let’s say fluff for now (Jungkook)

Word Count: 2675

City: Manila (Day 3)

Summary: Y/n and Jungkook spend almost the whole day together.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You opened your eyes to see that Jungkook had already woken up. He was sitting next to you as he watched TV.

He smiled down at you as you stretched awake. “Good afternoon sleepy head.”

In your groggy state, you stared up at him until the details of who he was, where you were and what year it was finally came back to you. “… Afternoon?” you mumbled.

“It’s 3pm on the dot!”

“Oh damn!” you muttered as you rubbed your eyes. “What did you do while I was asleep?”

“I washed up, ate, watched TV, took a nap with you, then Jimin and Tae showed up. I’m surprised you didn’t wake up, we were kinda loud as we ate lunch. Then they left when Tae had to go to the deal with Namjoon, so now I’m back to watching TV.

You sat up next to him. “It sounds like you had a long day.”

“Eh, it was kinda boring with you asleep… Go wash up and let’s go eat down stairs! Then we can come back and be lazy again.”

“Ok” you smiled.

It wasn’t long before you both were dressed in matching button down shirt and were enjoying a meal at the restaurant. For once, you and Jungkook had a fun and drama free time. The late lunch date was filled with laughter from making bad puns and having a staring contest while you were waiting for the food to arrive.

After the meal, you and Jungkook took a walk around the hotel grounds. Most of your time was spent walking in the hotel garden.

Jungkook being Jungkook convinced you to take the “most thug” pictures possible with all the flowers. At this point, you were having so much fun with him, you didn’t care how stupid either of you looked to the people around you.

Once it got dark, you and Jungkook headed back to the room.

Jungkook let you in the room first, but quickly pulled you into a hug after he closed the door. When he pulled you into a kiss, you pulled back, but kept your arms wrapped around him. “What was that for?”

He shrugged. “Nothing really. I just realized that I didn’t get a kiss from you today.” He said as he attempted to kiss you again. “Ya! You told me we get to be lazy when we got back.”

“Fine, fine. You get in bed and I’ll get my laptop ready.”

“Laptop?” you asked walking to the bed. “Why don’t we just watch TV?”

“TV? What TV?” He asked as he pretended to not see the large TV mounted on the dresser where he was typing in his password.

“Oh, you know, the huge ass one right in front of you!”

“Oh, that TV! Yeah, that doesn’t work.” He said, crawling next to you.

“It doesn’t work?”

“Not at all!” He kept his eyes glued on the computer as he typed in the website.

“Then how were you watching TV when I woke up?” you laughed because you knew you caught him.

“… That’s not important right now jagi. That was then this is now, stop living in the past.” He grinned.

You rolled your eyes at him and let out a small chuckle. It was probably just best to play along with whatever he was doing right now. You decided to just rest your head on his shoulder. “What are we going to watch?” you asked as you looked at what he was scrolling through on the screen.

“I’m not too sure. I just clicked whatever. I think it’s an anime.”

“Yeah sure, you “randomly” chose an anime.”

He smiled at you but only responded by pressing play and starting the episode.

The episode wasn’t even halfway through the intro when Jungkook paused it. “Let’s lay down. My neck hurts.” He laid back and rested the laptop on his chest.

You lay down and scooted a bit closer to him to see the screen.

Once again, the episode didn’t play for long before it was paused again. “Wait, my back hurts. I have a better idea.” He moved onto his side to face you and supported himself on his elbow. Then he moved the laptop over to the empty space next to you and played the video again. “This is better.” He mumbled as he left his arm draped over your waist.

You held back a laugh as you looked up at him. He was staring intensely at the screen trying to hold back his own laughter because he knew you were staring at him.

You rolled onto your side, taking his arm and wrapping it around your shoulders.

A small chuckle escaped him and he held you tighter.

The rest of the episode was constantly interrupted by Jungkook’s cute antics. He took whiffs of your hair, commenting how good you smelled despite having used the exact same shampoo as well. You proceeded to have trouble keeping track of the plot and the characters because Jungkook began playing with your hair. His attempts to braid it always resulted in knots and tangles.

Well into the second episode, you felt his stray kisses landing on your ear, your neck, and your jaw.  At one point, his kiss on your cheek made his hair flop forward and he covered your view of the screen.

That was the last straw and you paused the show. “Hey!” you whined. “I missed what happened! I thought we were supposed to be watching the anime you chose.”

“Aw, I just want a kiss.” He pouted.

You pulled him down for a small kiss and tried to turn back to the computer.

“Ok, wait! Another one! Please~!”

You gave him another one so he would behave, however, that kiss lead to another and another and soon it was much more than just a kiss.

It wasn’t long before he was on top of you with your fingers gripping into his hair. He had learned his lesson from the last time and his hands didn’t dare move from your hips. From the way, his mouth and tongue moved with yours, it was obvious how bad he wanted you. You found yourself wanting to take things further and you knew it was wasn’t going to happen unless you said something.

As if he could read your mind, he went after your weakness. His mouth moved down your jaw and was sucking the sweet spot on your neck. Again, you let out a small moan and you knew you wanted to take things further.

You unraveled your arms from around him and brought them to your chest. Jungkook took it as a sign to stop and swiftly pulled himself back. “Jagi, what is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh? No… It’s just…” your fingers played with the top button of your shirt. “… I feel like you want a bit more… I kinda do too… so then maybe we could…”

His eyes focused on your fingers “… Well, baby only if you want to.” But the look in his eyes begged you otherwise.

You very slowly unbuttoned the first button. The second you pulled back the collar to open your shirt a bit, his lips attacked your newly exposed skin. He kissed all he possibly could before he reached the fabric once again. You undid the next button and his lips moved further down, not letting a single spot go untouched.

You had just unbuttoned the third button, giving him access to your chest, when a stupid loud laser sound went off. You both knew that meant Jungkook just got a text from V. However, the sound itself was so unexpected, it practically scared the shit out of you.

The annoying ringtone didn’t stop and it was getting you out of the mood. The incessant ringing didn’t bother Jungkook though. “Just ignore it baby.” he said in between kisses. He had already finished unbuttoning your shirt and his hands were under your back, unclasping your bra. You let everything just slip off your upper body and Jungkook threw them across the room. The texts still didn’t stop. His phone became frantic with incoming messages and it was hard to ignore.

Jungkook unbuckled his pants and his hands moved fast to the waistband of yours, but you stopped him. “Jungkook, just see want he wants then turn off the phone or something. It’s so annoying.”

“Ugh, fine.” Jungkook stretched over you and grabbed his phone from the nightstand.

As he scrolled through the messages,ou unbuttoned his shirt, letting your hands roam his body.

“Fuck!” He cursed through his teeth.

You stopped at his seriousness. “What happened?”

“Fucking Tae says he needs to fucking talk to me about some stupid shit.” He huffed.

“I thought he was out with Namjoon still.”

Jungkook sat up to catch his breath. “Well apparently they are back now.” he looked down at you disappointed that the moment was ruined.


He sent back a few texts before he got up and walked across the room to pick up your shirt and bra. “While I go to Tae’s room, you have to stay with Jimin.”

Your inside flipped around from guilt instantly. “Why?!?”

“Well according to Tae, what he needs to talk about is something he needs to tell just me… and its best you not be alone…” he said as he handed you your clothes.

You quickly put them on, avoiding his eyes. “Oh…  well, yeah. I get that…” you mumbled.

Jungkook sat at the edge of the bed now. “Yeah?”


You felt the urge to cover yourself up as much as possible at the thought of being stuck in a room with Jimin, so much so that you even got up from the bed to get your shoes on, but Jungkook grabbed your wrist and pulled you between his legs. “It’s nothing personal jagi. We can’t leave you alone in general.”

“Yeah I get it, but why Jimin?” The last thing you wanted to do was face Jimin. There was already so much guilt and anxiety growing inside you.

“Well, you aren’t talking to Yoongi or Hoseok. You most definitely are not going with Hiro, Namjoon or Jin. Minho is your only other option, but he isn’t the easiest person to be around. He’s pretty weird sometimes and I don’t completely trust him all the time.”

You let out a sigh. “Ok, yeah, I get why it’s to Jimin’s room I go.” You gulped.

He grabbed your hips and pulled you close to him. “But when I get done talking with Tae, you and I can go back to what we were doing.”


Jungkook knocked on Jimin’s door and waited for him to open it. “Don’t worry baby, it shouldn’t take me long.”

“Don’t call me that!” you whispered harshly.

“What? It’s not like he’s gonna hear us through the-“

The door slowly opened and Jimin appeared. “What does Tae have to talk to you about anyway? I texted him about it but he didn’t really tell me anything.” He said to Jungkook.

You could feel your face on fire. You couldn’t even get yourself to look directly at Jimin because you felt he could read your mind or something.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know either.” Jungkook shrugged. “He just insisted that I go to his room and talk with him. It’s probably some crap with Namjoon and the deals or something.”

“That’s weird. It’s kinda late to be talking right now, but then again if they barely got back from a deal then I guess I get it… But it’s whatever. As long as I don’t get dragged into all the dealing drama, I’m good.” Jimin’s phone buzzed and he pulled it out to read his message. “Jungkook get your ass over there. He’s still waiting and I want these messages to stop.” He said as he typed away.

“Fine, you and y/n have fun.” Jungkook said as he walked off to V’s room.

Jimin gave you a smile and moved back to let you in. You very awkwardly smiled back and ducked your head as you entered the room.

“It nice to see you finally up.” he laughed. “How did your free afternoon go?”

“Ha-ha” you laughed nervously. “Uh, I was alright I guess.” You could feel your forehead sweating. “We- I mean- I didn’t really do anything different! Nope just ate and watched TV as usual…”

Jimin definitely noticed your behavior. “Y/n are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird.”

“Shit!” you thought. You tried to think of a lie to tell him. “Oh, uh, I’m fine! I just uh, I uh, I drank some espresso in my room cuz I wanted to see what it would taste like… I probably got a bit too carried away trying it. Ha!” you let your nervous jitters out and prayed that he believed you.

“Well then you must have been having some fun then.” He smiled again.

“I need to change the subject fast!” you thought. “So how do you like having your own room?!?” you blurted out. “I feel a bit weird not sharing a room with you anymore.”

Jimin smile grew. “Well, don’t take this the wrong way, buuut… I like having my own room again.” He blushed.

You dropped your jaw dramatically. “I take full offense!” you laughed.


Lailani stood in front of the standing mirror, doing one last check of her dress before he got to the room. She grabbed the cellphone from the top of the dresser and sent a text to Jimin. *Jk says y/n will be with you. send her to my room in 15*. She then went to the door to idly wait for the young idol’s arrival.

Finally, she heard someone knocking and she rushed to get it open.

She could see his face turned sour as he looked down at her. He was quick to shift his gaze on anything else but her and cleared his throat before he spoke. “Lailani… Just came to talk to Tae.” Jungkook said awkwardly.

She smiled up at him and stepped to the side to let him walk in. She closed the door, but made sure it didn’t click shut, as Jungkook went about the room in search of V.

“Um, so, uh, where is Tae?” Jungkook asked nervously.

His awkwardness was a bit off putting, yet completely adorable. Lailani had a feeling that was going to make things a bit more fun. “He’s not here.” She said blankly.

Jungkook looked confused and it only made her want to laugh. She held herself back and stayed as serious as possible.

“Then why did he text me?” He asked more to himself than to her.

“Oh, he didn’t text you, I did!” She smirked as she held up V’s cellphone that she swiped from his coat pocket before he left.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at her. His jaw clenched a bit. It made him look so much manlier than a few moments ago. “Ok! What is this about?”

She took a few steps up to him, just close enough to brush her chest up against his. “Nothing much, I just wanted to talk about old times.”

He scoffed at her. “You gotta be kidding me. I don’t have time for this.”

He tried to walk out of the room, but she dashed in front of him. “What’s the rush? Aw, you look tense.” She said as she slid her hands up his strong shoulders. “Why don’t I give you one of my massages. You used to love those, remember?”

He brushed her hand off him. “No thanks.” Again he headed towards the door.

In a panic she went straight to her last resort. “How do you think Y/n will react when I tell her about us?!? Better yet, how do you think the tabloids will handle the news?” Those words stopped him in his tracks. “If only there was a to keep me quiet.” She said tauntingly.

First of all, I want to thank you all for all the activity I got over the last scene. You all literally made my day. I had the BIGGEST smile on my face every time I saw how you guys reacted to my question and who you guys were choosing y/n to be with. Even on the stuff I got from some of you today, almost a week later (let’s be honest here, I couldn’t wait anymore to post this part up) , just made me feel so good. The activity and the reactions/comments I got from you all made me so happy.

Second, I didn’t think this would happen, but I kinda like writing now… so idk, I was thinking of starting a side blog for scenarios or something. I am not too sure yet. I have many idea for other scenarios/drabbles, but I don’t want to congest this blog with any more stuff. If I do make another one, the BTS series will still be post on this blog (I don’t want to deal with moving links and changing the watermark on the GIFs). I am still debating it though.

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Au where Aleron and Theomedes (I know I spelled that wrong probably shh) are embarrassing Dad™ friends who play golf together, drink beer, and dance horribly. They chaperone school dances and wear matching ugly button up shirts. The only disagreement they ever have is who gets to pay for the Lamen wedding.

oh. my. GOD.

THIS ^^^^

theomedes and aleron are presidents of rival companies but they’re absolute besties. they’re always wearin awful barbecue dad shirts. probably hawaiian print. both damen and laurent before the wedding are begging “god please dad just for one day just for one fucking day wear something respectable”. theo and aleron turn up in identical suits, literally the exact same suit, with absolutely horrendous ties. i’m talking psychedelic floral print. donald duck. probably have those annoying shock gum practical joke things and at the reception they get absolutely plastered. 

meanwhile their wives are fashionable as fuck. egeria owns 50% of the business and is a highly sought after architect. hennike has her own business. it’s a fashion label. they collaborate once and it’s glorious. it’s probably sportswear. inundated with calls for them to do it again. outfits always so on point that high society wonders how the fuck aleron and theo managed to land them because these two gorgeous women, hairs only out of place if they’re meant to be, lookin fierce, artisan coffees worth more than ur mortgage, roll up besides two nerds in old man shorts and crocs who make shitty jokes all the time and won’t stop embarrassing their sons. auguste lives n is in a constant state of mildly amused by everything. gets calls from laurent at least twice a week “oh my god you won’t believe what they’ve done now it involves two circus horses, three litres of paint and public indecency.”

50 Posts for The Monkees’ 50th Anniversary

Post Eleven: the I’ll Be Back Up On My Feet romp from Dance Monkee Dance

It’s probably not in my top five favorite romps. It’s not like the song is one of my favorites even though I do like it. It’s not even as if this romp is featured in one of my favorite episodes.

So why is this particular romp on this list?

I think what keeps bringing me back to this romp is that it’s filled with things that I love about romps…if that makes any sense. In other words, elements of what I adore about romps are put on great display here along with some bits that I really like which are unique to this romp. Even the use of stock footage, which I’m normally indifferent to, is used well here. So even though, it’s not at the top of my list of favorite romps, it’s one that I find I always have to watch if it comes on.

Let’s look at what I like so much about this romp…

1. Monkees in costume

I know these costumes are goofy and sometimes stereotypical, but I still can’t help but enjoy the sight of the guys trying on various matching outfits as a way to take the audience outside the 1960s era US for a brief moment. It’s sort of a variation of them wearing the matching eight button shirts or matching suits. I also often get the sense of them being like kids who are simply curious about being someone or somewhere different than they are in their normal lives.

I’ll comment more on this later…..

2. The guys having some fun with Mike

I have so many thoughts about how the guys try to get Mike to play a game and then hula dance with Mike clearly being annoyed by it all. In that moment, he’s been taken out of his usual leader role and is putting up with his band-mates picking on him.

But despite Mike’s grumpiness in that scene, I don’t get the vibe that he’s genuinely angry at them. It’s more like begrudgingly trying to put up with the guys attempting to force him to have some fun. As for Micky, Davy and Peter, they are cheerfully putting up with his grumpiness, knowing that this is just Mike being Mike. They don’t like him any less for it. Plus, they are still determined to get Mike to loosen up and do something fun, even if it’s outside his comfort zone.

It’s such a lovely way to demonstrate another side to the dynamics of the friendship these guys share.

3. Little touches of characterization

A great example of what I’m referring to here is watching them in tuxedos do their little sideways dance. Davy is all confidence and showmanship. Micky is the carefree clown with his goofy face and exaggerated movements. Peter is his usual happy self, content to follow the guys as shown by his smile and way he makes sure to copy their lead. Mike is ever the more cautious, meticulous person. His smile is reserved and he keeps looking down at his feet to make sure he’s doing this right.

It’s subtle, but it reveals some aspects of the personalities of these characters.

4. It’s just fun

Why have a weird, fake snowstorm in response to their “rain dance”? What’s with Mike scratching his face with his sword? Or Davy feeling modest about his hula skirt while wearing jeans underneath? Why does Mike keep covering Davy’s face with his outstretched arm? And how did Micky, Davy and Peter get tangled up like that while dancing? Who knows and who cares. This is pure Monkees silliness set to upbeat music. It’s meant to put a smile on your face and I say it succeeds on that mission.

In conclusion, the I’ll Be Back Up On My Feet romp from Dance Monkee Dance is a great example of how to have a romp that is pointless plot-wise yet still fun to watch. It might not be a classic romp that Monkees fans think of first. But it’s a great reminder of how much fun it was to spend time with these guys….even when they’re just goofing around.

Not Sick(?) Chapter 3

*AU: Set in the future. Lucas, Maya, Farkle, Riley, and Zay are all in college.
***Now a multi chapter fic. I’m thinking of changing the title. I’m thinking of something like “Stubborn”, what do you guys think?
***Word count: 3005

If one were to walk down the hallway past Maya’s dorm room, they’d be greeted with a rather peculiar sight. Three young men, who didn’t particularly look alike in any way, where sitting in front of Maya’s open door, eyes trained on the dorm room across from them. 

One man looked to be the typical nose-in-book kind of fellow. Light brown hair fell just above his eyes, his haircut very reminiscent of a bowl. He was pretty lanky in build, closer to skinny than anything else. He sat with his shoulders back and chest forward as if ready to declare war on the door he stared at.

Beside him was a very different kind of man. This one had dirty blonde hair, too light to be brown, too dark to a true shade of blonde. He was definitely in fit shape, the fabric of his blue henley clinging onto his biceps and broad shoulders. One wouldn’t consider him ripped, but he definitely looked like he could hold his own in a fight. Green eyes were also staring at the door, but he had a more stern look on his face, something akin to determination rather than anger.

The last of the three was a swarthy man, having a deeper complexion than the other two. He seemed to be the lax one of the three. His posture was loose, sitting against the wall with his shoulders slightly hunched over and one leg outstretched on the floor while the other was bent upward at the knee. He, too, stared at the door, but through half lidded eyes.

Keep reading