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As readers have probably picked up from the tapir photo, I spent most of yesterday at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Overall it’s a facility I think well of - I think my earliest memory of an aquarium is their central tank, and I’ve visited multiple times over recent years and spent a lot of time chatting with staff and volunteers. However, there was one aspect of the visit that left a sour taste in my mouth that I want to talk about more at length. The way educators in the Wild Wonders presentation handle the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” left my companion and I incredibly uncomfortable, due to the presentation’s heavy association of the topic with law enforcement and the utter absence of alternate solutions for audience members not able to spend the money on fancy reusable items. It came across as authoritarian and out of touch with the potential socio-economic demographics of visitors - so much so that those issues overshadowed my ability to enjoy the inclusion of unusual educational animals like aardvarks and bald eagles in the program.

The premise of the show was this: a visitor arrives in a desert town where single-use items are illegal looking for interesting animals to see, but finds herself in trouble with the sheriff’s deputy showing her around because she uses disposable items such as water bottles and plastic bags. In between random animal appearances, the visitor is pursued and repeatedly arrested by the deputy for her single-use items, and then given something better to use instead. At the end of the show, after the visitor appears to have learned the error of her ways, the two sit down to eat their packed lunches together - the visitor is horrified to find she has packed her food in disposable containers, while the sheriff smugly pulls out an identical lunch that has been packed entirely in reusable items. There were a number of reasons that I found this messaging discomfiting.

For one, the main message conveyed regarding reusable items was very authoritarian. During the pre-show, the audience was educated about how much damage since use items can do, and then told to say a pledge along with the presenter in which they swore off all single-use items forever and affirmed a commitment to reusable items. That itself felt a little weird, but then the show took it even further by having the consequences of the use of disposable items be punative actions by authority figures. The visitor was not really educated about the ban on single-use items before going off on her adventures, and was arrested by the deputy for her crime without any dialogue that addressed her potential knowledge (or lack there or) regarding why disposable items were so bad. The deputy would then harangue her and give her an appropriate reusable item instead. This happened three times during the course of the show, in the same pattern: visitor would happily run off in an adventure with an inappropriate item, the dog playing the sheriff would “report” the illegal use to the deputy, the deputy would chase and arrest the visitor. This particular scripting effectively communicated to the kids in the audience that a) using disposable items is always bad, without exception b) it is totally acceptable and normal for authority figures to take punative action towards people using disposable items c) being chased and arrested is within the scope of punishment for repeated use of disposable items and d) ignorance of why single-use items are bad is not acceptable and will not be taken into account. That’s not how you convince kids to want to save the earth - that’s how you scare them into complying. (It also came off as insensitive and unaware of current events, as chase scenes, lassoing of “the culprit”, and arrests were played off for laughs by an entirely white cast).

For two, there was no awareness in the entire script of how income differences might effect the audience’s ability to comply with their conservation solutions. All the item offers as better solutions to single-use items were expensive: the pre-show involved replacing plastic straws with reusable metal ones, and items the deputy showed off were a reusable fabric tote, heavy plastic water bottles, recharable batteries, and a decorative fabric lunch bag and matching sandwich pouch. There was exactly zero mention of alternatives that did not involve spending money on eco-friendly items. I really expected some mention of how plastic grocery sacks or disposable water bottles could be saved and re-used instead of being thrown out, but there was nothing like that in the messaging - framing indicated that purchasing eco-friendly items was really the only acceptable action. I’m sorry, but not everyone can afford that, which means there are now potentially kids in the audience who may think their family is bad (and maybe potentially at risk for being arrested) for not owning reusable items because they can’t afford the up-front cost of purchasing them.

For three, I really don’t think public shaming of people for single-use items is an appropriate message to pass on to kids. The whole show kind of yucked it up, encouraging the audience to sympathize with the beleaguered deputy, placing them in opposition against the visitor who just didn’t get how awful and harmful her choices were. At the end, though, you saw the visitor sit down and pull out her lunch from a sack - just like many kids do every day. It’s been made clear the visitor has learned the value of reusable items from her multiple arrests. Then she pulls out her food, and sees how the packaging has failed yet again… and is not met with sympathy for a choice she didn’t realize was inappropriate when she made it. She’s shamed, yet again, and this time for a past choice she can’t rectify. How many kids do you think will sit down for lunch soon - maybe a packed lunch at a day camp that they have no control over - and see that it’s packed with disposable items and feel bad about that? I know the goal is that kids go home and talk to their parents, but there’s a couple problems - not only was that discussion never explicitly encouraged, not everyone can afford Tupperware or cloth sandwich baggies for their kids to take to school. The presentation set kids up to feel bad about how they engage in a common routine they may have no power to influence, and taught by example that it’s okay to shame and punish other people who use the wrong items.

None of the things listed above are good takeaways from an educational program. Compliance through fear of authority, compulsory spending to achieve moral status, and negative treatment of those who can’t or don’t act similarly are not acceptable messaging for door yo be teaching the kids who are in their audiences. This is especially true when the script of a supposedly animal-based program focuses more heavily on teaching these lessons than on the animals in the presentation.

What I was taught when being trained as as an educator is that motivating an audience to engage in behavioral change that is uncomfortable or inconvenient requires utilizing the power of positive emotion. You don’t go to the hassle of remembering reusable bags on every grocery trip because you’ll get in trouble if you don’t - you do it because you love leatherback sea turtles and want to reduce the number of bags that might be mistaken for delicious jellyfish when they end up in the ocean. While kids might change their behavior temporarily because the rest of their life has conditioned them to automatically obey authority figures, at some point they’re going to realize nobody is going to arrest them for not carrying a reusable water bottle, and they’ll stop caring - at best. At worst, they realize that they’ve been manipulated by the cool educators at the zoo with the animals they liked so much, and they’ll write off any future messaging as a result.

I was truly blown away by how much this program differed from my other experiences at Point Defiance. I’ve seen Wild Wonders shows in previous years and adored them both for their quality animal training and their strong conservation message. I got neither from this current script - overall impression was that the animals made quick appearances to keep the attention of the audience during transitions between scenes. I’m not sure why this year was so different - I don’t know the facility from anything but the public side, nor know staff there to ask, so I won’t hazard a guess. Overall, it felt like the whole production really missed an opportunity to use incredibly cool animals - hello, aardvarks?? - to inspire kids to get involved and to spread awareness of the ways people of all ages and income can modify their usage of disposable items to become more sustainable.

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Hi, I'm not sure if your ask box is open so I'm sorry if it's not! But I was wondering if you had any more NSFW or fluffy headcanons for Bokuto, Kuro, Oikawa and Daichi? Also your blog is so lovely and I love reading your stuff, keep it up! ♡

I always have fluff and NSFW headcanons, sweetheart  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m going to post the NSFW headcanons in a separate post, so that this isn’t too long, okay?

Fluff Headcanons


  • He’s a very affectionate person. If you are his partner expect a lot of hand holding, cheek kisses, and nose nuzzles.
  • He enjoys being close to his partner, especially when it’s cold outside. He’ll share his scarf or his jackets with you, just to see how cute you look with his items on you
  • He enjoys flexing his arms for you whenever he can. Sometimes when you grab onto him to fix your shoe, he flexes on purpose just to make you smile and giggle
  • He has horrendous bed head, but it’s nothing compared to the beautiful sleepy voice he has in the morning, and the cutest smile he gives you once you’re both away and lying in each other’s embrace.
  • Amazing at whistling, and adore whistling love songs and other tunes to you in order to get your attention. It usually rewards him with plenty of kisses.


  • Similar to Bokuto, Kuroo is a big fan of letting you wear his clothes and always buying things a couple of sizes bigger than his actual build so that he can see you and your adorable frame in his baggy clothes.
  • Loves walking you everywhere! Going to the store? He’s tagging along. Heading to take your pet for a walk? Mind if he joins?
  • He’s very big on spending his days off with you in bed, nestled under warm fluffy blankets and watching cheesy movies and tv shows all day. He can lay in bed and talk with you about everything and nothing at the same time. 
  • Always the big spoon when cuddling, though he doesn’t mind you cuddling him from time to time, and especially gets happy when you let him rest his head on your lap.
  • He’s so cute when he eats, and because he makes a mess sometimes you have to tell him when there’s food or sauce on his face. He’s always so bashful about it and blushes like crazy.


  • A very athletic person and enjoys going out for walks and morning jogs with you. Nothing he loves more than fresh air, warm drinks, and.. you. <3
  • A big fan of holding you on his lap and back hugs. He sometimes flexes his muscles behind you shyly, grinning to himself when you smile or laugh.
  • He loves to tickle you and roll around play wrestling with you. When you two get tired, he usually curls up with you, tucking you into his arms and you both take naps together. Perfect.
  • The best doctor to have when you’re ill or bedridden for a day. He’ll always make sure you’re well taken care of and happy. 
  • He enjoys brushing your hair and playing with it, no matter what texture it is, he always finds comfort in knowing how close you are to him, without really having to say it.


  • He enjoys taking you out on horseback riding dates. The thrill of everything, the races, the laughs and the smiles, it’s all amazing in his eyes, no matter how much his butt hurts afterwards.
  • Big on couple items, and sometimes those items will be as subtle as matching headphones, or matching pencil pouches, even matching pens. 
  • Oikawa can always be himself around you, and is never afraid of letting down his walls. Once you accidentally tickled his feet and sent him in a frenzy, and you spent the longest time chasing each other around, smiling and laughing and enjoying each others’ company.
  • A very kissy person. His favorite places to give you kisses include the cheeks, forehead, and nose.
  • Whenever you both hang out with the Seijou squad, he makes sure to take plenty of pictures. It warms his heart to see the love of his life enjoying themselves with his team. 

tagged by @sketchygoat to draw an OC’s inventory so here’s Aurellions!

-top is his charcoal pencils and flip knife which he tends to have multiples of both

-middle is his tobacco pouch, matches and some bandages for the injuries his always giving himself (usually with the aforementioned knife)

-bottom has some plant and seed samples that he takes from work to plant up in his apartment, set of keys for work and home, and some loose coins to toss into fountains

this was surprisingly fun :Dc @kaedianmori @flynneware @deeafrotailmisstress should do it too

If you have been with me for some time, you already know that I love tarot decks, and you will find a new discovery today. But if you are new to the blog and/or tarot decks, today’s post is a perfect starting point for you! This is because the Madam Clara tarot deck by Rick at Motel Gift Shop is a fantastic deck for beginners. But I’ll get to that in a moment!

Firstly, let me talk about the wonderful packaging, which is great not only at a practical level (safety) but also at a visual level (experience), with a mint blue wrapping with custom stamps, stickers - and even a wax sealed letter! Inside, the first thing I found was the matching velvet pouch that holds the deck. It is a black velvet drawstring bag with the name of the deck and its “motto”: fate, destiny, fortune.

Inside, there’s the custom tuckbox, mostly black with contrasting elements. I love the back design with that eye, which is similar to the card back design. I don’t know the exact English word for this, but it doesn’t have a semi circle where you usually put the thumb to lift the top of the box.

The cards have a retro-kitschy vibe, with a colour palette of red, blue, antique gold, white and black. Sometimes, the combination of gold and blue gives a green effect. The borders are light yellow and thin, and they compliment the card art very well. The major arcana feature statues with other elemenst mixed in. In the minor arcana you can find lots of hands, statues, animals, architectal elements and tools. They are really well chosen to provide not only a visually appealing card, but also to convey meaning. Now, if you are a beginner, Madam Clara shines with a most characteristic feature: on each card there is a banner with two short meanings, one that can be read when the card is upright, and the other one when it is reversed. They are limited by their lenght, but they are great for those who are starting out, or to use them as meditation prompts. For example, the seven of pentacles reads: “ar last you’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work” and “cut your losses now and channel your efforts elsewhere”. Quite clear and concise, as you can see!

There are two extra cards, one features a palmistry hand and the other one, a skull. The thickness is like that of playing cards and they aren’t too big so they shuffle perfectly. In general, this is an easily approachable deck especially for beginners. It is beautiful, fun and easy to work with. Rick’s Madam Clara Sees All deck is brilliant, and has inspired him to continue with other works, like The Midcenturian Tarot (which is complete and available for pre-order, expected delivery end of December), a deck which features abstracted and stylized Rider-Waite symbolism with mid-century design. If one of your NY resolutions involves meditation, tarot or both, it’s the time to include Madam Clara on your wishlist!

A Christmas to Remember, Always and Forever

Part of the Christmas Songs challenge hosted by the lovely and talented @jensen-jarpad

My song was “Santa Baby” originally recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953, but I chose the Taylor Swift version. Click here for the video.

Word Count: 2023

Warnings: May induce cavities and a tummy ache from all the sweetness

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Thanksgiving was here and gone before I knew it. It had been a great day. I made pies; pecan, apple and the requisite pumpkin. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and more, accompanied the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. I was a good cook, but Jody was amazing. The bunker had never seen so many people and so much food.

We had a lot to be thankful for this year. The Darkness no longer wanted to end the world, happily reunited with her brother, Chuck. Sam and Cas were back. Mary returned from the dead, left, then came back again. Jody, Claire and Alex had joined us as well. With the exception of the British Men Of Letters, life and hunting had returned to normal, as normal as our lives could be, anyway.

I have been with the Winchesters now for four years and Dean and I have been together for more than two. Through the Mark Of Cain, through Dean dying and becoming a demon and coming back to me, to us. I knew I loved this man without a shadow of a doubt. Our lives though, didn’t always allow us to dwell about a ‘normal’ life. We all knew it. Still, that didn’t stop Dean and I from talking about our future and the possibility of more, marriage, even children. I was thankful for him and Sam everyday of my life.  

Before I knew it, we were closing in on Christmas. Dean and I had gone out on a supply run and had split up to save time. I was on grocery duty. Piling the cart high with things we needed to last a few more weeks until the New Year. I quietly sang along to the Christmas songs playing overhead while I stocked my cart.

Dean was on supplies. I knew he was probably drooling over motor oil and spark plugs, so I had a few minutes to do what I needed to do.  As I kept an eye out for him, I wandered over to the Ladies Intimates section, looking for the perfect gift for Dean. Now, we don’t exchange gifts, per se, but that didn’t stop me from picking out something for me, that was really for him.  I found what I thought would be perfect.

As I made my way through the store to locate Dean, I picked up a few more things. A couple of Santa hats, some mistletoe, chocolates and candy canes. I caught up with my love and we checked out in a hurry, separate registers, thank you very much. I didn’t want him to see what was in my cart besides food, until it was time.

We spent the week of Christmas in relative peace. The world was quiet, almost too quiet, but I was going to enjoy it while I could. I spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking and baking and listening to my Christmas playlist coming from my phone.

I was lost in my own little world, singing and dancing while I cooked and baked.

…Come and trim my Christmas tree

With some decorations bought at Tiffany;

I really do believe in you

Let’s see if you believe in me

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring

I don’t mean a phone, Santa baby,

so hurry down the chimney tonight

Hurry down the chimney tonight

Hurry tonight

This is where Dean found me, covered with flour, in a cute little Santa hat, while I rolled pizza crust for dinner. He just chuckled and rolled his eyes. Kissing me, he wiped the flour off my nose.

Later, we each added our desired toppings to the gigantic pie. While it was baking, we were decorating the Library and adding the finishing touches to the tree. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and I was excited.

The pizza was amazing and after dinner was cleared, and the dishes washed, dried and put away, Sam had excused himself to his room for the night, mumbling something about a binge. Dean and I snuggled up together on the couch, the tree the only light in the room. We sat there for what felt like hours, just me and my man. We were content with the closeness of each other, not always having to be naked to be intimate. Dean casually played with my hair, while my fingers traced mindless patterns along his arms and chest. Now was the time for me to put my plan into place.

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Les Amis Morse Code Bracelets

Hello friends! This is something I thought some of you might be interested in. These are Les Amis themed Morse code bracelets that I’ve started selling on Etsy.










Each bracelet is hand-made by me and uses international Morse code to spell out the character’s name. Each round gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dot, each long gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dash, and each coloured bead signifies a space between letters. It’s a super cute and subtle way to keep your favourite Ami close to you!

I make each bracelet to order, so you can choose whether you’d like a gold or a silver bracelet, and between different sizes, and each bracelet comes in a matching jewellery pouch with a slip of paper translating the Morse code. The jump rings and calottes are gold/silver-plated; the clasps and beads are gold/silver tone.

It’s also possible to buy a complete set of all Les Amis, any choice of two bracelets, and any choice of three bracelets, all at a discounted price compared to buying more than one bracelet separately. Individual bracelets are as cheap as I can afford to price them to cover cost of materials and Etsy seller fees at £5.50 or $8.80 USD each, plus shipping costs.

I’m hoping to add more very soon - I’d like to make an exr set with iconic lines from the brick for starters, and I’m planning on listing bracelets inspired by other pieces of literature, films, and TV shows. I’d also love to make some custom matching ldr/friendship location sets.

I’ve just opened up custom orders, so you can now have things names, usernames, and short messages of your choice encoded into bracelets.

You can check out the shop here, and I’d really appreciate signal boosts!


Sherlock Holmes Morse Code Bracelets

Hello friends! This is something I thought some of you might be interested in. These are Sherlock Holmes themed Morse code bracelets that I’ve started selling on Etsy.







There are also tons more designs available, including custom options!

Each bracelet is hand-made by me and uses international Morse code to spell out the character or place name. Each round gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dot, each long gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dash, and each coloured bead signifies a space between letters.

I make each bracelet to order, so you can choose whether you’d like a gold or a silver bracelet, and between different sizes, colours, and messages, and each bracelet comes in a matching jewellery pouch with a slip of paper translating the Morse code. The jump rings and calottes are gold/silver-plated; the clasps and beads are gold/silver tone.

You can check out the shop here, and I’d really appreciate signal boosts!

Inktober Day 4!

“I was informed by Professor Samedi that he intercepted a message from an ancient inter-dimensional spirits of evil trying to use the Star-Lock to access our galaxy. If they were to make it through the portal they would ravage our planets, enslave our children, and use our blood to grease the engines of their war machines, laying waste to any cybercorn pilot who stands in their way.
Samedi also had gifted me a fantastic hand made leather satchel that matches my belt pouches. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.” Journal entry 3263 - Lord Balderben

#inktober #LordBalderben

S&W 915 9mm Luger
Night Sights
Steel Slide, Aluminum Frame
4 Magazines
Holster with matching mag pouches.

Got it from a co-worker for $200. Didn’t need it… but couldn’t pass on the deal either.


Thanks you so much for the wonderful opportunity @octoberobserver.

I am very please on what I got in the mail yesterday and finally got a chance to look though it!

And my new coin pouch matches with my wallet. I’ve been looking for a baggie to carry my coins. Having to use ziploc bags sucke XD

Again, Thank you~ ————————————–
Go follow @octoberobserver if you haven’t already and read her awesome fanfic “Say anything….. Except that”, I bet that you won’t regret it!


River Song Plushie (felt doll) and mini-River diary!

My new toys! I adore this doll so much that I customized her further. mewiet and Ashley asked for pictures, so here they are! (Thanks for asking, my friends!)

External image

The doll was made by WhimsicaIWonderIand on etsy. I chose River’s Pandorica/Big Bang outfit and asked if she could add a pouch for a diary charm.

I liked how the diary pouch turned out so much that I thought I’d add her torch. From there, I got excited and made the rest of the utility belt. River Plushie’s computer, torch, and alpha meson pistol are accessories for 12" action figures that I painted to better fit River. Her own action figure accessories were too small. Still, I know they are not exact matches, she won’t be winning any cosplays, but they work for me! I then made the holster and extra pouch to match River’s real costume.

Then the mini-diary…. oh that diary!

I was going to get a little charm when I remembered Maylar’s miniature River Song diary on deviantart. It embodies River’s quote:

“I have pictures of all your faces”

It even has John Hurt and Peter Capaldi! I asked for the custom first page: River’s Hello, Sweetie and a kiss. On top of the wonderful artwork, the details for the diary’s cover and binding is amazing!

By sheer luck, this mini-diary fit perfectly in River Plushie’s pouch. When I have them on display on my Tardis bookcase, the doll goes on a stand and the diary is out for people to see the pages.

I adore this doll! I’m taking her and her little diary with me to New York when I see Alex in Macbeth. Just for the fun of it! Right, Ashley? ;)